Reporter Reads Sister of Fallen Marine’s Rebuke of Joe Biden to Psaki

United States Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jen Psaki has to stand there and take it as a reporter read to her a rebuke from the sister of a Marine killed in the terror attack in Kabul.

According to Mediaite:

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker read aloud, to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, a rebuke of President Joe Biden by the sister of a U.S. Marine who was killed in the Kabul terrorist attacks.

At Monday’s White House daily briefing, Psaki was asked about the president’s meetings with the families of the 13 fallen service members. While she expressed Biden’s feelings about the interactions, Psaki said she was “not going to speak to private conversations between the President and the parents of service members who lost their lives saving others.”

But in an attempt to jar something loose, Parker confronted Psaki with comments that Roice McCollum — sister of late Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum — made to her newspaper regarding the President’s meeting with the families.

“The sister of one of the Marines killed in the airport attack told the press that the President’s comments struck her family as ‘scripted’ and ‘shallow.’ And she said, quote, ‘You can’t F up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry. This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands,’” Parker said, and asked Psaki “can you talk a little about how the President thought the meeting with the families went? And also, what responsibility, if any, for these deaths does he think he bears?”

Psaki did say that Biden did feel responsibility and the buck stops with him.

  1. The debacle in Afghanistan is squarely laid on Beijing Joe and his administration of
    “WOKE” traitors and idiots. They knew his plan was flawed and a total surrender
    to the Taliban and ISIS. They also know that he had lied to both the Americans People
    and to the rest of the world when he spoke about our leaving and his admission that the
    Taliban was in control of it. He along with his senior staff committed an act of Treason
    not seen in the United States of America, even Benedict Arnold was not this low in
    his actions. The Socialist Democrat Party has finally admitted how low they will go to
    destroy our Nation, Our Constitution ,Our Bill of rights and the freedoms that Americans
    have fought and died for around the world to insure for our people and others. They
    want to turn us into a third world county, break us into little fiefdoms controlled by them.
    But as long as free Americas have weapons this will not happen.

          1. Demturds have the house and they are not gonna impeach their own. Treasonous acts towards the American ppl is more like it forget about impeachment. It’s way worst than that… ppl the one way to beat this is unity all of us need to come together. We are many and they are trying to race bate us plus more. If we stick together we got this beat hands down….


          3. Trump won. I’ve been an Election Judge in Cook “crook” County Illinois since 2012, Obama’s 2nd run. Several voters told me back then that their votes were changing on the touchscreens to the Democrats candidates. They had to change their votes back several times before they stayed put. Hillary lost by the Electoral votes, that’s why they shipped and flipped votes to the swing states this time!! They could hide Biden and his senility in the basement because they knew that they were going to rig the election AGAIN!

      1. Marie Grace, that’s what I keep saying over and over again, and again. Many people don’t like or want to hear it because many are guilty of voting for him not once but twice!
        They had white guilt and couldn’t wait to vote for the first you know what pres.
        Look where that’s gotten us.

      2. MSM is a big part of the liberal drift in America. They take to the Obama’s of the world. The losers, the lefties, the anti-American politician who don’t like our country. So MSM supports these liberals who get elected who make the laws the don’t follow the Constitution and we lose our Freedoms!

      3. Believe it or not it was started dum 30 plus years ago maybe longer. A few presidents did things before obummer but he is the one who really put a Rocket behind it and now in his 3rd term he hydro it!!!

    1. that is why they want to take our guns away so we cannot fight back .The death of those Marines is squarely laid on Beijing Joe. It did not have to happen he needs to be impeached for treason. NO one takes out the military before the citizens and no President should allow that much military equipment fall into the hands of our enemies it will come back to haunt America. Also he only wanted a photo op that he got the military out of Afganistan after 20 years. He let the airport that could have been defended fall in to our enemies along with the equipment. My sympathy goes out to the sister of that Marine as I am the daughter of a Marine . Biden needs to be impeached NOW. He was more worried about the time it took to honor the Marines as their flag covered caskets came off the plane . He did not even salute the caskets as commander in chief of the military. He is a disgrace to America.

