Biden Refers to Black Senior Advisor as ‘Boy’

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris receive a briefing on police commission membership from Director of the Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice, Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement Cedric Richmond, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed, Vice President’s Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy, Adviser to the Policy Director, Stef Feldman and Council to the President Dana Remus Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

President Biden introduced White House senior advisor Cedric Richmond as a “boy” at Monday’s briefing on Hurricane Ida.

Biden met virtually with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell to discuss how the government would aid Louisiana in Ida’s aftermath.  

“I know you’re busy as the devil. I know you’ve got a lot to manage in your states,” Biden said from the White House. “We know Hurricane Ida had the potential to cause massive, massive damage and that’s exactly what we saw.”

He explained that over 5,000 National Guard members were activated and FEMA was providing millions of meals and water bottles to support displaced locals.

It wasn’t until Biden introduced Richmond that he made an inexcusable gaffe. “I’m here with — with my senior adviser and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well — man — and — and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond,” he bumbled. 

“While FEMA is our lead for on the ground response, if there’s something you need, needs my attention, Cedric is your direct line … whatever you need, go to Cedric we’ll get you what you need if we can,” Biden remarked.

His use of the term that historically has been used as derogatory towards Black people was pounced on by critics.  

“Not only does Biden not sound great here, but also called Cedric Richmond “boy,” something the left would lose it if he were a Republican,” tweeted NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck.


Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer called Biden a “sick, racist man,” while GOP national spokesperson Paris Dennard said that former president Trump would never have introduced an advisor in such a derogatory manner.  

“Cedric Richmond is a 47-year-old man. While Ja’Ron Smith was 38 years old when he was in a similar role for President Trump I can assure he was not called a “boy” by President Trump,” Dennard wrote. “Joe Biden just continues to insult Black men openly and in public because he doesn’t care.”

    1. joe gets a pass on everything.
      In case you all haven’t noticed yet. The middle east catastrophe is already losing traction.

      1. Ok, whoever gave me a thumbs down, please come back and tell me why????
        What part of the post do you not believe?
        Both points are true. The party in power can’t wait to get on to passing bills that will change and destroy this country.
        So, yes. He gets a pass on everything and, yes the story is going away.
        Thank you for responding with the thumbs down.

        1. Looks like whoever it was rectified his terrible error in judgment! You’ve never, ever posted a thing but the truth. But then, the truth often hurts some, doesn’t it? Keep on postin’, Girl! 🙂

        2. What specific bills will destroy our country?
          Have you read them?
          Do you suffer from BDS?
          It is variant of TDS.
          The vaccine won’t be available until Fall 2024.

      2. ALL Democrats get a pass — they never are held accountable no matter how grievously they screw up! Heaven knows, the White House “squatter” has committed far more grievous political “sins” against humanity and America than this one, and yet — there he sits!! When are we going to start making them pay???

          1. No bill that Joe sponsored ever passed.
            That is so hard to believe.
            If it is on Trump Train News it must be the God’s honest truth.

            Correction: As a Senator Biden sponsored 42 bills that became law.
            As Vice President he was the Good Shepherd on Obama Care.
            Trump’s favorite.

            Biden will be our President until Jan. 20, 2025
            Or Harris
            Or Pelosi.
            Are you taking any bets?

          2. Do you think your vote counts? So sad that you seem to find them acceptable! Biden is a racist, senile, America hating, China loving shame!!!

      3. We need to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear in 2022, and EVERYDAY up will then fighting back for Forensic Audits of 2020. This travesty needs to be stopped in it’s tracks.

        1. Not without Voter ID; and you can count on Pelosi-shareholder-of-Dominion- machines making sure it doesn’t happen.

      4. the power of the media and the billionaire elites who seek a one world government…they are very busy at dismantling the last true bastion of hope in the world..our great nation…once they succeed all hell will be unleashed upon the earth.People need to get off ALL social media and stop making lame excuses to stay on’s how they keep track of gives them power to cancel out large segments of society that doesnt agree with their agenda.The first step of a revolution is to get off the social media..leaving not only weak..but blind to what the people are doing and thinking.

    2. I can’t stand President Biden. I think he is the worst I have ever seen in the White House. However, I don’t like people fishing for things to put him down any more than I like them doing it to President Trump. That’s my boy, he’s the boy are not the same as HEY BOY. I do think Biden is racist though. I think we should be focusing on the real harm he is doing to the United States of America, how he is getting people killed, making us the joke of the world and running the country into the ground. Note: I did not post this to have an argument over it, this is just food for thought, let’s not be them. I have notifications off.

      1. I remember when America was great.
        The word boy was not considered racist.
        It was considered caring, considerate, inclusive, familer.
        Then those uppity N’s turned it into something ugly.

    3. You don’t like the fact that sleepy old Joe is in the White House?
      That’s just too God Damn bad!
      You Trump Twaters are too weak to do anything about it.
      Stick your Second Amendment Rights up your butt and conceal carry.

      1. Well, the Sun shines the Light on the REAL racists, the left has always treated blacks unfairly and used them for their political agenda without really helping them. Oops….too bad, many are educated and know whats happening, thats why the left had to bring in new voters…their ILLEGAL ALIEN STASH.

