Liberal Group to Target Justice Kavanaugh’s Home in Protest

Far-left group ShutDownDC says its planning to target Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home during an upcoming protest. The liberal group is protesting the conservative Justice because he did not block a recent law implemented in Texas that prohibits abortions after six weeks.

Fox News reports:

“Brett Kavanaugh: You’re going to hear from us directly,” reads a Facebook event from ShutDownDC. The group says they’ll use Monday’s event to tell him to “keep your oppressive” ideology “out of our bodies” and demand his resignation.

“Three years ago, hundreds of women, femmes, and allies undertook a month of bold direct action to stop the Senate from confirming accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” he said.

“We warned what would happen. And now, in the dead of night, Kavanaugh and four of his colleagues have effectively overturned the right to an abortion. (Although we must acknowledge that the right wing had already succeeded in making abortion largely inaccessible for many people without means and people of color living in certain states.)”

“Make no mistake, what’s happening to reproductive justice and abortion rights is far bigger than one person. But Kavanaugh is playing a key role, and so far he’s been protected from any backlash. No more.”

The far-left group is known to target lawmakers’ family homes to hold protests, earlier this year the group also protested outside of Sen. Josh Hawley’s home while his wife and infant daughter were inside.

  1. Perhaps they should keep their dick under control and their clap shut – no personal responsibility any longer, and you expect those that tow the line and work hard to pay for your shenanigans?

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    1. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN, Gracie! My sentiments exactly. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t — that goes for the women as well as the men. Abstinence is always an option, ladies, and if you can’t control yourself, take birth control pills or carry condoms in your purse at all times if you’re inclined to fall into bed at any moment with irresponsible, unconcerned juvenile men! 🙁

      1. MEN should carry the condoms. To many women supposedly “on the pill” are getting pregnant. Men get caught in the pregnancy trap because they give total responsibility to women. It’s a bad move. Use a condom even if she insists she’s on the pill. Besides, she could have some other surprise brewing down there that you want no part of.

        1. Absolutely agree that they should, Ecks! And that is a very real possibility — the desperate woman getting pregnant on purpose. Certainly not a tactic I ever considered — I didn’t need to trap my men!!! 🙂

      2. There’s an age-old sulfa drug that is invincible: sulfa-denial. Another equally effective way: a simple aspirin, no stomach problems, as it is held firmly between the knees.

      1. MEN, could take their own responsibility for contraception. Do you have condoms? If you don’t, then you let her own what happens but you pay for it.

        1. I guess this is better than innocent tax-payers picking up the tab, and believe me they have been for years in spite of the Hyde Amendment, thats why Planned Parenthood calls it “women’s Health”..

    2. Haven’t they ever hear of birth control or just keep the legs crossed and him just keeping it in their pants. Self control is great but they have none. They would rather murder babies. Don’t they understand. these babies are gifts from God not to kill but to protect. They just make me sick.

  2. Who are these asshole communists always threatening conservatives- get out of this country you don’t belong here – U R all lunatics.!!!

    1. Conservatives and right wingers need to protest in front of Dems houses just like the radicals do. Regularly and often should be the norm for protests against Dems.

  3. Protesting outside of someone’s home should be punished with arrest. This will s disturbing the peace of the hat neighborhood. It will s a tactic of terror and should be punished immediately.

  4. Justice Kavanaugh needs to place signs in his yard…”Trespassers Will Be Shot – No Questions Asked as the Buck Stops Here”!

  5. The “ONE” thing that democRATS are really vehement about ABOVE ALL ELSE is “THE RIGHT TO KILL INNOCENT HUMAN BABIES. The sign of really sick people. We should probably agree with them as long as the babies all belong to demoncRATS.

  6. GOD, GUNS and GUTS will MAGA! But don’t be fooled, Jesus is coming back REAL SOON, and NO ONE knows when, but I KNOW He’s coming, and NO ONE can stop Him! Brace yourselves DEMONICrats and minions, it’s going to be a LOT WORSE than a ‘ bumpy ride ‘!

    1. These GLOBALISTS continually scheme to REMOVE all national boundaries. and install a global leader at the helm of a WORLD GOVERNMENT, thats why we have the border invasion to change boundaries…… This global leader they believe will finally free humanity from a moral GOD. THEY ARE CERTAINLY NOT SECRETIVE ABOUT THEIR GLOBAL GOVERNMENT or their ambitions as the United Nations declared”. (“The Age of Nations must end.”) The government of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT which is a danger to ALL.

