GOP Strongholds in Florida Pushing Back on DeSantis’s Virus Measures

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ron DeSantis is popular in Florida and the United States. Some say he could be the next President.

However, Republican strongholds in the state appear to be pushing back on his virus measures.

According to The Hill:

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is facing resistance from a growing number of Republican-leaning counties over his handling of the recent surge in COVID-19 infections, in a rare bipartisan rebuke of the governor’s laissez-faire approach to the pandemic.

A number of school districts have moved to implement mask mandates for students in recent weeks in defiance of a July executive order from DeSantis that barred school officials from putting such requirements in place. And while most of those mandates originated in more liberal parts of the state, a handful of conservative-leaning areas have joined in.

At the same time, DeSantis is still locked in a battle with Florida’s lucrative cruise industry over a ban on so-called vaccine passports as a growing number of major cruise lines announce plans to require passengers to provide proof of vaccination.

Still, DeSantis, who has been lauded by conservatives for his resistance to some of the strictest COVID-19-related measures, has largely gone with a hands-off approach to the outbreak. He backed legislation earlier this year effectively preempting local governments from imposing their own pandemic restrictions.

It remains unclear if this pushback is from actual conservatives or from more liberal teacher’s unions.

        1. Which unions are good.
          The one’s who really protect their members from getting fired.
          Always fighting for higher pay and benefits.
          Always exposing poor work.

          1. I apologize.
            I meant to say:
            Always exposing dangerous working conditions that require special clothing, longer breaks, better health care more training and higher staffing levels, more vacation, and earlier retirement.
            More pay too.

          2. Forced union dues are anti-American. “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical.” Thomas Jefferson Unions only help the top echelon get rich or the slackers sue companies. And yes it des happen. I worked for the biggest HMO in California and it happened more than once.

          3. As is income tax and forced retirement system payments.
            No one is forced to pay union dues.
            No one is forced to work a union job..

            Do you know any cops or fireman who would even think about not paying their union dues.
            How many cops and fireman want their unions disolved?
            Sinful and tyrannical.
            Cops never do that.
            You don’t have to be a union member to be a slacker.
            Do you think it is irresponsible of union to provide legal help to member who was fired to make room for the bosses son in-law..

            Two legs good four legs bad.
            Uniform unions good.
            No uniform unions are pure Comunism.

          1. QUESTION !? Could you be one of the “HESS” relatives of the “infamous” Rudolf Hess ? that “HESS”,just happened to be Hitlers deputy fuhrer of the nazi party from 1933 through “may” which time he was locked up in spandau prison,until his death in 1987.Interesting ,don’t ‘ya think !?

      1. She didn’t say that, now did she? Teacher’s unions, oh, yeah. Was a teacher in Florida before 9/11 and she’s correct.

        1. She didn’t say that.
          I did ask that, now didn’t I.
          Read for comprehension, not reaction.
          Are all unions bad or just teacher’s unions?
          What about city bus drivers?
          School custodians?
          School nurses?
          Just cop unions?
          We just had three cops fired for letting a very pro cop City Councilor
          walk after hitting three parked cars just after the bars closed.
          The Councilor did not come to a stop until he was 400 feet from from the last car he hit.
          His right front tire had come off it’s rim.
          No field sobriety test.
          The emergency room nurse testified that the Counselor was exhibiting classic alcohol induced stagnus.
          The police didn’t bother going to the hospital or even request a blood draw.
          The police union is now picketing City Hall to have officers reinstated.
          The district attorney is in the process of charging the Councilor with drunk driving, property damage resulting, and hit and run.
          The Thin Blue line.
          Police unions.
          Ya just gotta love um.
          Teacher’s unions are scum.

          1. Hey, the Police are learning from the BLM, Antifa, Bernie Bros, etc. All Americans are in on the joke now. You kick azz or walk the line of the WOKE.

        2. Were you a union member in FL?
          Do you still teach?
          It is such rewarding career.
          Emotionally, not financially.
          Did you teach any pickaninnies in FL?

          1. You need to get out more, all School Boards are corrupt.
            At least one person in every district has the proof.

