State Department Official Makes Shocking Admission

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A State Department official has claimed that a majority of the Special Immigrant Visa applicants were left behind in Afghanistan.

According to Town Hall:

The SIV applicants “all worked alongside the U.S. during the 20-year war,” Politico reports, noting that in the private briefing to reporters, the State Department official said those who helped in the evacuation effort are “haunted” by the difficult decisions they were forced to make on the ground and “by the people we were not able to help depart.”

The senior State official noted in the call Wednesday there were many impediments to evacuating everyone who wanted out of Afghanistan, namely threats by ISIS-K, the fortified design of the airport, the Taliban’s “unpredictable” guarding at checkpoints, and viral communications among refugees.

While no estimate for the SIVs left behind is yet available, the official did say “it’s the majority of them, just based on anecdotal information about the populations we were able to support.”

One reason for why so many SIVs remain in Afghanistan, the official noted, is “every credential we tried to provide electronically was immediately disseminated to the widest possible pool. And so it was no longer a viable credential to differentiate among populations, and we simply did not have the people for that time to be able to try to sift through that crowd of people demanding access.” (Politico)

There are still between 100-200 Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

  1. It seems to me that the devil is guiding those in power who were supposed to support and protect our country and citizens. Nope, do not see that happening. people running into this country, now the adm. is bringing in no one knows and supplying our enemies with the greatest military equipment ever. Billions of dollars going to our enemies and it is not stopping. Lord. help us , In Jesus’ name.

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        1. That type of work is only legal in certain places in Nevada. Now go find some stupid liberals to peddle this garbage to . . . . we aren’t interested.

    1. It’s obvious to me that this “exit” strategy was something laid out by our enemies (China, Russia & Iran) and given to Biden to follow . . . . . or else. This is what happens when we have compromised people in charge.

      Regardless of why Biden did this, his acts and those of his administration or treasonous and should be treated as such.

      As fo our Lord and Savior, my thought is that HE has lifted HIS hedge of protection from us for pushing/ passing policies that support everything God calls an abomination like abortions, infanticide, pro transgender policies, etc.

  2. Everyone knows it’s much more than the number they’re claiming.
    But, hey. If you voted for this, you must be very proud! Where are the rest of the families of the fallen???? There’s a mom and 2 dads that have come out and stated their feelings about this disaster. Maybe they too voted for the guy in charge?

        1. I get thrown under the bus quite often myself, Girl. Just now most recently. And I have no idea what word I said that offended their sensibilities! Gets mighty old, doesn’t it?

          1. It does indeed get mighty old. Bad enough the Big Tech is censoring us, but to have supposed right-wing news outlets doing the same thing is just sad.

  3. So instead of brining innocent Afthans to America, they left them behind and brought in evil groups of people? If you can’t defeat American militarily, then you bring other militant groups to her shores to destroy her from within. Any sane General knows this.

    1. That is exactly what the democratic B.O., now in the 3rd term with brain-dead at the wheel thanks to the cheaters, MSM, and social media con-artists Marxists, have been plotting to do on our shores. We must never give up the 2nd Amendment!! They will soon be a war on our shores thanks to these meat-heads, evil hearted. Be prepared, L&L!

      1. If the freaking sheep in this country think giving up guns is the solution…take a look at what happened to the sheep in australia when they gave up their guns….see how thats working out for them!!!

        1. I couldn’t believe it could happen to the macho Australians. I guess the citizens are all paper tigers and Australia will go down the rat hole with all the other socialist gulags. That’s what happens when you’re too busy having fun to pay attention to your leaders and the bad guys take over.

    2. General Milley-Vanilly needs to be brought up on charges of treason and hanged for his role in this debacle. Worse yet, I believe he worked against Pres. Trump, along with others in the Pentagon.

      When the military does what it wants instead of what the People want, we have a problem. It is the job of our elected officials to resolve this before we end up in an even wore situation.

  4. Democrats will lie about any thing Sure their special immigrant visa s were left behind . They don t know how to tell the truth about anything (THEY LIE AND CAN T EVER BE TRUSTED >> ALL OF THEM) in the white house.

  5. Well see THAT is why you have a planned strategy and not a crap show for everyone to see. And more importantly that some people will suffer horribly because of the stupidity and inabilities of this person. I just cannot bring myself to type President. There is NOTHING presidential about Biden. NOTHING!!!

    1. I will never refer to him as President. He is not. President Trump is our true President. Cheating to place a demented moron in office is going to bite the dems in 2022.

    2. I have never, nor will I ever, use that title with him. As far as I’m concerned, he is nothing but a White House “squatter” — one who illegally takes up residence somewhre! I didn’t use it with Obama either. The only President I know is President Trump — and I want him back!!