  7. You threaten a US Supreme Court Judge, you go to prison. Same as if you threaten the President. The whole group should be put behind bars. Protesting is one thing but threats are another. Now if not mistaking to protest don’t you need a permit to assemble and when it comes to private property it is trespassing when you cross on to the persons property you are protesting so you must be on public property like sidewalks or street.
    Feds should move in when it comes to US Supreme court justices.

    1. I could almost guarantee, Dennis, that the feds and Kavanaugh’s security team and other law enforcement will be out in full force! And I agree with arresting and sending them to prison. We know, of course, these demented liberals are rarely held accountable for their illegal activities. Instead, the conservatives whose private property is invaded, who attempt to protect themselves with licensed arms, are arrested and taken to jail in handcuffs!!! 🙁

    2. We need to let the wimpy republicans, yes there are a few of them….. and the RINO’S either grow some balls, or leave the country. People are so freaking pissed off with their (the shithead liberals) cry babying and whining. Sometimes, people just want to punch those instigators in the mouth.

  8. It’s just a thought and I am sure this poor old disabled woman is setting herself up for problems BUT I have to say – there is another way to not have unwanted children beside the idiot’s way – Abortion. It is called truly taking responsibility for you bodies ladies and use the correct birth control. You know having a poor fetus sucked out of your body isn’t very good for it. If you were really concerned about the health of your body you would be responsible and not get pregnant with a baby you do not want. Birth control is free is you can’t afford it. Just sayin. And don’t bring up the rape BS. The number of abortions that are truly a result of rape is so demostrably low it is not even part of the argument. Women just want to go and do whatever they want to do and get an abortion later. If something is growing then it is alive. And a fetus starts to thrive from conception. Abortion is murder and should be treated as such. Grow up, put your big girl panties and truly be RESPONSIBLE for you body.

  9. By the way, does these radicals realize they may be “Killing future Democrat voters with these aborted babies”???? Hadn’t thought about that, had you???? Is that why they want millions of illegal aliens to replace them here in America today??? Food for thought!!!!!!!!

    1. And it’s power food for brilliant thought, so it is. The people ruled by their heads, not their bleeding and irresponsible hearts, are the conservatives.


  11. Time to put these inbred scumbags that like to threaten good people out of action. All we’d need are some good old country boys, a few vets and former LE, and these cockroaches would never bother anyone again.

  12. I trust and pray that knowing the threats these heathens pose, his security team and additional law enforcement will be there waiting for them! Of course, these cowards have to run in packs to attempt to inflict fear and intimidate someone into bending to their liberal demands! And all because they aren’t mature enough nor concerned nor responsible enough to keep their legs closed or their zippers up!! 🙁

  13. biden’s are above US LAW? That’s right i’m joe biden and fxxx the US lAWS HUNTER AND i are above that bs, Joe biden left weapons of war behind against the law, Joe biden orders left weapons of war behind against the law, Who’s foreign policy? Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization The Talaban, why were was Biden giving weapons of war to them when it is against the laws of the United States? It is unlawful for a person in the United States or subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to knowingly provide “material support or resources” to a designated FTO. (The term “material support or resources” is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 2339A(b)(1) as ” any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance, safehouses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel (1 or more individuals who maybe or include oneself), and transportation, except medicine or religious materials.” 18 U.S.C. § 2339A(b)(2) provides that for these purposes “the term ‘training’ means instruction or teaching designed to impart a specific skill, as opposed to general knowledge.” 18 U.S.C. § 2339A(b)(3) further provides that for these purposes the term ‘expert advice or assistance’ means advice or assistance derived from scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge.’’


  15. If you don’t like current government decisions, run for office. If you harm individuals in government, expect to be injured and jailed. As a bonus, if you should be elected (doubtful), you’ve already approved violence against yourself. So cool it.

  16. Wonder if this “Shutdown DC” group is also funded by George Soros? He wants our Federal Government (using our tax dollars) to pay for all abortions; not only here in America, but anywhere in the world. Why do you ask? Because he owns abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood here, and around the world.

    Now why does he fund campaigns for those in State Government like Governors, Lt. Governors, Sec. of States, and Attorney Generals? Because he wants all States to legalize marijuana. Why does he want that? Because he has companies growing it, selling the drug, and the drug paraphernalia in those States. He is paying big dollar amounts for people to get elected to change State Law, and who want to change our Federal Laws, that still prohibit it. But in those Blue & Purple States that haven’t legalized drugs; he is pushing for them to not prosecute for drug offenses at all. And if you haven’t heard, Oregon is in the process of legalizing cocaine and heroin, besides marijuana. So now you know why he supports BLM… so they can push to defund our police, and close our prisons.

