U.S. Death Toll Rises Following Kabul Attacks

Airman 1st Class Dennis Hoffman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The death toll following two bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan continues to rise as the Pentagon confirms 12 U.S. service members have been killed. New reports confirm 11 Marines and one Navy medic were killed in Thursday’s suicide bombings.

Separate reports claim more than 60 Afghan civilians were killed in the attacks.

The Daily Wire reports:

More than 60 people have been killed in multiple terrorist attacks at the airport in Kabul on Thursday, including at least 10 U.S. soldiers, according to multiple reports.

The Wall Street Journal that “at least 60 Afghans” were killed in the terrorist attacks at the airport, while Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin reported live on air that at least 10 U.S. soldiers were killed in the attacks.

Griffin later tweeted that U.S. officials believe that the number of U.S. soldiers that have died is expected to rise. Another Fox News reporter added that “dozens” more were injured in the attacks.

So far, President Biden has yet to address the national and there is no clear timetable for when he plans to do so.

  1. Why is this POS still in the White House along with that nasty old w hore. Both need to be gone over this, that and they never actually won anything since cheating isn’t winning.

  2. What pisses me off. Is after everything these corrupt idiots have done and continue to do. Why aren’t we getting people together. And make sure they are forced out of Washington and everywhere else. They are pure Evil. And they are America’s Enemy.

  3. Biden and Harris should be immediately arrested and tried in the International Community for creating Government Policy, Over Seeing and Condoning wide spread systemic practice resulting in Crimes Against Humanity at the US Southern Border and Afghanistan!  Crimes against humanity are certain acts that are purposefully committed as part of a widespread or systematic policy, directed against civilians, in times of war or peace. They differ from war crimes because they are not isolated acts committed by individual soldiers but are acts committed in furtherance of a state policy.
    Unlike war crimes, crimes against humanity can be committed during peace or war.[2] They are not isolated or sporadic events but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. War crimesmurdermassacresdehumanizationgenocideethnic cleansingdeportationsunethical human experimentationextrajudicial punishments including summary executions, use of weapons of mass destructionstate terrorism or state sponsoring of terrorismdeath squadskidnappings and forced disappearancesuse of child soldiersunjust imprisonmentenslavementtorturerapepolitical repressionracial discriminationreligious persecution and other human rights abuses may reach the threshold of crimes against humanity if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

    1. are you kidding me on this isn’t it noted that the Taliban is a terrorist harboring faction. they have been since Russia invading them almost 40 years ago?? They are allowing Isis and al-Qaida along with other known Terrorists enter at free will? The pentagon Should send a but t load off magazines load to the Kabul airport then start air raids to remove those 15 checkpoints and drop MOAB on their command and control HQ and drop the 82nd on Kabul airfield to support the marines. then Take the entire apache division to the north side and blow the entire northern part of the country up? as b52s unload payload to the middle section and tell the Taliban to kiss my arse? send in the rail rifle start killing all of them and slaughter effect

    1. Taliban broke deal with suicide assult Thurs
    2. Have NO treaty with Taliban
    3. we can choose our date to leave .
    4. Get ALL OUT
    5. Retake Baghram air base & Our equipment


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