        1. You backed the person not in the White House.
          He lost because he let weak people steal from him.
          Who were the sponsors of the Civil Rights Act?

          1. Who freed the slaves? Who created Opportunity Zones? Who began and supports the KKK? Who denigrates any person of color who makes something of their life? You are sorely misguided and misinformed! GO TRUMP!!!

      2. You find strength in our Country being sold out to Communists? There is no reasoning with nutballs, and you def qualify!

      3. You’re too dumb to recognize that it’s the Second Amendment of the CONSTITUTION that you whiners know nothing about.

  1. Boy is only a racist term if it is used to describe a black person by a white person if they are from a political party that was involved in the enslavement of blacks, oh wait, that describes Biden perfectly! OK yes we all know Biden is a racist that has used blacks as a prop for his entire career and deep down doesn’t think they are capable of attaining a picture ID, finding the DMV or capable of finding the polling place on election day to vote, but other than that I am sure he holds blacks in high regard like when he earmarks farming subsidies to only blacks. Biden has managed to get blacks to vote for him even though he treats them like inferior beings, so as a politician that is a neat trick and if blacks don’t mind being call incapable and treated like they are inferior, who are we to question their desires to be mistreated?

    1. How did you determine the proper use of the word boy?
      Are you politically correct?

      Did you you check out your determinations with a Black person?
      Do you know any?

      All Presidents misspeak, I doubt that Biden ever intended to disrespect a subordinate that he appointed.

      For clearly Racist Presidential speak you need go further than Hati and Africa are shit hole countries.

      1. And every Democrat city is a shithole city! While our Veterans live in squalor, YOU and I will be supporting the illegals and Afghan imports for the rest of our lives. Ain’t that grand!!! |MORON!

      2. Biden isn’t called the King of gaffs for nothing…that’s exactly what this is, nothing more. Would Trump have picked a black woman ..or man as his VP? Be honest, Be fair ! Biden has a speech defect…do you know the history of that? It’s obvious to any of us who pay attention. His age and background explain his use of expressions like “boy” as in “boy, that was something”….and I think that’s what he was trying to do, but he just does not always have strong control over his speech. That is a problem, but it’s a stretch to take something like this gaff and turn it into something it MOST LIKELY…judging Joe in his entirety, NOT racism. Joe has always appeared to be as comfortable w people of color as w whites.

  2. Criminal, senile, traitor China Joe has always been a racist. It’s very well documented; along with his criminal spawn Hunter.

      1. NO He didn’t,He moved into the american people house —which is our house,Just llke the house of congress,it belongs to us the American people –Not for the bitch Nancy pelosi.

  3. the best thing for the gop(and our nation) is to keep biden talking
    i have never heard him say anything that was true or good for our nation
    come on man,keep talking

    1. The best thing the GOP can do is to teach Trump cult members English Composition..
      Show them caps and period key.
      They write unreadable drivel.

  4. Hahaha, he always tries to sound really folksy. That’s why many old folks voted for him.
    In their feeble minds he sounds so like them.
    Trust me, I know some who feel exactly that way.
    Can’t wait till they ALL can’t afford to eat anything but cat food.

    1. Have you seen the price of cat food? They won’t be able to afford that, either. They will be out gathering grass and weeds pretty soon.

    1. Especially the phrase, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Jim Crow Joe is verbally whipping Black Americans into submission. Its the Democrat party that created the KKK after the Confederacy’s defeat in the Civil War.

    2. Impeachment requires a majority in the House and 2/3 in the Senate.
      There will be no impeachment before 2023.
      We know where guilty verdicts go in the Senate.
      You backed a loser.
      Who was impeached.

  5. Hey Boy. Did you kiss Taliban Joes butt and say yes sir. Maybe you should of walked over to him and said i am not your Boy.

      1. My grand dad always refered to all the guys who worked for him as boy.
        They had the full range of skin tone
        He was our long time sheriff.
        He was a life long Republican.
        He didn’t start as a Democrat like Trump.
        He had just one wife.
        No hookers.
        A moral man.

    1. RINOs are now the majority of the Republican Party.
      Trump can not win in 2024 without the Black, Latino and RINO vote
      The party of hate is hating itself onto oblivion
      How many supporters has Trump gained in the last seven months.
      Hypocrism is in the eye of the beholder, boy.

  6. He’s an elite communist democrat and he can do whatever he wants. The rules that they set for those who they see as their “unequal inferiors” and their “inferior opponents” does not apply to them. They have too much power and too much control over us who they see as inferior to them, and that much power has caused brain rot.

    They have no one to “watch” over their hi-archly, no one is allowed to call them out or charge them, because they gang up, bully and call names, then use their high powered offices, and the offices of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, federal judges, the SCOTUS, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC as attack dogs and mobs to strike fear and then charge them with lies to put them in jail because all they have to do is accuse them of the crimes that they are guilty of, and create fake dossiers to turn the tables on the innocent,

    They can do any evil that they want and no one bothers to hold them responsible for the crimes and treasons that they blatantly do as they flaunt that in the faces of anyone who dares to question them. All they have to do is articulate their twisted and warped word weave, or accuse and demonize like a drama queen and make all their mobs accuse and shout the same thing….. and guess what, all their crimes of treason are swept under the rugs . where all the rest of their other past crimes and treasons, and it’s forever lost in the black hole known as the “swamp”.