          2. You must be very bored in your house hiding, and all you can do is spew hatred. True Non patriot if you don’t like capitalism. I’m sick of people like you so full of hatred you can’t see right from wrong.

          3. Wrong! The real loser has destroyed more of America in eight months that ex-President Carter did in four years. You must work for George Soros.

          4. The 2040 high school history books will read that Trump lost, while noting that there was some controversy.

            I can’t tell you how really pissed I am that Joe chicken shit pulled us out of Afaganistan.
            My son graduated from West Point last spring, his career is going nowhere without an Afghan ticket punch.

          5. Of the truthful variety.
            When you have absolutely nothing to say to say take the Lord’s Name in Vein, She is now available as an injectable.

          6. He knows he is a fool just wants to argue with someone about anything; because he has no life anyway.

      2. some unions care more about themselves than about the people they serve. this is the case in a few counties in florida

        1. All police unions care more about themselves than the people they serve.
          Same for fireman, any union.
          If all they cared about was the people they served there would be no reason for a union.
          They would just do the things the people they serve the way they wanted it done when they wanted it done.
          It’s called selflessness, it’s a Conservative thing.

        2. Unions care nothing about the people…they just want their dues. Then they use those dues to support the Democrats and those they took the dues from don’t get a say! They are a bunch of legal crooks!

    1. It is not the teachers pushing back, it is GOPers.
      Frorida is dieing of COVID-19.
      So many old people.
      So poorly educated.
      So few teachers.

      1. Florida ranks 25th for Covid deaths in this country. they are doing just fine. better than the heavily locked down areas. let’s also remember that being positive doesn’t mean anything. To be contagious you have to be sick with the symptoms. asymptomatic transmission is very rare and another lie being perpetrated on us the a government agency called the CDC.

        furthermore vaccinated people can both get and transmit the virus just like a unvaccinated person can. the vaccines do not convey immunity. all they do is try to trick your body into generating antibodies. our god given immune systems do that naturally and does a better job than the vaccines which are only good for 6 months if you are lucky without the threat of side effects.

        covid-19 has a 98.7% recovery/survival rate. follow the science please.

        1. unfortunately he is not interested in either truth or science; he must have an axe to grinde, that’s why he’s so negative on everyone.

        2. But why are the current death rates so much higher in states Trump clearly lost.
          Are those states taking the Trump Vaccine?
          Are they following Fauci’s recommendations on masks and distancing?
          What percentage of Covid deaths are Trump supporters?

          1. The famed CDC already admitted the death tolls are only 6% of what is being advertised. The vaccines did away with control groups during their testing. The placebo group got the real vaccines as well. Improper testing techniques but they know the government will push this garbage and give them immunity so who cares right ?

            Why are these health departments faking the stats ? The Florida health department just got caught trying to make DeSantis look bad. Remember when they posted 100% positivity rates in the state which is statistically impossible ? Then later corrected themselves and admitted it was only 8%. Fear mongering at its best.

            There is no test for the Delta variant. The test are 50% accurate at best. Are you happy that your hero Fauci had a big hand in creating Covid-19 ? Did you read his e-mails which are public and online ?

            Only an N95 mask and above offers any protection at all and must fit snugly on your face. You cannot touch it or get it wet and change it frequently. Masks aren’t designed to wear in public all day and most aren’t designed to stop virus particulates which are only 125 microns in size which is less than half the size of a bacteria particulate.

            please follow the science.

          2. Yes the control group placebo recipients have now received the vaccine.
            It was the moral thing to do.
            Thank you CDC.

            How did Fauci develop COVID-19.
            What exactly did he do.
            Is Fauci a one man band?
            If Fauci is so very very wrong why did the most powerful man in the world fail to fire him?
            To weak?
            All filter media will catch and hold some virus.
            Even furnace filters.
            50 % is infinitely better than none.

            To follow the science you have to know the science.
            The COVID-19 particle size ranges from..06 to 1.4 micron.
            N95 (ASTM F2100) masks catch 95% of particles down to .1 micron (98% for the Level 3 type) and 60% of particles down to .05.
            Emergency and operating room personal have been wearing masks up to 16 hours a day for decades.

            Touching the outside of your mask does not effect its efficacy.
            Getting your filter wet increases it’s efficacy, at the cost of pressure drop.

