The Possible GOP Challengers to Trump in the 2024 Primaries

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Several Republicans have recently taken trips to Iowa to fundraise for their various campaigns or help fundraise for the campaigns of others. Iowa is generally the starting point for presidential elections, these little trips can be seen as Republicans testing their might ahead of a primary. These are the Top Republican contenders that could challenge Trump in the 2024 Republican Primary:

  1. Some good solid candidates along with Trump. DeSantis and Pompeii the 2 best . Would love to see DeSantis stay at Florida and Trump and Pompey run as President. And Vice….

    1. Yes I totally agree with you. Some should just sit it out, like Rubio. I also heard that Desantis said if President Trump ran, he wouldn’t.
      Should make for an interesting bunch.

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    2. You – and many others – have a very short memory span. Have you already forgotten how Pompeii drug his feet on helping Trump “drain the swamp”? At the end, he betrayed his trust and apparently “went along to get along”.

          1. Hess likes to flap his jaws but never says anything constructive, pretty much like the rest of the depraved left, they are their own worst enemy.

        1. Evidently “Albert” prefers the lying, projection and hypocrisy that the Democrat now Socialist party offers and is welcomed by their supporters!

          1. I am not a scumbag.
            I did not support Biden.
            I supported Trump being tossed out of office.
            They are not the same thing.

          2. You, sir, are (above all else) a liar. You might want to improve your memory if you are going to lie as much as you do. Just a suggestion.

        2. No. Maybe not. But Corruption Is a big Trait for all you lieing as liberals. You also add voter fraud in there as well

    3. Read this yesterday: “breaking liz cheny ally harriet hageman who trump is expected to endorse tied to effort to steal his 2016 nomination” Don’t know if it is true but Trump needs to watch out for RINOS. Anyone with ties to Cheny should be off limits.

  2. I am hoping that the American people can see that the GOP is our only hope of saving this county. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been taken over by the radical left. They do not believe that they are serving by the will of the people They believe that they rule over us and if we don’t like it, too bad. They are manipulating things in order to rule forever. That is why they are not protecting our border and allowing thousands an thousands of
    illegals to pour in here. They, as well as thousands of Afghans, are being deposited in the swing states. Their thinking is that these people will vote (all be it illegally) for them, giving them the seat of power forever.

      1. We will never see another president other a liberal asshole. For one we do not have a GOP anymore , to many RINOS. So called republicans keep voting them in. And libs have the stealing process down

        1. The Republican Party has two wings, RINOs and Trumpkins.
          Trumpkins are a dieing breed.
          Their refusal to take the Trump vaccine is producing spectacular results.

          1. Idiot! You are a lemming! It is spelled dying! I don’t think dieing as in tied died is still popular! Follow Biden right over the cliff, you deserve it!

          2. The vaccine is the new liberal kool aid and another issue to divide Americans on, of which them are hell bent, SAD!

          3. You are seriously a loser Trump was a better President than ANY democrat in many decades. You know back before you all turned into disgusting scum.

        2. Conservatives do not refer to semi solid , liquid, and gas elimination ports, asshole.

          RINOs are now the majority in the party in which Trump is registered.
          He has changed his party so often.

          The only good Republican is a life long Republican.
          McCain and Romney come to mind.
          They are/were very solid second generation Republicans.
          Trump’s dad was a life long Democrat.
          Trump is a flash in the pan, there is no powder behind him

          1. We will see whether we want to feel safe or not. Democrats definite!y do not give you a feeling of surety or safety! And pray tell what is the difference between a lifetime democrat a-h or a RINO. ? People have a!ways changed their minds when there is no solid footing to step on. we just call it flip flop Kerry! we had energy independence, we had a great economy so-called minorities were working, schools (such as they are here were learning not indoctrination facilities, we were not laughed at by the world at large, we were handling Afghanistan, and our military was getting stronger, and we were a country with a solid border. All done in less than four years under Trump. Under Biden we now have nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Thanks to a lame duck phony president and a far left young ignorant unintelligent girl squad and Hitler as the speaker of our house!

          2. I feel safer under Biden than Trump.
            I do no want Biden to be the President
            Customs and Border Patrol coppers in In Northern cities do not make me feel safe.

          3. You are the most unintelligent person I have ever listened to, you should go and visit a psychiatrist, then again there may not be help for you.

          4. The Democrat Party as Trumps dad knew it no longer exists, it is now the party of Stalin, its followers sheep waiting for their goose stepping marching orders!

          5. It is not one God Damn bit different.
            The Democrat party has always been the party of slavery, segregation, racism, graft and voter fraud.
            Stalin’s acolytes did not goose step.
            That was a Drumpf Family Thing.

          6. The Democrats remind me very much of how the Sith are portrayed in the Star Wars movies………..”they only deal in absolutes!”.