  6. Seems Biden’s State Dept were able to supply names and addresses of our people and ‘friendlies’, to the enemy, and yet this ‘State Department Official’ idiot cannot get these people out and doesn’t know where they are. OMG, how obviously they lie and leave people behind to be sought out and murdered by the enemy. May these people that commit crimes against humanity burn in Hell.

  7. We need to disband and imprison the majority of those in govt agencies…ALL OF THEM need to be shut down…FBI, A.M.A., STATE DEPT, CIA, NEA…ALL OF THEM close the doors and start afresh with REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS…not the maggot marxist scum running them now!! imho

    1. Too late. Too many didn’t pay attention and now there are more of them than us. When you play the long game, like communists, Marxists, Socialists and Islamist’s do you eventually rise and conquer. By by Freedom, by by the Republic.

      1. Who will get the prize. China, Russia, or a religion that has waited more than seven hundred years to conquer Christianity.

  8. Why is Blinken still on our payroll? (Why is he stll walking around?). Blinken should be leading the parade of those who will publicly kill themselves to atone for their horrible conduct. Milley and Austin are next, followed by Granny Pelosi and Schmuckie Chuckie Schumer, Biden’s brain dead “national security” team, and the entire cast of the clown show that is Granny Pelosi’s pack of neutered pink poodles.

  9. The reason they didn’t have time is they removed the strength of the US military first instead of holding ground until all Americans and those from Afghanistan who helped us in the war effort. Who did the withdrawal planning Kindergarten kids. Come on; don’t pretend that this was a well planned exit.

    1. Trump’s Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR) developed by Mike Pompeo was “in June 11 memo, signed by Brian McKeon, Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State, the CCR was destroyed a grand total of two months before Afghanistan withdrawal.” (curious timing) added to the not.

  10. What is missing in his “explanation” is that his so-called boss is a blooming idiot. This debacle wouldn’t have happened with Trump in leadership. “Cue the leftist outrage!”

  11. He turns his back on reporters, he turns his back on Americans stranded in Afghanistan and he turns his back on Gold Star families. The weakling in the White house has got to go. Save our beloved country and get rid of him.

  12. So then who did they evacuate? ISIS-K, Al Quaeda and other terrorists who now roam free In our country just waiting for the opportunity to kill us all? 9/11 twenty years ago wasn’t enough carnage? This Biden regime is either incompetent, evil or both.

  13. The way I look at it folks… By leaving all of the Arms and Military equipment that Biden gave to the Taliban is AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY! the punishment for that is death by firing squad! STEP UP JOE!

  14. We will never know the true numbers of those abandoned in Afghanistan, nor the ultimate betrayal the White House “squatter” and his “equity” administration, and their puppeteers have rained down on us. All they know are lies and obfuscations and cover-ups to keep all their failures hidden. But we know — we true Americans and patriots know. And they must be held accountable — by whatever methods possible. Electing people who care about us will be a good start, if we can wait that long without losing our freedom and liberties. 🙁

  15. It has become obvious that Biden and his minions can screw everything and anything up. He should never have been sworn in as we all knew he didn’t win.

  16. Buffoons…
    They are so representative of the young woke generation of Americans!!
    And also the goofs who are the media lap dogs for the socialist party.

    1. Since we don’t have a draft anymore…. Maybe the woke snowflakes and everyone once they are 18 and/or graduated from high school, should serve in the Peace Corp. That way they can really wake up to how poor nations treat their people, scrounge for food, live in squalor, etc.

  17. The bottom line is that the U.S. cannot be trusted to work with indigenous people in their own countries. There goes a century of work building relations with oppressed nations globally.

  18. If the Biden Administration stranded Americans and Afghan Allies in Afghanistan, then who did they evacuate in that splendidly successful airlift?

  19. Just another fine example of the “extraordinary successful” evacuation of Afghanistan. Keep gaslighting your sheeple and insulting the intelligence of the informed, Sleepy Joe.

  20. It’s OK, its not like they gave a list to the Taliban of who they were or anything. Wait, what? We did what? OMG, please tell me that isn’t true? Ok well at least the Taliban doesn’t know that we left them behind… oh wait they know that now based on this speech that Tony Blinken just gave. Now why did Tony want to tell them that? I guess we aren’t smart enough to figure out the brilliant strategies being created in this administration, right?

  21. Biden’s administration has botched the whole effort to run the government. Never has there been such a flop of a presidential admin. This whole bozo affair has to stop!

  22. 100-200 left behind!? Wrong! Private planes by veterans say at least 5,000 or more Americans were left behind. Coming from a veteran whose evacuating people. He was on Newsmax. Get off your butts Republicans and impeach Biden and make Milley and Austin resign!

    1. Marti H.
      That’s what I have been saying for month’s! “Get off your butts, Republican’s”, and do what your getting all these donations for, and Impeach Biden, instead of talking about it. I can see the rolls of “Independant” growing as we speak!


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