            The vast majority of FL front line COVID-19 physicians consider DeSantis’ COVID-19 numbers to be bogus.
            Of course the Florida Department of Health is crawling with Biden appointees……

          3. Incorrect again ! YOU DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE VACCINE TO THE PLACEBO GROUP DURING TESTING PHASE. You cannot have a valid test otherwise ! this is standard test methodology.

            as we all know Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab. he has said repeatedly, and there are videos of this, that Fauci is in favor of gain of function research. He was working with them. it’s in the emails ! oh boy the liberals would of been up in arms if Trump fired Fauci ! Covid-19 is manmade. two amino acid proteins spliced together in the gnome of the corona virus is a dead giveaway.

            you are incorrect about getting the masks wet. no you cannot. the argument of something is better than nothing is ridiculous. If something doesn’t work then you don’t need to do it. viruses are .125 micros as I stated. cloth masks have absolutely no efficacy against a virus. a surgical mask is designed for bacteria. if you put your mask in your pocket or glove box and reuse it then it is contaminated. you cannot touch your mask. emergency room doctors are in a sterile environments not walking around outside or in buildings. the masks are less prone to being contaminated.

            what physicians consider DeSantis’ COVID-19 numbers to be bogus ? you are creating things out of mid-air my friend ! we all know lefties work in health departments. lefties will lie to get what they want. they have been caught numerous times fudging the numbers.!

          4. Because Biden dumped illegal aliens of which a high percentage HAD Covid into Florida. In fact ALL the border states are overrun with this problem. You really haven’t read about the number of sick people being sneaked in an put on planes to be distributed across America? OUR government puts non-citizens before citizens.

          5. How many border crossers have had COVID-19 since the start of the third wave?

            Where can I read about sick people being snuck onto aircraft.
            At what airports?
            Whose airplanes are they.
            Do have any verifiable numbers.

          6. oh this virus is SO deadly that we have the southern border open and illegal immigrants are coming over the border untested and unvaccinated. this was verified by the border patrol.

            stay home but unless you are a rioter….the government approved of the 300 riots in our cities during a pandemic ! Fauci gave them his blessing ! please elaborate on the science behind this. will covid-19 differentiate between a rioter and someone whom isn’t rioting ?

            the politicians and the researchers themselves don’t even follow their own rules ! we caught Newsome out to dinner with 12 friends all without masks. Pelosi and Lightfoot getting haircuts that we weren’t allowed to have. Dr. Burx told us to stay home during thanksgiving but then flew to Delaware to go to a big family gathering. Neil Furgeson estimated 3 million Americans would die ruing the pandemic but proceeding to break the lock down rules with a mistress and she was married as well. he was fired from his job. my favorite…..the mayor of Austin, Texas. Did a public service announcement from his phone to stay home during Thanksgiving while vacationing in Hawaii !

            Surely there are valid scientific arguments to support this behavior right ? Please….enlighten us !

          7. You just can’t get Trump out of your head…you poor sucker. You and all the other liberals deserve that POS ole demented Joe who is just a puppet for Obama. Fauci is going to hang for his collusion with China and the cover up of Covid. Justice is coming, Albert and Trump is coming back…he is still our President….Biden didn’t win…An election is not won when it is stolen!

        3. The only important numbers are the number of COVID-19 deaths in Trump voters.
          Their body, their choice
          Except when it comes to motherhood

          1. yes babies have rights too. there is a beating heart after two weeks. what is the definition of death. when the heart stops beating. I know you democrats are obsessed with killing babies. why don’t you get a baby toy and stab it if you are so obsessed….to get your fix in. this is hard for a democrat to hear but you have personal responsibilities in life. wear protection or abstain or do something to prevent a pregnancy or deal with the consequences. it’s that easy !

            and yes it is our bodies and our choice. we have federally protected health privacy. it is none of your business what I do with my healthcare. If someone dies or is harmed by a vaccine are you going to pay the expenses ? If not then shut up ! The drug companies have immunity…if these shots are so great why is that ? 50,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse events reported and climbing. it’s high as far as vaccines go.

            why all the censorship ? why all the coercion if the shots are so great ? people are leaving the FDA because the government is not following proper protocol when testing these shots and now trying to rush a booster shot out quickly. we were told to just take these shots were going to stop the virus and look how many vaccinated got it ! It’s laughable !