        1. When all this revolution is over, he sits down on a highly polished floor while his dizziness fades away. It is an empty modern hallway and the dreamdoll saleslady sits at the reception desk. Without prompting she goes into her rap: “This is the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging, those you are about to see are all in for servicing, except for a small quantity of our new product, in the second gallery. It is all the stock required to cover the existing arrangements of the enterprise. Different batches are distributed to area operators, and there are plenty of opportunities for the large investor. They stretch from the costly care-conditioned to the most reasonable mal-nutritioned. We find here that everyone’s looks become them. Except for the low market mal-nutritioned, each is provided with a guarantee for a successful birth and trouble free infancy. There is however only a small amount of variable choice potential – not too far from the mean differential. You see, the roof has predetermined the limits of ac
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          “It’s the last great adventure left to mankind”
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          Dishing out fail safe superlative,
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          This essentially should sum up you and all of your Dem cohorts to a tee!!!!!!

    1. Afgans are a very Conservative, deeply religious, family oriented society.
      They know that if Trump was still the President the Afgan government never would have fallen.
      Trump never have done Let’s Make a Deal with the Taliban.

      1. People who have lived in other countries without freedom, and under tyranny know what its like to live in total abuse and threats for their lives. Wait until Americans feel the sting of communism and terrorism by an out of control fraudulent government that wasn’t legally elected.

        1. My son spent last twoin Vietnam.
          He found the people to be warm and welcoming.
          At the street level busisness regulation is almost non existent.
          He was able to start a business transporting motorcycles for rental companies.
          He was up to four trucks when he sold out.
          His Vietnamese wife wanted her children to be born US citizens.
          Because of the economic advantages
          I am guessing that Dee has never lived in a Communist country or even been in one.
          Yet she knows all about it.
          Has she ever read Marx or Engles?
          Does she know that no nation has ever followed the core beliefs of Marx and Engels?
          Stalin was not a Communist, he was a brutal totalitarian dictator like his former BFF Hitler.
          Trump has studied them both
          The only Communists Dee knows are under her bed.
          If it weren’t for that God Damn “Communist” Sleepy Old Joe Stalin we would have lost World War Two.
          Joe was such a great freind.
          Of Hitler.
          And then Roosevelt.
          And then what happened, Dee?

          Dee, to coin a phrase, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.
          It is a core Conservative belief.

          1. What in my post was a lie?
            Did we fight with the Communists in World War Two?
            Could we have won without Russia?
            They had more planes, tanks and boots on the ground.

            What horrid Communist country have you been to?
            Where you were not a citizen?
            You can always tell when someone is lieing.
            They say things you do not want to be the truth.

          2. I can see that you have already been brain washed! Actually, you know how to brain wash a Democrat?????? Give them an enema!!!!!!

          3. The devil is a liar, a falsifier, the same goes for the minions who do his dirty work. His character contains no truth or light, when he speaks and acts, he will always seek to falsify and deceive, and blatantly and unapologetically misconstrue the truths of reality and circumstance. He also seeks to mislead people with inaccuracies regarding God, His Word, and His plans for His People. Thats why your posts don’t impress anyone, clever in your mind, and arrogant, but not smart enough to fool the Holy Spirit that guides believers.

          4. Tell that to the 6 million Jews who were gassed in Auschwitz because of Hitler’s orders, or those who died under Pol Pot, Stalin, Mussolini, Chae Guavara, or the Castros, You like to selectively forget History under communism and marxism.

    2. 100% correct. The dirty dems know they cant win fair and square…hence 500,000+ over the southern border, and now, 50,000-100,000 afghans. All unvetted! God help America.

      1. Should we have left all the Afgans behind.
        What about their cadaver sniffing dogs.
        They are so lovable..
        By vetting do you mean accepting Jesus H. Christ as their personal saviour?
        By God do you mean God as envisioned by the Jewballs, the sexless birth crowd or those who get forty virgins, in heaven?

        1. Do you realize Biden and his administration allowed Afghan men into the U.S. with child brides. So now this Evil administration is facilitating Sex Trafficking into this Country. Well considering what’sy been going on at the Border this isn’t surprising. Do you know that 1/3 of the children that have came across the Border are missing. Did you know that when Trump was President his administration rescued over a 1000 children from Sex Trafficking during Operation Talon. Guess what Biden did during his first few weeks as the new administration. He cancelled Operation Talon an organization that went after Sex Traffickers in this Country. You have the gall to say you support this administration. You people are sick!! Shame on You!!

    3. The Left has no merits or positive policies to vote for, thats why Americans abandon them and they have to depend on fraudulent elections and outside help from the Chinese, Russia, and Iran to help them…… They gradually have lost the support of blacks and hispanics, and other minorities by their destructive policies. They have to bring in new voters who know nothing about their records, history, or the way a government should be governed, By The People, and For the People. They want to create voters who are dependent on the government for everything. The other voters have wised up…..thats the left’s problem.

