Animal Rights Group Goes After Biden Admin For Abandoning Service Dogs In Afghanistan

White House

An animal rights group released a statement condemning the White House for leaving U.S. military contract working dogs behind to be “tortured and killed” in Afghanistan after U.S. troops withdrew from the country on Aug. 31.

“I am devastated by reports that the American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies,” said CEO of American Humane Dr. Robin R. Ganzert. 

“These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserved a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned.”

He said their “senseless fate” was made more tragic because American Humane was prepared to transport the K-9 soldiers back to the states and provide medical care for their entire lifetime. 

The organization has worked with the military to rescue soldier dogs from battlefields since the program began in WWI at the request of the then U.S. Secretary of War.

“As the country’s first national humane organization and largest certifier of animal welfare in the world, it sickens us to sit idly by and watch these brave dogs who valiantly served our country be put to death or worse,” he continued.

The program brings home retired military working dogs and pairs them with veterans as a form of animal therapy. “In order to prevent this tragedy from occurring, these K-9’s should be loaded into whatever cargo space remains and flown to safety,” Ganzert asserted.

He called on Congress to classify contract working dogs on the same level as military working dogs so that “this gross oversight of justice must be stopped from happening again, as it did in Vietnam too.”

“Failure to do anything less is a failure of humanity and a condemnation of us all,” he concluded.

  1. This is sickening. we love our dogs and especially those that are service dogs and do big life saving acts. This ass has abandon humans of all ages and sizes. I am so grieved that it has come to this, but as much as I would love these dogs, human life comes first. This was a shit show from the git go

    1. Hey, I have been there – they roast and eat them – TalliJoe is a ruthless killer of men AND animals. Impeach the batard a.s.a.p. and then go in and get most of our military weapons and/or blow up the rest – I kind of like the idea of placing Biden’s kennel in the midst of it.

      1. Well said. All Americans need to step up and impeach this idiot now! Biden and his care takers ie Harris, his Cabinet and Pelosi, Schumer and the military leaders that did not uphold their oaths are a cancer and disgrace in this country and should all be hung for their lying, treasonous and corrupt ideology. IMPEACH them all now!!!!! It’s time to act and move them out.

        1. Then who do we get? They are all the same and they know exactly what Biden was all about. The one that makes me sick is Mrs. Joe Biden. She knows exactly who Joe is and how his mental state is and was before he was elected. Yet she must have wanted the title of First Lady more than she cared about the country. Who would putt heir husband in front of the world when it is obvious he is by no means capable of being a president of anything.

  2. We should fly TaliJoeBiden over there and put him in a dog cage and leave him there for his Taliban buddies to entertain themselves. We bring home all the service dogs immediately.

    1. Fly him hanging on a rope like the Taliban did to the human being as they flew our black hawk chopper
      that would be a fitting sit for even the demonRats
      this will scare the demonRats knowing that can happen to them….
      just dreaming….

  3. Hey animal rights people….
    This is the a-hole you voted for.
    I’m willing to bet Donald Trump would have brought the dedicated military working dogs home!!!!!!!

    1. All those woke ones are now going to see things they do not like to see
      that is their answer to being woke
      What? Who ME? Alfred-Xiden On the cover of MAD Magazine as the man of the year?
      even his own dogs bite others including the security that tries to protect …naw…not worth the protection

      THERE ARE NOT BAD DOGS….only BAD OWNERS that created those bad dogs
      Xiden is a bad parent to the dogs AND his own kid Hunter bites too!
      like father like son!!!


    1. Yes, push him out of a plane, with parachute of course, in-country there. Tell him he caused this, now let’s see how the Taliban negotiate with you. Also, Mohammad, which helped save his sorry ass in 2008, along with that piece of crap Kerry, probably wishes he had not so now. If he hadn’t, America would have been better off with neither of them around, and surely not missed. But he did the right thing which Biden has no reality of.

  4. Families who give a German Shepard to the U.S. military to protect our country should NEVER, NEVER? NEVER do this to another animal!
    This is exactly what Robert McNamara did in Vietnam!!!!
    Dumb ass Amerikan bureaucrats make me sick!!!!!!

    1. The fact that the Democrats would abort babies, (human life,) says they will do the same to animal life. Their minds are twisted and irrational.