        1. Unfortunately that is the chain of command. So. You impeach her , that then leaves us with the old hag Pelosi. With all the shit she has done She is next

      1. He didn’t salute those soldiers because he is a TOTAL idiot ! It hurt my heart to see those caskets carried off the plane. God love those soldiers. Biden MAKES ME SICK !!! He need to be sent to an Island with monkeys for company, because he is one !

    2. Apparently ‘they’ think that ‘they’ will live forever !! They’ve got a BIG surprise coming!! The Lord will not be patient forever.

      1. These idiot Demo RATS think they are smart they have no clue what is in hell for them it is far worse than the bible describes! The bible is like a PG version of a XXX adventure! Only in the worse possible way! I died 8 times during Desert Storm General Mccolaczek startled asked me how in the hell are you still alive! 3 times I went to hell 3 times I went to Heaven 2 times I went to a weird alternate universe that had 3 moons!

        1. Bret, it was God that showed you what could have been your final destination, but HE allowed you to continue with your life so you will be with HIM forever. People don’t think about HELL having no exits…ever! So glad your here and change your live for Jesus.

    3. Well put..well said! You did not hold back, calling out Biden and his cowardly inept, dishonest ‘team’ (sec.’s of state, defense, generals Miley, McKenzie, etc., etc.). Thank you! You’re a patriot through and through.

        1. I just can’t understand why they want to destroy America, do they have some special resort to live in after they destroy our country? They will have to deal what we will have to deal with ! Satan will NOT care WHO they are, they are opening us up for the AntiCrist to take over. STUPID IDIOTS !

  2. Another moron covering for the Moron in Chief. Sometimes I think Biden surrounds himself with idiots so he appears less idiotic. It’s not working.

      1. He did not pick her .He was told who would be his vice president. She is not African -American and not a natural born citizen of the United States so she cannot be president. Heaven help America if and when she becomes president

    1. O’crapo started this Billion dollar money transfer with his secret plane load of money to the Muslimes during his time in the White House. This is more of his crap…We should have a secure distrust for any Muslime…

      1. Thinking people do NOT trust any Muslim. Muslims will lie when the truth would fit it better. You can’t trust ANYTHING a muslim says to you.

        1. There is a word that allows Muslims to lie to anyone but another Muslim. Taqiyya? A Christian martyr is someone who is willing to die for their beliefs. A Muslim martyr is one who is willing to kill for his beliefs.

      2. I still do not how Obama has access to all that money to send to Iran without permission from congress. It was all a setup and he just did what he wanted to do because he knew they would day No Way, he stole that money from the American taxpayers. No surprise that SS will be gone soon because supporting terrorists is more important that paying the money out that actual working people pay in that now goes and has been going to people who have never paid a dime in so it is draining all the money the tax payers pay in and soon there will be none. They keep giving money to countries who are our enemies instead of funding America. They should be charged with robbing the SS to fund their pet projects to our enemies. We should have a say where our money goes.

        1. Are we sure that Obama isn’t part of Bidens deal? I wouldn’t trust him in any way. shape or form ! When Obama said Ameica is NO LONGER A CHRISTAN NATION, I knew we couldn’t trust him.

  3. Psaki sounds like she is full of BS, every time she talks. No integrity, non-transparent and circles back to questions she doesn’t want to answer or is told not to. Funny how they never actually “circle back” to those previously asked questions.

  4. Psaki and hidenbiden are nothing but, pathetic,evil,lying blowhards, that would’nt know the truth if it smacked them across the face.Psos

  5. So they get rid of the dumb ass then they got Kamala and shit she is as bad as dumb ass then they rid of K who becomes president? Nancy pelosi?

    1. Heaven help America if this happens.I want to know who is telling this absent minded fool what to do because he is not. He need to go back to the basement in Delaware. He did not leagally win the election either. WE Need a recount of the votes and all fradulent votes need to be discarded.

    2. That’s why the whole administration and Nancy and Schumer need to be taken down!!!this has been in the works since Obama/ Hillary fiasco. They are working to bring this country down. They are power hungry and backed and financed by China and Soros. Evil soulless walking demons!

  6. Well, it’s a little too late for Joey to be sorry. None of this had to happen and, if President Trump was in the Oval, it would not have.

    1. Somehow we need to get Trump back in the Whitehouse. How and why would Biden let this happen to those 13 soldiers and why WOULD HE ALLOW 85 BILLION DOLLARS IN MILLIARY EQUIPMENT TO STAY IN THAT COUNTRY WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE !!? This creep has to be inpeached ASAP!