      1. The Majority of the American People do NOT support Biden. Dominion Voting cheated in the 2020 election. It seems most people know this but you or the other idiots on the left don’t. You refuse to do the research. Biden did NOT win. President Trump did. We have DemocRats and RINO’S who played a part in the steal. Pence was also a part of it. This is not a conspiracy theory. It you bothered to do any Credible Research you would know this. It seems you get your talking points from CNN or the rest of the MSM garbage. Try doing some independent research. I have a feeling you won’t because you would rather believe the lies you have been fed.

    4. The American people have spoken.
      They will speak again in 2024.
      Republicans should have the seat of power foever?
      They got four.
      Maybe again in four.
      If they dump Trump.
      Trump is so deviseive that the best thing for the Republican Party is if Jelly Belly just quietly strokes out.
      He can lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda where his rabid followers smeared their fecal matter.

      1. Can you say………STOLEN ELECTION????????
        There’s not that many stupid Mother F*ckers out there!!!!!!!!
        But then again, Soros must be signing a lot of checks lately…….

      2. What? You don’t even make any sense. Do you have the same problem as Biden does with Cognitive decline. Seek help with a licensed professional so your lack of mental acuity doesn’t worsen.

  3. Who is writing this Trump Train? It is not the old one for sure. First, President Trump, MY PRESIDENT, has NOT declared he will run in 2024. Good solid Rs like Cruz need to form committees now in case he does not. It is not a 60 day process. I hope MY President does run in 2024, but we can’t wait till the last minute if he does not. I know he would agree with that. Cruz and the other great possibilities would step back and back Trump 110% if he ran.
    The current writers of T.T. seem to be more into trash talk than facts lately. As far as Markie R, he needs to forget it. Too weak to win.

      1. First it was Fox News then it was TTN.
        What is next, OAN?
        Your world is closing in.
        Soon it will be just a bunch of smelly guys running around in the woods playing war.
        Enjoying some Deliverence.

    1. Trumps biggest problem are not only democrats but Rinos that will not back his play.there after of what he’ll find out the corruption they are involved in with democrats.

      1. RINOs are the majority of the Republican Party.
        Please don’t tell Trump.
        The former Democrat.
        Who made generous contributions to both Bill and Hillary

    2. What country is Trump president of?
      A country club in Jersey?
      Cancun Ted the Canadian is on record hating Trump’s guts.
      America is not ready for a Brown president.
      Our only Black president was a complete disaster.
      Obama Care has killed ten times more Americans than COVID-19.
      World wide Obamacare has killed over a million people.

    3. Trump Train News is a for profit operation.
      They are not idealogocialy driven.
      They bend to the market.
      Like all good Conservatives they chase the Jesus H. Christ almighty dollar.
      Morality be God Damned.

    1. Pompeo is a born again Christian, he believes in God the creator and savior. Man has thrown away every right that God gave us because of their futility in voting for disastrous people with depraved minds….especially the woke left…. He was number one in his class at West Point. Our military heroes will not abandon their country or their countrymen, the woke left has no honor, character, or duty to God and Country, or life for that matter, especially after we view the disaster in Afghanistan, abandonment of troops deaths, and bringing afghans to America, that we know nothing about that could be possible terrorists.

        1. I love my Lord and Savior. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Lord of all Lords, and the King of all Kings. His will is going to be done no matter what kind of evil exists in this world.

  4. These a.h.’s are like leeches, waiting in the wings to jump on…save your money a.h.’s Pres Trump will remain in office!!!

    1. Americans are going to stand up to communism and not abandon their Godly principles…we know that God is going to take us to a better place and this world of the elite, corrupt, evil, greedy, and degenerates is going to pass away, the earth is on due course by God to be destroyed, just like it was in the Days of Noah, and God will create a new heaven and earth and make all things new, just as Revelation 21 tells us. God is not going to put up with evil from man forever, just like he warned earth’s population before he sent the Great Flood.

      1. The majority Americans do not really believe in God.
        They say they do for social, busisness and political reasons.
        I don’t believe that Trump believes their is a greater power than Donald H. Trump, the Lord has cum.

  5. There are now two major political parties in America: the Republicans and the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS. The Democratic Party is dead.

    1. There are actually three parties.
      Republican, RINO, and Democrat.
      You can not win the Presidency without some support of at least two.
      Trump established the RINO party.
      It continues to grow.
      As the Trumpkin Parry disolves

    1. What about citizens serving two years in government service to stay in the USA?
      When you say government service who will be paying housing, food, clothing, transportation, medical care and entertainment?
      It sounds like you are proposing two years of guaranteed government employment for all immigrants.
      That will open the floodgates.

      Would you want the Peace Corp to satisfy the government service requirement?
      Could they sign up for another two?

