Restaurant Owner Stands Up to Biden Supporters

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

A restaurant owner in Florida is standing up to Biden supporters. The owner has said that he doesn’t want their business, much like owners did to MAGA supporters during Trump’s term.

According to Fox 5 New York:

The DeBary Diner is turning heads with a sign posted on the front door.

It reads, “If you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless, inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the White House that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in Afghanistan, please take your business elsewhere.”

“It was the only thing I felt like I could do,” said the restaurant’s owner, Angie Ugarte.

Ugarte says she posted the message the same day 13 service members were killed in Afghanistan.

Ugarte said a lot of her regular customers were vets and her anger led to her making the statement public.

  1. Much as I might agree with the sentiment, I think it is foolish to mix politics with business. Anybody is free to express their views but to tie ones business to a political posture is not sound business practice.

    1. It’s Okay for Coka, American Airlines, Delta & Nike to go Woke, but not for a small business owner? Things that make you go Hum.

      1. When I go shopping, buying food or other things that is in the back of my mind
        and effect which item or businesses I enter to purchase items I might want
        and or need. My money my choice and thier loss!

    2. Well what “goes around, comes around”! How does it feel, or course the regular voters had nothing to do with the real “impact of votes which came in the dark of night”!!

      1. You said that right. It happened in Georgia around 11PM ET when both Republicans lost huge leads by 11:20; I know because I watched it. There is no way two candidates can lose over 100,000 vote leads in 20 minutes LEGALLY.

    3. Oh Will, you’re so full of koolaid that it’s pouring out of every crevice!
      You mean like the left has been doing to anyone they don’t agree with????
      Is that what you mean???
      When they take to social media to destroy any business they (the COMMUNIST lefties) don’t agree with and deem fit to destroy???
      Is that what your post refers to?
      If I was in Florida, I would be eating there 24/7 along with all my friends.
      Wake the hell up. We’re in this mess because of idiots like you!!!

      1. I like u island girl…I’v read ur responses before with Arthur Hess. The nincompoop
        U right on and I agree wopith u …..I’m eneri and I am fed up with the comments bug eyed Biden does when he talks like yesterday…..I felt like punching the t.v. Ttyl

        1. Hahaha, I feel exactly as you do about punching the TV. Then I realize that it’s not the TV’S fault, and ouch, my knuckles would hurt. Thanks for your response.

    4. Absolutely agree with you concerning mixing politics and business.

      With regard to mask and vaxx mandates spoken of below however, those are NOT political and people SHOULD stand up against the tyranny of these egregious assaults on our freedoms!

    5. What hypocrites, everything the left does is based on political liberal ideologies! The Left stole the election of 2020 so they could mandate and regulate EVERYTHING based on political ideologies and take over the country, getting rid of precepts, times, and laws. They just make things up to get power.

    6. Will would be right, maybe some 20 years ago. But times have changed. We must stand up or we are lost. Florida is an impossible drive for me, but if I lived near this restaurant I would spend a lot more time and money there.

  2. …a taste of the left’s own medicine! I agree business and politics don’t mix and probably shouldn’t be mixed, but the left has commandeered this kind of behavior and we conservatives just sit back and do nothing. I commend this restaurant owner because he felt he had to do something to express his complete dissatisfaction.

    1. *******************AMEN and AMEN**************************
      GO GAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The BLOOD is on Beijing Deranged Dementia Dangerous socialist communist MARXIST joe biden’s hands AND EACH & EVERY Supporter and VOTER for biden…………..

      1. You said everything ole Satanist Joe is….just add to that…liar and thief. He is so full of himself it is sickening!!! Thanks to Angie for being so brave to take a stand against evil!



    1. If you are silent you will be the next victim. Remember this quote First they came for my neighbor, I said nothing, then they came for my friend, and I said nothing, the last part is then they came for me and no one was there for me. This may not be the exact quote it was in Germany during the killing and imprisonment of the Jews

      1. Yes, I love the quote and it’s absolutely true and will be more obvious as time passes as our country keeps disintegrating more and more.
        joe O’biden is nothing but a traitor to our country and its citizenry. With the exception of those who thought he was going to be the great savior and uniter. He FOOLED ALL YOU IDIOTS WELL!

  4. Gradually, conservatives are climbing a deadly ladder. The left already has reached a pinnacle of complete intolerance. When conservatives arrive, it’ll be time to prove an aphorism by Thomas Jefferson. In a letter to John Adams’ son-in-law in 1787, he wrote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

  5. Criminals wear masks…to hid their faces while they rob and rape you…
    Look at BLM and ANTIFA…they are always cowarding behind masks…
    The Communists don’t want their ‘workers’ identified…

  6. Good for Her. I agree. if i was there, i’d eat there everyday. we need more people to stand up and fight back. people like us usually take it. it’s very refreshing to see people starting to fight back. Makes me proud to be an American.

  7. I wish more restaurants would do this in Florida. I’m usually not for this but this is different. Biden and the rest of the evil ones have blood on their hands. They turned their back on our vets and put all Americans in harm’s way. Creepy Joe committed treason. God Bless our veterans.

  8. Every democrat diplomatic screw up results in hundreds of thousands 3rd World, uneducated, unskilled refugees that purposely get sent to swing states where they can become dependent on the government’s dime and always vote democrat!!!!

    I cannot wait until the current white democrat bureaucrats succeed in filling the ranks of their pathetic political party with “minorities” and these minorities quit voting for white democrat candidates and instead only vote for dark skinned democrats who look like they do. It’s coming for sure.
    Stupid white democrats are going to legislate themselves out of existence and they can’t even see it. Fools!!!

  9. Truth is, I don’t want the Biden people around me either. I want all 46 million of them to stay the hell away from me. And those fake ones that made up the other of 81 million… well, they don’t exist so who cares? They can eat wherever they want to.


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