      1. How and why would Biden desert our Military and leave our equipment…because that is another way to destroy our country and that is what the evil socialist want! Biden sold us out to China..the left has a plan and people better wake up!

  7. I’m certainly not surprised at his lack of sympathy and concern. The only feelings the White House “squatter” is capable of are confusion and anger. Typical of people in the late stages of dementia. And that was the only reason he was hand-picked as their presidential candidate — the puppeteers knew they could have their way with him, and lay all the blame on his feeble shoulders while they bask in their victories!! And they conspired with his wife and made it happen. Trust me, I don’t feel sorry for him, only disgusted with the demented Democrats, and their determination to turn America into a socialist/communist country by whatever evil means necessary. Satan’s demons live among us! 🙁

    1. Past time to take a stand against the evil socialists! Ole demented Biden loves little girls. I see out of thousands of people to honor the fallen of 9/11 he reached out to a little girl, he just had to touch her…he is a sick POS!

  8. I doubt that Psaki knows how Biden feels about anything at all. I seriously doubt that Biden knows how he feels about anything. It seems obvious that he is being told what to say…. and sometimes he forgets !

  9. It’s just too freaking sad we have to put up with this fool for another three and a half years, unless he has another stroke or whatever he has that impairs him.

  10. Actually, I would ask a follow up on the hastiness of Biden’s exit plan was based on his “relationship” with China and them wanting Afghanistan’s lithium-ion minerals. Maybe there is an underlining reason that the mainstream media wants to hide Biden’s failures, as there is more to this event and story and possibly of a back story that may explain why it was such a hasty, chaotic mess of an exit. As ALWAYS when you talk about Joe Biden… IT’S ABOUT MONEY AND INCREASING HIS OWN WEALTH. 
    Some of this will start to make sense why the Afghanistan exit went so wrong and why so quickly. The Biden’s own 10% of a Chinese lithium-ion battery company whose stock has soared to almost 300% since he was installed as President. Afghanistan biggest mineral lithium is valued at between $1 trillion to $3 trillion. China was already in talks with the Taliban before Biden’s Afghanistan debacle. China moves in and takes over the lithium market and the Biden’s will profit off of all of this at the expense of American lives. Is it starting to make sense now? That’s the question I would be asking and demand a response from Peppermint Patty.
    For anyone interested in researching this information themselves, the company is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL). CATL is the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles batteries. Biden NEVER makes a move unless there is a monetary reward at the end. FOLLOW THE MONEY!! Is it starting to make sense?  Thanks to “citizen” journalist, this information is slowly getting out there because the mainstream media doesn’t want the American people to know about this for obvious reasons. As Biden’s greed and corruption is like an onion. You remove one layer and lo and behold there is more greed and corruption. The hypocrisy is so thick.

  11. Jen you can’t be this dense. Biden took ZERO responsibility for this just like everything thats gone wrong. If you say you’re responsible but then blame everyone else you’ve said nothing.

  12. If the buck truly stops with him, then he should apologize to each member of each family, if not the entire nation. I want my buck back.

  13. Even Granny Pelosi has to start smelling the crap from Sleazy Joe’s handiwork. Are they just waiting until they can dump Harris before they toss Joe under the bus?

    1. I actually think that the party doesn’t like or want either of them. They just want to save face. At least until they see the results of 2022.

  14. The only way to remove this jackass, is to demand election audits from all states and present the finds to our inept supreme court. The supreme court is the final say and chooses not to be the bearer of bad news for various personal reasons. The American citizenship should DEMAND their involvement. Did the FBI investigate the flight logs of the Epstein Lolita Express? There was a report that the Chief Justice’s name appeared twice. Could have been another person by the same name. Right!!

  15. Those in congress, his close friends who are calling for his resignation and impeachment are just postering and they are not going on do squat. Some democrats are up for reelection this year so they had better think long and hard about what and how Biden botched the pull of the troops inAfghanistan. What and how he did it makes zero common sense. I believe with all my heart this has been planned way before they took control of the WH. They had to sabotage the election to even declare themselves winners. Then they did not lose anytime undoing all the good Trump did for Americans and he started no wars but democrats love war, as it has been proven. This man is a traitor to our country and he should be charged with treason and has an danger to Americans.