            All four vaccines are experimental. it was announced that the Pfzier vaccine was approved by the FDA….yes the European version of the shot ! Oh the tangled web we weave…lie after lie after lie…..

          2. Choice in motherhood is not an option. It is murder. Mother made a voice when she opened her legs

          3. What choice did rape victim make?
            Should a 12 year girl who seduces a 9 year be forced to give birth?
            What if she is raped by a Big Back Buck?
            As her father would you force your daughter to produce the Big Brown Baby Buck grandbabies that you have been pineimg for since the day you knew she was going to be a girl.
            Even if her gynocoligst tells you that giving birth will tear her to shreds and destroy her hyman.

          4. My Body My Choice
            I am the only one with right to choose what goes into my body, and what comes out.

            I have the right to remove my hyman, my ovaries, my anal hair., my clitoris, my fillopian tubes, my labia, my uterus, regardless of contents, my warts, and my belly fat, without regard my gestation status.
            A woman’s choices do not end when a man jams his cock between her legs.
            My Body. My Choice.

            A man’s choice to jam his cock into a crotch comes with no consequences except for the person he shoved it into?

            What percent of fetus removals is done over the objections of the impregnator?
            When the impregnator is successful how long is it till he disapers?
            Child support?
            The US has more than enough single welfare moms.
            Most of their kids grow up to be crimminals.
            The world has more than enough people.
            The age distributaton is a bit problem.
            Senior aboration is the solution.
            The Eskimos use to give their seniors delightful little retirement ice flows.

        4. 98.7% survival rate?
          Without the vaccine and masking and social distancing what percent will get COVID-19?
          Just 40%?
          That comes out to only 2 million dead Americans.
          Is that too many?
          It will make Social Security solvent.

          1. if you look at the total number of advertised dead and you factor in that only 6% of them are truly from covid-19 according to CDC admission….it comes to 42,000….the seasonal flu and influenza kill more. keep selling your fear mongering !

        5. The body kills the virus by making antibodies.
          To make antibodies the body has to be infected or be vacinated.
          The concept is not hard.
          Not enough antibodies you die.
          As a make buy decision you are better off buying.
          To make you must be infected.
          That increases your chances of death

      2. Speaking of poorly educated. Dieing is not used in the manner you are trying to convey. Dieing is used to cut metals with the die. So before you state that Florida has “so many old people…so poorly educated” you might want to look in the mirror. The correct spelling is dying. Your spelling is very rarely used.

        1. Is rare not valid?
          Is colour incorrect?
          Did my choice in spelling make it difficult for you to comprehend?
          Or just annoy you?
          MIT MsEE 1972, and you, boy?
          Electrical Engineers hire English Majors to proofread their presentations.
          You don’t have to pay them very much.
          English Majors love lots of rules and regulations.
          The more complex the better.
          They overwhelmingly support Trump as I am sure you do.

      3. the sad thing is, that you are allowed to make statements without ANY proof, and unfortunately some innocent goofballs may believe you.

        1. How much said by the corona priests and the vaccine pushers is without proof, fake science and lies? Go check facts on Official data is not being reported by the fake media pushing their poison needle agenda because they are told to by their political masters.

          1. 650,00 dead Americans are proof that COVID-19 is deadly.
            More and more will die.
            With the Biden vaccine roll out it will be mostly Trump supporters.
            I will try my best to miss them

        2. Where is the proof of what you post?
          Are you trying to say that innocent goof balls are drawn to TTN?
          Are you an innocent goofball?

        1. 660,000 have.
          More to follow.
          The majority will be Trump supporters.
          Are you enjoying the irony?
          Do you miss Herman Cain?

      1. We are going to get rid of the Rhinos and then Trump will get some great GOP Governors, Senators, and Representatives and the Socialist Communist Democrats will be gone…and you with them…you sound evil just like they are! You lie just like they do. We see you for the evil you are.