  5. Well, demented Joe, you threw the dogs under the bus. Yeah, they don’t vote but millions of dog owners will remember this and throw you and your idiot liberal, dumocrats under the bus
    in the next elections.

    1. Now look at him, old rotten, and losing his mind! Soon he will have no memory, this would be normally tragic but not with this beast, sold the American people out to China, and other foes. Mostly China, now we have to fight like mad to stay free thanks to that traitor.

  6. This fool of a president has his two dogs that crap on WH floor, what does hr care for human life or dog life in Afghanistan. Biden has his comfy White House while good Ameriicans die in Afghanistan because of his actions. This make me sick to my bones. Hell is way too good for him.

    1. He abandoned his own dogs that were loyal pets. He is not worthy of any office, nor is he capable of making decisions or governing. This is what people got for the stollen election.

  7. This is completely disgusting, that hypocrite, unless its his dogs, his dead son, that died over 6 + yrs ago, it doesn’t matter to this empty suit!! All he could talk about to the bereaved family members, was HIS son died of a brain tumor, natural causes, not put in needless warms way to blow up!! He ruins everything he touches!! He should send A.F. One to rescue the dogs along with the Americas, and helpers from Afghanistan, vetted ones!!

  8. It’s a shame I love dogs. Rather have a dog as a best Freind then a human. You can trust them and they are always glad to see you. They don’t care if your pretty or ugly or fat or skinny they only see devotion and true love. Dog spelt backwards is God. He made dogs to show ppl how to love unconditionally . We can all learn from them. Goes to show you the left has a lot worse planned for us. Stand up ppl before it’s too late I’m telling all of you… don’t put up with this satanic evil agenda it’s coming. This is the first year of Seven. It’s written in the Bible. Leftist don’t see anything but greed and try and play God. It’s not up to them to decide who dies or lives. They are doing that now. You don’t trust a snake backed in a corner do you????????

  9. To any organization out there, please find a way to get the dogs out of those cages and bring them home. This just breaks my heart

  10. Those service dogs are considered the dog handlers partner. An animal that has been trained to detect explosives, drugs, and patrol dogs. My last recollection of how much it costs to train one of those dogs, was like 50K USD per dog. Now multiply that to however many dogs were left behind. As far as the handlers are concerned, they were forced to leave their buddies behind. Just as if they left a soldier behind. Add that to the total loss this debacle cost.

  11. This is so horrible! I have had dogs all my life. They are the most loyal, trusting creatures on Earth and to have those beautiful animals just disregarded and discarded to die like this just makes me cry. How dare those authorities deny allowing them on the plane. I am outraged and heartsick. None of this had to happen like this. Why weren’t the troops ordered to stay in Afghanistan until all our people and animals were safely home?

    1. It wasn’t the plan how else were they going to get weapons artillery helicopters you name it they got it and thousands of certain types and billions of billions of money to buy what ever they want

  12. Hey you 84 million moronic lemmings that voted for YOUR coward in chief, Groper Joe Bribedem, YOU ALL now have the torture of these animals on your hands too. Hang your collective heads in shame for he is a bigger loser than you.

    1. They don’t count they warned them to get to the airport but wouldn’t help them. Your gonna see a lot worse very soon. What ever they can do too depopulate . Watch!!!

  13. Like I said Biden is a worthless piece of human being,This old man has a brain of a 6 year old , We need to drop him off Afghanistan and leave him there.

  14. Some one please get the dogs to America and soon!
    They have done their jobs and need to come and be loved
    as it should be. What is the problem then? Put them on a plane
    helicopter etc. and get them here. They cannot be in cages as
    is shown. My heart goes out to every dog. Get them home!

  15. You will get no rationality or human values from the Left. They have been given over to depraved minds, and they don’t care about life….PERIOD, any kind of life.

  16. Everyone knew Biden was no good. But a bunch of idiots voted for him. Are you proud of yourselves as this moron continues to disgrace America

  17. I feel so bad for these brave, smart animals.
    However, more than likely many in this group voted for demented joe.

  18. Seeing as though that moron left behind Americans. You certainly don’t think he was or is worried about those great dogs. Shame on this president an his commanders that initiated this terrible terrible withdrawal. Yes we wanted our men an women out. But be smart about it. An he had his head up his ass as he did this an every thing else he has done since they allowed him to enter the White House


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