  16. Yes! Joe Biden is 100% responsible for every UNNECESSARY U.S. Military death in Afghanistan, plus those deaths of any Afghani support people for our guys too!

    But here is the PROBLEM AMERICANS: Joe Biden has dementia and is feebleminded, so any decisions he makes are NOT going to be good ones no matter what he chooses! Do you Americans “GET THIS”?? Biden is INCOMPETENT AND CAN NO LONGER BE IN OUR PRESIDENCY EVER AGAIN! Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not ever!

    Here is something REAL for you to think and make a decision about:
    Someone behind the curtains is telling Biden what to do! YES. This is actually happening just like Obama had a “PUPPETMASTER” which gave him directions! BHO’s PUPPETMASTER was the same snake that made sure BHO was elected so snake man could do dirt to our Nation! And he did so for awhile until BHO caught on to what was happening! Can you guess who that snake is? George Soros, “The Killer of Nations” who has a warrant out for his arrest in his own birth country Hungary! The Warrant is for “Crimes Against Humanity” and he will be arrested, tried, and punished for being a Snake that destroys people and their Countries!

    So please be aware that Soros has his teeth in to Biden and will persuade bumbling Biden to do his bidding — and Biden’s incompetency will make Soros’ decisions sound good. Soros couldn’t get BHO to do what he wanted but now he has someone who no longer can think straight who listens to every word he says! THIS alone is reason to remove Biddyboy Biden from office before he causes any more destruction to America and/or the Countries we are supposed to protect!

    FYI: Don’t you find it interesting that the CIA took down President Kennedy in the 60’s because he was becoming too powerful and the American public LOVED THAT PRESIDENT AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIM?! Sound familiar recently before the STOLEN 2020 ELECTION?? I guess now the CIA HAS CHANGED ITS TACTICS FROM “KILLING” OUR PRESIDENTS WHEN THEY BECOME A THREAT TO “STEALING OUR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS”!

    Perhaps the CIA needs to revisit putting a feebleminded old coot in our presidency and figure out how to remove biddy, Harris, Pelosi and the rest of the lamest administration to ever stain our federal halls! NICE JOB BOYS…NOT!!!

    My question to everyone:
    WHO IS PAYING OUR CIA TO DO THIS CRAP? Find that person/persons and you will know the Who’s and Why’s America is faltering!

    1. You are wrong about Soros and Obama…Soros controlled Obama , Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer and all the other evil liberals and Rhinos, also the fake news media!

  17. China wants to drill in Afghanistan as it is rich in deposits. China has biden by the balls and is squeezing hard for repayment of the millions they gave him and his family. biden was only doing what his CCP puppet masters were telling him to do. Now, China has come forward and stated they would fund the taliban in a joint effort. – Oh and he blames President Trump. President Trump had a plan, – get the civilians out, then the equipment and then the soldiers and by May. NONE of this was accomplished because biden was waiting to be told. ENOUGH.

    There are far too many American citizens stranded, and what did the fascist admin say the other day? – people get left behind all of the time, it is no biggie. Really? What side are they on. That was rhetorical, don’t answer. Just wait, those American citizens and Afghani allies will begin to be used as hostages and killed.

    The entire world is laughing at us and how weak we are. If you don’t think the communist and terrorist countries are not watching, and waiting, you are sadly mistaken. If you think there never could be an invasion on our soil by another country, you are ignorant, unintelligent or just plain stupid.

    If the people that have been supporting biden haven’t gotten the blinding glimpse of the obvious they never will, and as far as I am concerned they are complicit in these traitorous actions.

    I love my country and I HATE what is happening and the fact so many of those in high positions are allowing it to happen.

  18. They should keep speaking out about Coward Joe and his big mouth. What a blowhard. Couple that with his moronic speeches. Does everything have to have a name. Build America Better my foot. Absolute fool.

  19. By doing what he did. He might as well as committed this tragedy himself. He is useless. Who. Voted for this moron. Hope you are happy

  20. The “Blood of these servicemen and women IS solely on Biden’s hands. He is the one that would not order that the suicide boomer be taken out when he was told that they have direct a hit. But no Biden was ignorant again in his duties to protect this country and our servicemen and women. These were all young kids serving their country not because they had to but because they wanted to. Biden/Harris and his administration are worthless and unless they are removed from office they will have all of us killed too. He has no time for those that HE left behind and they are at the mercy of the Taliban.