  6. They could, and they are good, but OUR PRESIDENT has sadly a Vendetta to repay to the PEOPLE who chose to destroy our USA, and he will get it Corrected. BOB80VA

  7. We know who the strong credible leaders are and positive things they’ve done. No matter what the left, media, and propaganda pushers tell us, we are not voting for rinos. We judge people by their actions and what they get done for America….those that vote for destructive bills along with the left are nowhere in our minds or hearts. By their actions, (the fruit they bear). you will know them.

  8. Trump, Pompeo and Kristi Noem .. hands down the best for 2024 ! I live here in Florida … let me just say .. be careful of DeSantis. He has done a lot of good here in Florida which definitely serve as cover for some things that are perceived as tyrannical. Forget Rubio .. please !

  9. Ted Cruz, DeSantis, and Kristi Noem are the only ones who would be viable candidates. The WORST possible is Nikki Haley.
    FIRST – she was born in a foreign country to citizen parents of that country. The family immigrated to America and eventually became NATURALIZED American citizens. Thus, that eliminates her from being qualified.
    SECOND – Do some research on her traitorous behavior as governor of SC. One of the things she did was espouse any object that offends people should be removed as justification of removing the Confederate flag from state property.
    THIRD – her actions concerning Confederate symbolisms was the catalyst for attacking Confederate symbols and statues. THEN – traitors applied her “rationalization” to attack American symbols, song, Flag, history,
    FOURTH – – Benedict Arnold and Joe Biden are supreme patriots compared to venemous betrayal Nikki Haley instigated against America.

  10. All these people would make good Presidents in normal times, but 2024 will require a very special person to stand up to the terrible opposition that will be exerted, and Trump is uniquely capable of doing that – again! Also, Trump is uniquely able to understand the strength and extent of the Deep State. That part will be like having to win a war after winning the election.

    1. Albert Hess, I must confess you are really quite the mess!!!!!!! You have more issues than the local news stand!!!!!! I think you need to go back to hidin’ with your piss poor excuse for a president lyin’ Joe Biden!!!!! Maybe you can all get together and have a circle jerk along with Hunter!!!!!! Pass the crack pipe please………..

  11. I love DeSantis but feel it’s critical to have just as important to have a strong and committed conservative running Florida as it is having one in the White House. We lose Florida and game over.

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  13. Work for 2-3 hours 1n your spare OO time and get paid $1200 0n y0ur bank acc0unt every week…

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  14. I come back to the same objection I made to Cruz and Rubio back in 2016. They are not natural born citizens within the meaning of Article II Section 1 Clause 5. To be that, one must have been born in-country to two citizen parents – and the parents must be citizens at the time of the person’s birth. Marco Rubio’s parents didn’t get naturalized until he was five years old. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and his father never did get naturalized. I don’t question the fierce loyalty of either man. But I do question their eligibility. Now if we want to add in a clause that says, “But Congress may, by a two-thirds vote of the full membership of both houses, remove this disability,” let’s go through a drill to amend the Constitution to that effect.

    Of the candidates that remain, Ron DeSantis is my favorite, and Kristi Noem is a close second. But I would like to propose one candidate this article did not mention: former Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.), now a university dean.

  15. This site is for the birds. I mean seriously, are we back to listening to Glenn “Cheetos” Beck? And how did we go from Rush Limbaugh to Charlie Kirk? Good luck “conservative ‘men’.”

  16. The biggest threat to Trump is the GOP.
    More and more Rinos everyday.
    Who will be the next to write a tell all?

  17. Hoping the field isn’t watered down with so much really good competition that the battle is lost to the current morons in power. The GOP needs to get its shit together and FOCUS!!

  18. Don’t Forget Texas Gov. Abbot! He’s done a very good job for texas and he has shown to be strong and gets the job done, like President Trump!!!

  19. Anyone could beat Biden. And that stupid ass he’s got for a Vice President. Maybe I will run. Dumb enuff to vote for Biden. Dumb enuff to vote for me

  20. Lets look at reality, there are those who have it, and those who don’t. They are winning people because of their policies and their ideologies, and leadership. There aren’t any who can compare to Trump, DeSantis, or Pompeo and thats a fact. I see Rinos and marxists wringing their hands wanting to know who will run on the ticket, we’ll you’ll have to wait a bit longer and keep on scheming to keep the people from voting for their first choice.

  21. Cotton, Noem and Pompeo might draw enough votes. Haley turned on Trump-people are not forgiving. Pompeo is solid and trustworthy as are the others. I’m just not sure enough people outside their states know how experienced they are. Desantis is a blowhard somewhat and needs to remain in FL. The only big crowd drawer of staunch followers is Trump. Trump & Pompeo is powerful. Trump & Cotton or Noem(an intelligent woman V.P. ) would be unique and draw many votes.


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