      1. Jesus never lies, he is sovereign and Almighty God. Man has totally become irresponsible, especially the left that seeks to destroy everything. Christ is the blessed hopes, he never deserts people.

    1. It was the lying democrats that said they wouldn’t take the vaccine not Trump. Harris said it during the debate but just keep lying. DeSantis believes in a free Florida. Would you prefer Cuba You seem to want the government to make all the choices for you.

    1. Trunp was the President for four years and all was well.
      We got out of Afaganistan with no troops lost.
      We eliminated the National Debt.
      We expanded the use of solar, wind and EVs to save the planet.
      TrumpCare became the law of the land.
      ObamaCare sounds so awful.
      And what about his Nobel Peace Prize?

    2. if we safeguard his reforms and not allow socialists/dems destroy the good that is done. those who are on the dole, will not like having to find a job and work for a living.

  1. Republicans MUST stick together. Stop this backstabbing! The dems win because they split. Look out for the country, not for yourselves. Things must be replaced!

    1. How many Republicans has Trump stabbed in the back.
      Backstabbing is communicable disease.
      Wear masks and watch your distance.

  2. Lived in Florida during the the 2000 presidential election. Let’s see, Dade, Broward, Orange, and Palm Beach counties, I’ll bet. The “usual suspects.” There may be others but these are the nutcase counties in FLA.

  3. DeSantis is the best thing to happen to Florida, and the Democrats know it so they try EVERYTHING to try to undermine the man. Only fools will fall for this kind of garbage reporting and as we already know, 99.9% of the fools are in the Democrat Political Party.

  4. Anything done by DeSantis for the good of America is definitely considered to be something NEGATIVE by the Republican(RINOs). If it is good for America it is bad for the POLITICIANS .We may need to discontinue the Republican Party in favor of a TRUE Conservative. Party

  5. Biden’s Plans are National Security risk,Under the new left’s thinking for our Country, it should not seem unreasonable to exchange, joe biden for any hostages left behind, all things considered, it should be OK, we left fellow Americans our allies behind, in a war zone right? That was OK . We left 80 billion dollars of hard earned tax payor equipment behind, for no good reason, guess what, that was OK too. The only problem is that the Taliban probably wants him less then we do, as you can easily see their is no justification to why biden, his generals or his cabinet heads, to make the unAmerican decisions they did.

  6. The leftists have many ways of discrediting those who they oppose. They will use anything that may work. Remember, DeSantis has accomplished many good things for Florida, and the other side, Biden and Democrats, lie about everything they do. They are determined to cause the failure of America, and they will pull every trick in the book to do it. It’s all about power, and Obama’s 3rd term is their last chance to grab it.

  7. Funny these democrats were not up in arms over Afghanistan’s total disregard of Covid protocols. They were body to body in the airport. No masks. No Afghan had to show a vaccine passport to board a plane. Neither were they tested before boarding. Our soldiers were subjected to all these risks, in addition to the Taliban and ISIS.

  8. they want to mask our children forever in a few counties and we are pulling our children out of those schools. the counties are controlled by teachers unions and dont care about the children and dont listen to the parents. 97% of the counties go along with the governor , only a few do not. this is a very bias’d article


  10. If Trump is arrested should Biden pardon him.
    How long would the old weak man last in jail.
    What about his hair stylist?

  11. Editors note: a wicked old troll going by ‘ALBERT HESS’ is ruining this series by spraying his mindless TDS vitriol, contributing nothing of value. If he is allowed to continue in this vein, I predict that many subscribers will UNSUBSCRIBE.

  12. I am tired of the fake news. I live in Florida. The Counties that are going against DeSantis are run by the Democrats, not the GOP.

  13. C’mon, “we” KNOW it’s the fascist ,commie unions.! Those criminals have been around since 1920’s.ALL founded in the Mafia. y’gotta be brain dead not to realize this.The “demoncrats” are ALL scum of the earth facists ..anyone who tries to “push” that commie crap at my “door”,will NOT leave the way they came !! (you can take that anyway you like)

  14. teachers’ unions are the ones mandating that the government mask our children, teach CRT and indoctrinate our children with hate, racism and submission . Parents need to band together to combat this vile assault on our children and grandchildren


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