REPORT: Pelosi Blocked GOP From Honoring Fallen Soldiers

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A new report suggests that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali) blocked Republican legislators from reading the names of the called military members on the House floor.

According to The Daily Wire:

“How badly do Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats want to cover up this Afghanistan debacle? They just blocked Members of Congress from reading the names of the service members who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan last week,” posted Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) on Tuesday. “Don’t you think our military deserves better?”

“We gaveled in, had a prayer, said the Pledge of Allegiance, took a moment of silence with pretty much all Republican veterans, then asked to be recognized to read names and bring up Afghanistan legislation,” Mast told the outlet. “They did not acknowledge us, and just closed the House down.”

Fellow Florida Republican combat veteran, Rep. Greg Steube, slammed House Democrats for the same.

“House Democrats just refused to recognize Republican veterans on the House Floor to read the names of our fallen service members in Afghanistan,” Rep. Steube posted to social media on Tuesday. “That’s how far our nation has fallen.”

Many of the Gold Star families that met with Biden walked away disappointed in the man who checked his watch during a ceremony where their bodies were returned to the U.S.

  1. We should never allow the Democrat Socialist to block memory of the lost lives at the Kabul airport. They should also never be allowed to ever forget how and why these lives were lost. The Democrat Socialist party has once again dipped their hands in blood, knowingly.

      1. . . . in the middle of town square across from City Hall above the parking garage in SF. They keep electing her (as that is the only district she has: City and County of SF).

    1. Fight back hard ride the united states of america of all communist pigs once and for all lets get it over with so we can start to live again

    2. the article says: “the service members who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan last week” – they did not sacrificed their lives, they WERE MURDERED BY BIDEN and the congress dems are accessories before, during, and after the fact!!!

  2. Time to clean the house of democrats,Biden’s Plans are National Security risk,Under the new left’s thinking for our Country, it should not seem unreasonable to exchange, joe biden for any hostages left behind, all things considered, it should be OK, we left fellow Americans our allies behind, in a war zone right? That was OK . We left 80 billion dollars of hard earned tax payor equipment behind, for no good reason, guess what, that was OK too. The only problem is that the Taliban probably wants him less then we do, as you can easily see their is no justification to why biden, his generals or his cabinet heads, to make the unAmerican decisions they did.

  3. We will never forget 9/11 nor Afghanistan, and we won’t forget those who had a part in it or tried covering it up or sweeping it under the rug,,, Pelosi the worst speaker in America, biden the worst president, kamala the worst vp, and there are others to add to this list obama, hillary, rice, kerry, there’s a long list of traitors that need to be held accountable!!!!!!

    1. sorry vernon, we already “forgot” pearl harbor, nazi germany, and half the country is on foodstamps and couldn’t care less about the country… if we don’t take the country back, we’re done.

  4. When will American citizens realize the evil in the far-left and Democrat Party? They openly want to destroy the American way of life.

    May God have grace and mercy on their hearts, minds and souls Amen

  5. Those Bolshevik Demon-crats are becoming more despicable with each passing hour. They truly cause me nausea. But, when someone who already suffers from mental illness stays either “stoned” or drunk all of the time, doing despicable things becomes normal.
    And the Demon-cratic party is now fully under the control of mental patients.


    1. Fine, but it ain’t us. It’s Generations X-Y-Z hooked into their little electronic boxes. They have been mesmerized by CNN and NPR into total brainwashing. You won’t catch them reading Trump Train News like us old geezers and geezesses who still honor the US Constitution as a holy petition to our Creator. They will vote for any Progressive loon who talks a good game and the mainstream media will not inform them otherwise.

  7. The blood of those soldiers are on the Democrat Party and they know it. What’s more important is that they know America knows it and they don’t want it broadcast. They are getting ready for the 2022 elections to try and AGAIN, rig them to steal the elections. with this out there, they are sure to fail if they try to do it the right way. Everyone needs to let it be known who got those Americans killed in Kabul.

  8. Blocking the reading of the names of those KIA kept their names off the Congressional Record. The act of reading the names on the House floor would have resulted in their inclusion.

    That is the only result, other than the insults, her action took. So why would Pelosi want the names of our fallen hero’s excluded from the Congressional Record?

    1. Only thing I can think of is to get through it as if it didn’t happen??? They want to get on with their agenda and want people to forget about it and move on. The mainstream media is already not mentioning it on world news.

  9. When nasty people develop dementia they don’t mellow down, they become nastier. We are witnessing this phenomena in both Pelosi and Biden. Joe shouts his messages to the citizens, trying to sound macho but only maximizing his obvious brain failure. Pelosi continues to clutch her pearls and power grab. Her violent purge of the 9/6 demonstrators and her disrespect of the marines, victims of the Taliban bombing, by not allowing their names to be entered into the records are only the surface showing of her descent into the nasty proof of her mental incapability. Both these public servants shoiuld be removed from their high positions immediately before they do irreparable damage to the Republic.

  10. Pelosi is supposed to be a Christian but it doesn’t seem that way at all. All the Democrats are unethical (well they really don’t know the meaning of the word), nasty, rude, etc., etc. It’s not going to be long when the Democrats will be on the other side & then let’s see how they like it but I’m fairly certain the Republicans won’t act like them – maybe want to, but won’t do it. Republicans were raised differently.

  11. I do not understand one thing: How is it that Nancy Pelosi was guiding the house when they were the minority and in opposition and she is guiding the house also now when they are in majority and in the position? What is this republican representative doing that cannot oppose this socialist destroyer of everything.

  12. She just walks deeper and deeper into Satan’s shoes!! I am sorry for her grandchildren etc when they read the history book about her evil and anti American behavior. However, I do not believe we will be here. I think we are in the End Times and alll need to secure their place in heaven by accepting salvation by trusting and asking Jesus Christ into our hears and accepting by his grace and his resurrection to forgive our sins. In Jesus we are saved. Amen.


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