    This makes them “unaccountable”, “above” and “exempt” from all laws that they put those who they see as inferior to them. They are the elite who make themselves superior to the people who elected them into the most powerful offices in our land, who use their offices, and the offices of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, as weapons against the people and against their opponents to further their agenda. They won’t obey the laws, but they put our feet to the fire and force us to obey the laws that they write for us to follow, and make new laws that make their crimes of treason lawful. What a plan! They make being above the law lawful.

    This is the way communists behave, they have used these strong arm tactics for thousands of years, it goes back to ancient times as history keeps repeating itself over and over and over and over and over and over again. They got it down to a science and there is no one on planet earth who can stop them.

    However there is One Who can, and Who will one day put ALL of these evil swamp creatures in their place. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.

  7. I refer to males my sons’ ages as boy.
    They are both in their forties.
    Is it Racist?
    Is it Racist for a man to call his son boy?
    If the son is Black?
    And the dad?
    When will the wokeness end?
    Has Trump ever refered to any of his many acolytes as boy?
    As in boy get me a Diet Coke, a Big Mac
    and Super Size Fries.

    1. Thr Democrats I know don’t think so.
      Are you by any chance one of those partisans who bends the truth?

  8. Would boy be OK if the person addressed was White?
    What if it was Obama?

    My dad would use some awful racist words.
    Like Falcon and Jiguar.
    His dad flirted with the KKK.
    My dad joined the NAACP at age 68.
    Racism use to be so popular (think slavery) in in this country.
    How can we preserve our Racist Hertisge?
    How about National Boy Day.
    Whips, chains, nooses, fun for the whole family

  9. Bumbling Biden is systemically racist. He was raised that way, he lived that way until it was no longer proper to do so. It’s so ingrained in his character, that now that his mind is slipping, his racist upbringing is coming out…because that’s who Joe is.

    1. You backed a loser.
      Joe, et al, will be in White House until 2025.
      I will give you ten to one odds that Trump will never live there again.
      Place you bet sucker.

    2. Stop it with your CRT nonsense, there is no such thing as systemic racism.
      Go back to CNN and wallow in their puke.

  10. I refer to my work crews as my boys.
    Age, color, sex, sex they have sex with, it don’t matter
    Am I a Racist?

    1. My God! What the hell is your point? Are you on or off, hot or cold, yea or nay? You don’t have the right words for what you are trying to say, just say what the hell point you are coming down on others for. My Mom would’ve said, “Either sh**t or get off the pot, you’re making no sense now!” It sounded like you were taking jabs at anyone who would listen, well I am not listening anymore, you are too damn confusing !

  11. Well! He never called him the N word. That is a real plus for Uncle Joe.I mean if you did NOT vote for him you are NOT really black!So calling this guy BOY must be a good thing?

  12. and now for the latest from CNN,MSNBC,CBS,NBC,ABC,NEW YORK TIMES, regarding this “newest” racist remark from Biden = “crickets” ……….(but wait) the “president” just had a bowl of ice cream…WOW, GREAT REPORTING ….

  13. I’m not a Biden supporter but this just sounds like
    “boy, does he know Louisiana very, very well…”

    So for me, nothing to see here. There’s plenty of other things to deride Biden about.
    I did notice his dropping a ‘y’all’ in there to sound more relatable to southerners smh.

  14. C0me on man. Im a die hard Trump supporter and ultra conservative Republican and I can see this was taken out of context. Boy , you guys are grasping at straws Oh boy, this just adds to the division of Americans. Boy,! He does know alot about Louisiana. Stick to real news and stop trying to stir the pot!

    1. When Trump won by the Electoral but not the Popular vote, I accepted him as my President and wished him well, even though I did not vote for him, if he did well it was good for the country and therefore good for me. The first time I voted was for Eisenhower and have voted both Democrat or Republican in every Presidential election ever since, but always for the man not the party. Regardless of who sets in the chair in the Oval Office I through my support and respect to the Office of the President of the United States.
      When did Republican and Democrat become dirty words. I haven’t heard such childish silliness since third grade recess.
      I have always believed a lot of people need someone to hate. Perhaps, it is in their DNA and has become a way of life with them. Come on people,….. Be thankful that you live in a county where you have a choice. Your hatred for your fellow American for their political affiliate is childish, unhealthy and is dividing the country. Step back and enjoy your freedom.

  15. What will the demorats do if African Americans wake up and learn the history of the demoratic party..the party of the the KKK…they never changed their stripes..they just changed their tactics…and if the African American population ever comes to realize how the mainstream media plays them…that will be the end of the demorats and the mainstream media..but this is only wishful thinking..the demorats keep giving them free stuff for votes and passed the legalization of marijuana to keep them stoned and stupid.


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