Top Senate Dem Slams Biden Over Cooperation With Taliban

Senator Bob Menendez via ( Flickr

A top Senate Democrat took a swipe at President Biden’s “trust” in the Taliban. After two explosions rocked Kabul on Thursday morning more lawmakers seem to have reached a breaking point with the administration. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez seemed to point to the president in recent comments regarding the chaos in Afghanistan.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“As we wait for more details to come in, one thing is clear: We can’t trust the Taliban with Americans’ security,” New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement on Thursday.

Though he did not name the president directly, the statement was an apparent swipe at the Biden administration for working with the Taliban to secure passage through Taliban-controlled areas.

“This is a full-fledged humanitarian crisis, and the U.S. government personnel, already working under extreme circumstances, must secure the airport and complete the massive evacuation of American citizens and vulnerable Afghans desperately trying to leave the country,” Menendez said.

Asked Sunday on whether he trusts the Taliban, Biden told reporters: “I don’t trust anybody.”

Republicans have harshly criticized Biden for the military withdrawal, after the two attacks House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said that Biden is “unfit” to be president. So far, Biden has yet to comment on the devastating events of the day and the State Department is not scheduled to deliver a press briefing on Thursday.

      1. I think you have to be in the military to be Court marshaled!?? anyway for High Crimes & Misdemeanors, Treason, Traitor, Dereliction of Duty

        1. Exactly, Biden is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces… he’s a Military Leader, higher Military position than any General in the Armed Forces! He is Military and commands overall military branches!

    1. since they are terrorist loving folks how about we send them over to Kabul to play nicely with the taliban?

    2. They are not the democrat party of JFK, they are now “Marxist-Socialist Democrat Party”
      need to be cancelled!! Agree 100%

    3. The Party is marginal. The REAL problem is the electorate of sheeple and Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ who keep electing these vampires sucking our Republic dry, ensuring the seamless transition to a genuine dictatorship. Don’t encourage them! If the Democratic electorate would wake up and see the harm these buzzards are causing, our troubles would be over. The Democratic Socialists would dry up and blow away like a fallen leaf. But NO, the sheeple want a free ride to the Plantation with loads of free STUFF.

  1. You helped create the mess Menendez….now you want to distance yourself from the “IDIOT IN CHIEF”..Not going to happen….There is Marines BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS…





  2. Where is your allegiance? With you TX constituents or Nancy Pelosi! I guess we’ll see with the vote, please, don’t disappoint.

  3. Old, senile, corrupt joe has committed crimes against humanity! I believe it’s an impeachable offence! Soooooo, come next November we need the house and the Senate to impeach this bastard.

    1. only if it cleans out the ENTIRE whitehouse clan! otherwise it is useless, with haris and OBAMination left in control.

  4. I hope that when the dust settles, the families of those who gave their lives will reach out to FOX and others for interviews. I want to hear their thoughts about the plan executed from day one.
    Had it been planned out by people with our country’s best interests at heart, this could of been avoided. Where’s general white rage?
    To busy indoctrinating those whose lives were spared????? Our government is corrupt to the core and completely out of control!

  5. Biden needs to be dragged from the White House, jammed in a Air Force Jet and pushed out over Kabul with parachute! Maybe then when he sees the chaos, devastation, and broken lives up close and personal he, HIMSELF, created, maybe then he will realize HE IS AN UNFIT AND INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT…AND STEP DOWN!

    But don’t hold your breath. That will never happen because most democrats are incapable of seeing how their actions affect others nor will they ever accept responsibility for hurting anyone!

    The only humane way to remove biddyboy from our White House is to have the Military Police arrest him for BEHAVIOR UNGIT FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Then, walk his skinny butt out the door and over to a retirement home along with Jill, Kamalalala, and definitely Pelosi — her room has been reserved for years!

    Isn’t this beyond FRUSTRATING that no one is trying to remove Biden from office even though he just DESTROYED OVER 20 YEARS OF OUR MILITARY PROTECTING THE AFGHANI PEOPLE in a matter of days causing Afghanis AND AMERICANS TO BE KILLED! And Biden is supposedly negotiating with our enemy the Taliban?????
    That should be a huge TED FLAG FOR AMERICANS! You cannot trust nor negotiate with TERRORISTS, especially the Taliban and Biden is a complete FOOL to ever think he could do that! The Taliban are laughing at the old camel called Biden while they stab their roasted pig with America’s name on it.

    Some people are stupid, but their are more ignorant Americans like biddyboy that are destroying our Nation because they are incapable of knowing and understanding that they have become the “Prey” and the Taliban is the Predator!

    Biden/democrat administration is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT AND MUST BE REMOVED NOW, NOT TOMORROW, BUT NOW! Make it happen Americans or lose our Country forever!!

  6. You still can’t trust Bob Menendez or Joe Manchin. They are both lying Democrats who would sell anyone out to get what they want.

  7. “Court Martial”is the ONLY reasonable punishment for Biden, Blinker, Mills and the other dude in uniform. Critical Race BS propagandist instead doing their basic duty.
    Pelosi in another one. Her infatuation with President Trump and total dismissing of her obligations to USA Citizens in here and abroad.
    Few heads need to follow off.

  8. These Democrats who so loveth thy country that they sacrificed it by putting Joe Biden in office by any means necessary. Anyone who follows the media or the rest of the Biden supporters/voters is basically committing suicide.

    1. Biden is committing suicide on U.S.A., the rat doesn’t care, never has anyone ever walked away and leave Americans behind to die in the hands of the Taliban!!

  9. Well, you stupid ass, if you had been more cooperative when President Trump was in office, he’d still be there and this wouldn’t have happened.

  10. So, bob, if we can’t trust them why did your people give them a list of Americans and Afghans who are there and want to get out? Kind of like giving a fox the keys to the hen house.

  11. I think most of the nation would be willing to trade Biden for the remaining Americans that are still in Afganistan. I know I would…

  12. Everyone of the democrats and republicans should be screaming about this administration. and how they are LEAVING our citizens in harms way. Even a captain goes down wit the ship but he gets his passengers off. How the heck would anyone think you would get rid of military before citizens are saved! Any idiot would know that. Then again, who is under Biden, WORSE! Let us uphold and do something about the facts that the election was fraudulent. Look at our country being destroyed. Open boarders bringing in God knows who etc. We need to pray to our Lord and Savior to help us and ask Him to come back into our country even though the left has thrown him out. There are many many Christians still in the USA. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen!


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