  21. I just posted a comment and it is “waiting moderation.” What does that mean? There were no cuss words. The only thing I can think of is that I mentioned MSM and their positions on liberalism.

  22. I just saw a comment–“impeach the bastard.” It wasn’t flagged. So what is going on? We can’t comment on opposing points of view that Obama/Biden has?

  23. What happened to the pregnant woman police officer in Afghanistan is revolting and should never happen throughout the world. Taliban want the world to mind their own business only to torment, dismember, pluck their eyes from there bodies, pick there brains with knives and screw drivers and this should be condoned. Well the world sees things a whole lot different then there degenerate agenda.

    Since America has an unmitigated dumb-fk at the helm along with the sh*t for brains VP its time for America to rid itself of Antifa, BLM and the scum that belong in prison and the electric chair.

    Times up for the unhinged, uneducated high tech society, Hollywood look at my ass pasted together men and woman and take America back. Woke and speech crap will and can be a thing of the past as long as the Citizens of America ban together to rid ourselves of the parasites that came along to destroy us!

    God is at the Helm! God Bless America! God, your wrath will kill the bugs that believe Lucifer is in charge!

  24. Someone please explain to me;Why?After all the crap Joey Bidenshit has done to destroy America,Afghanistan,Open Southern Border etc.His approval rating at last glance was 43%,How can this be?It should be below 13%.Who are these Americans who still support him,who clap for him at functions?Are they Paid?Threaten?or are their heads really mushroom jelly mush?Unbelievable!Can’t believe there are so many ignorant people of history,facts and current events.

  25. For the first time in my 77 years I am ashamed of America. My family is made up of patriots. My husband retired after 25 years in the Air Force. Our two sons served their country, one in the Air Force and one in the Navy in submarines. My grandson served as a C17 load master in the Air Force. He served with some of the C17 air crews involved in the evacuation in Afghanistan. My daughter and I both worked for the military for many years. The deaths of the 13 killed effected us even though we didn’t personally know them. The military and military families are a brotherhood and we know that when something bad happens it could have easily been a member of our family. What am embarrassment the Biden Administration has been. America has always treated our allies and their military with honor. Biden didn’t even have the courtesy to contact our allies and left them scrambling to get their citizens and troops safely out of Afghanistan. Even worse he totally disregarded our own citizens by closing the gates to the airport to them. The Taliban is trying to hunt them down, to use to extract favors and money from the US. The disaster of leaving billions of dollars of military equipment and vehicles behind have cost us years of technology. The Chinese will be mass producing our night vision technology in a few months. They will be going over our Blackhawk helicopters with a fine tooth comb and eventually be manufacturing them. The Taliban will become rich with sales of American technology secrets and military equipment. They are now the second best equipped military in the world. Would our military even have enough equipment to work with if we should become involved in another war? How could all of this have happened in 7 months? For the first time in American history we no longer have the trust of our allies. We are uncertain of our future. Our military is used as a test for socialism. Where and when will this end? Have we become a country of sheep? What are our children being taught in school? When will we take a stand against this American hating administration? Where is our American spirit?

  26. Democrats are finished In Future there wont be a 2 party state. It causes division.In future it will be American Patriots Just have administrators handling services etc. They became too evil and arrogant and corrupted

  27. take a “tour” of ANY nursing home ,ANY where and you will likely see people with SERIOUS dementia issues looking AND responding 100% more cognitively than that “thing” calling himself “president”. what a tragic disgrace !!

  28. Now days, politicians think ” I am very sorry.” would take care of everything but it never does.
    “Sorry” does not count when the man never showed remorse about his conduct on pulling out of Afghanistan. There is huge difference from how president Trump handles situation such as this. He actually demonstrates his feelings by his actions.

  29. The big problem we have is Biden has no idea that he is being used as the fall guy. He is not even capable of doing any plan or even the one used to help destroy our country. What needs to be done is find out who is actually programing him and get them out and into prison for treason. It is someone that wants Americans as hostage for later payment of piles of cash to get them released. So which person in his circle of stooges do we hold up for prosecution? Actually I do not think we have enough patriots’ in Congress to get the job done.



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