Canada’s Trudeau Pelted With Rocks at Campaign Stop

Justin Trudeau, center right, Prime Minister of Canada, meets with U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, center left, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Canadian Gen. Jonathan Vance, left, Canadian Armed Forces Chief of Defence Staff, and Harjit Singh Sajjan, right, Canadian Minister of National Defence, in his office in the Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Canada, Feb. 28, 2018. Gen. Dunford was in Ottawa for meetings with senior Canadian officials on the ongoing evolution of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. (DoD Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was pelted with rocks at a recent campaign stop.

According to MSN via The Washington Post:

TORONTO — Hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed that he wouldn’t back down in the face of the “anti-vaxxer mobs,” protesters — many of them opposed to coronavirus vaccinations and public health measures — threw gravel at him at a campaign stop on Monday evening.

The incident occurred while Trudeau was boarding his campaign bus after an event at a brewery in London, Ontario, a city some 120 miles southwest of Toronto. Videos posted to social media of the episode show protesters throwing gravel in the direction of the prime minister and some of the reporters traveling with him. Trudeau turned toward the direction the gravel was coming from and boarded the bus.

Speaking to reporters on a Liberal campaign plane, Trudeau said that some of the projectiles “might have” hit his shoulder, comparing it to when a woman threw pumpkin seeds at him in 2016.

“There was little bits of gravel,” he told reporters, seeking to dismiss the incident. “It’s no big deal.”

Last month Justin Trudeau called a federal election for September 20th betting on his handling of the economy and the coronavirus will help him keep power.

    1. Violent conservatives, guess your blind to the goings on in Portland the last year or two. Oh that’s right, they are peacefu Libertards just having peaceful little protest marches….burning a police station, trying to burn down a Federal court house SEVERAL times, peaceful little cusses huh.

      1. Should the people who threw rocks at Trudeau be arrested?
        There have been 247 arrests, 142 charged, and 38 guilty findings in Portland.
        Inclination to violence is a human trait, Conservative and Liberal.
        If you want to see Conservative violence look at the Jan. 6 videos.
        Which is worse burning a police station or a cop watching the life drain out of a man’s face because of where the cop had his knee for 9 minutes and 40 seconds.
        Actions have consequences.
        The consequences of Derrick Chavin and his co- thugs actions was the burning of a small cop shop.

  1. All liberals running for office, your fate is in the hands of the voters meaning your anti freedom of choice campaigns appear to be doomed.

    1. You’re absolutely right, of course — we shouldn’t even acknowledge his juvenile taunts!! But as annoying as he is and wrong, of course, he’s kind of fun to play with once in a while. 🙂

      1. Hahaha, yes. He must of been kicked off all other sites. Comes here to annoy.
        Best to ignore. I don’t even bother with thumbs down.

  2. It’s going to get worse until the law is returned to our land.The democrats are going to far again, there is a lot of valid reasons, not to get the shots, including other virus preventative/treatments etc, Don’t believe a word these democrats are saying now, besides their incompentence and lying, things have goten too political. Biden is just a paid liar, along with most of his team, our government can’t continue much longer with these clowns in office. What monies are the democrats receiving from the phamaceutical industry, to keep this plandemic ongoing? “Methodist Health System says they cannot violate federal and state law and deny employees’ religious exemptions to inject a drug into their body. Irrational democrat mandates have now become national crisis in themself. Democrats can’t govern, spend and tax spend and tax with no resolve.

    1. Of the COVID-19 deaths this week what percent were unvaccinated?
      I know of six Right Wing Radio Talk Show Host’s who will no longer be polluting the airwaves with their antivax crap.
      My heart goes out to their vacinated family members, they did what they could.
      The unvaccinated got what they deserved.
      With any luck they will get COVID-19 too and die horrible deaths too.

        1. ditto… i have zero patience for libtard dumbocrats…. the illegals are running around the country spreading covid and the sickos are blaming patriots… go figure!

      1. how come the percentage of deaths from covid per population is not compared to the percentage of deaths from flu every year? a little over .01 is the percentage per population of covid deaths in 2021 and you would think it was 10% of the population the way the libs portray everything. what a disgrace!

  3. It was no big deal because it was just gravel and didn’t harm him, but it certainly shows how hated he is as a leader!

      1. NO they would not. Biden got roasted at several college football games with the YELL of “F…K Joe Biden” and they were happy to do it. Biden also went see the damage the storm did and was welcomed with sneers.

        1. poor old crooked joe… why doesn’t he retire before he forgets he has a job to do! or he is thrown in jail for kissing china’s ASS and taking bribes!

  4. It’s time for all people to WAKE UP! This is called the Great Awakening for a reason. Most people are asleep or in a coma when it comes to their rights. We have been enslaved since the days of Adam and Eve. It’s time to overthrow our corrupt leaders and charge them with crimes against humanity. It’s time to free people across the planet. It’s time for Enlightenment and justice for all people of all colors on all continents. Let’s Roll !!!

      1. Drop dead nutcase ! You must have escaped from the looney bin! You need to be taken away in a straight jacket where you escaped from!

      1. Any Canadian who votes for the retarded spawn of evil Paul
        Trudeau deserves the title “Nut Job” I fled from the coming insanity in Canada in 1949. Unfortunately the insanity seems to have spread crossed the border. No where to go from here. ,

  5. I don’t think I would be so confident as he is trying to sound. He’s in trouble and I believe about to get replaced. And he needs to be put to pasture.

  6. Whether one loves or hates Trudeau, the behaviour shown by those who were throwing rocks at him was unacceptable! These people should all be ashamed of themselves and a jail sentence wouldn’t be out of order!

    1. WTF. hussein O did the gitmo releases… always throwing the liberal shit at trump but us patriots know the truth! just look on hunter bidens laptop if you can find it….

  7. just like in the US, voting has severe consequences….for example, in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, NYC it comes down to life and death….


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