    1. He wants to let crime run rampant throughout!! That prune-beast Soro$$ is waiting and hoping he lives long enough to see the United States come down, and turn into a Marxist dump!!!?? Why?? He must be the most miserable A.H. in the entire universe!!! Only has used his fortune for evil deeds, nothing good like helping the sick, or children, helping to cure a disease!!?? Nothing ever good, a miserable bastard!!

  17. “It’s our bodies and our choice” is their mantra, But these are the same people who want to force people to be vaccinated. They are Hypocrites !!

  18. I’m getting sick and tired of these liberal bastards going to peoples, politicians and justices , homes to pull their bullshit. They acually beat up a US. Senator Rand Paul. Now their going after Kavanaugh cause they didn’t get their way. I wish you would bring your sorry asses to my house one time. It would be your last .. American citizens need to strike back at these bastards like those folks in St. Louis did . They are nothing but a bunch of cowards out breaking the law and then trying to hide behind the laws when they get confronted. They are walking down a dangerous slope and we true Americans citizens need to make it more dangerous

  19. We have murder of the innocents, an invasion on the Southern Border, Drag Queen Story Time in Our Tax Paid Libraries and schools, and in our Churches. The Left Wing Nuts are threatening anyone who stands in the way of or opposes their Sodom and Gomorrah Agenda for this nation. Maybe it’s time for a New Sons and Daughters of Liberty to rise up and take a stand against the Anti Americans and Anti Bill of Rights Covens. Yes in the beginning it was the Sons of Liberty, but we Conservatives are the ones who are truly all inclusive. Just scan the participants in our Rallies.

    1. We are being cornered in every way.
      This scares me to no end because I don’t know how we end up overcoming????
      It seems like we’ve been backed into a corner with no exits. None of it is going our way.
      Politicians, the few that are still “decent” they can’t seem to be able to help us.
      Now what?????
      I’m so frustrated!!!

      1. Maybe the “WOKE” people are waking up. Did in you know in at least four college football games the students were yelling “f…k joe biden” this last weekend? Been paying attention to how many veterans are ready to go to the aide of Americans in Afghanistan? How many ex-Generals are fighting against the anti-American pukes in the military? The waves of anger are getting higher.

  20. It’s a simple solution. Females should put a penny between their knees and hold it there.

    Here is an old joke.
    What two things in the air get a woman pregnant?

    Her legs!

  21. What makes me nuts is: Supreme Court is interpreting each case under consideration by the underlying facts and laws that are already on the books. To lay blame on one side or the other for personal bias is ridiculous. You want to blame someone? Blame the lawmakers who create such biased legislation based on their personal agenda instead of their constituency’s mandate. Seems like everybody has jumped off the deep end and nobody knows how to swim!

  22. this shows the ignorance of the people that take these actions. the justice didnt vote to deny the was the motion filed. and hers wasn’t the only vote. so why wasn’t the others targeted? one would think that she had the only vote. I will bet that no one read her decision she wrote. no they got their truth from the fake news network.———Grampa

  23. It’s time the logical thinking American Citizens, taxpayers, stand up against Soros and Obama and throw their sorry asses out of America!

    1. And slime devil Biden too! And Nastassia Pelovsky, Hero of the Soviet Union! And Chuck the Schmuck Scummer. How the list grows!

  24. These same idiots are probably demanding that there is forced vaccinations and mandatory masks everywhere. My body my choice is only relevant when it works to their advantage.

  25. If you want to engage in adult behavior then behave responsibly. Don’t blame your lack of control on anybody but yourself. Tough lessons. But, we are expected to act like adults to do adult things. Nuff’said.

  26. I wonder how these “demonstrators” would like it if an organization did this type of demonstration to them and their families? They need a dose of their own medicine.

  27. Kavanaugh was not the only Justice to vote that the Texas law is legal, yet they target him, his home and his family. Hypocrites all, they called Justice Kavanaugh a ‘sexual predator’ which was soundly debunked during his confirmation hearing while IGNORING that there are VERIFIED accounts of Joe Biden assaulting at least one woman and improperly touching multiple others. They support ‘me too’ only when it’s convenient and supports their agenda. DISGUSTING!!


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