7 Times Biden Officials Said ‘No’ to Vaccine Mandates

Last week President Biden announced a slew of new mandates to make Americans get the vaccine whether they want to or not. The move has already been called unconstitutional by a number of Republican lawmakers and several governors have also pushed back against his oppressive mandates. However, while Biden has no problem now forcing Americans to give up their personal freedoms it wasn’t long ago that he and a number of other top Biden officials balked at the idea of forcing Americans to get the jab. Keep reading to see seven times Biden officials said they wouldn’t support exactly what is happening now.

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  2. Biden means what he says – until he (or somebody) decides to say something different. Like most federally elected Democrats, he has learned that lying is what you do if you want to. And he’s been doing it for decades!

      1. Nobody knows; that’s what’s so scary. There has to be someone because it’s obvious Biden is in severe cognitive decline and isn’t capable of handling the job himself.

        1. You mean that a smart guy like Skip does not know who they are?
          Because they don’t exist?
          We have nothing fear but but the fear of the unknown.
          The fear of God.

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  3. The little boy that wanted to be president his whole life is just a puppet controlled by many fraudulent powers within our government and many at the helm of other governments where power is within reach. Time to take our country back and put the taxpayers in charge.

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  4. Delta made forcing the jab a necessity.
    Follow the science.
    It’s complex, things keep changing.
    That is why it is called science, not history.

    1. All viruses mutate and change that is what they do. The virus never goes away. Either we build up natural immunity or else we will be in masks and getting jabbed for the next 100 years. That is the science. If it is a real threat to humanity then we should destrroy China for the genocide they have unleashed on the world for their benefit. So why does biden and fauci say take the vaccine and it will go away or take the vacine and you can go out and not have to wear a mask. The lies are politically based. The ever changing actions and policies are not about science they are political. I have no problem with the vaccine or its effectiveness. I do have a problem with government continuing to infringe on my liberties and freedoms. When people get so full of fear, hate and misinformation they say “screw your freedoms”, it is time to stand up and replace and repel these nazis, whether they be from austria or any where else. You are right it is complex and you are too stupid to understand. Go sell your kool-aide and lies somewhere else.

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      1. How do you know Fauci is not following the science, where did you do your Epidemiology residency?
        The Trump University School of Medicine Memorial Research Hospital?

    2. You aren’t talking about following science, you are talking about following the US government’s latest rationalization of the science like a bunch of lemmings. In this case, it is yet another step away from the freedoms Americans have traditionally fought for.

      And it makes a mockery of Biden’s promise on June 19, 2019: “I’m going to fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own personal decisions when it gets to her health care.”

      1. Every woman has the right to not take the vaccine and not be pregnant.
        No one is forced to take the Covid vaccine.
        If you are in the military you are “forced” to take lots of vaccines.
        The military is Comunism on steroids.

        1. The right not to take the vaccine exists only as long as you keep testing negative, week after week. Even one false positive, and “the right not to take the vaccine” vanishes.

          One the other hand, in lots of blue states, a woman has a right to kill her unborn child even if she is full term, in labor, for any reason or no reason.

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  5. Joe Biden can’t keep two thoughts straight. How long must America endure this “trojan horse” president. He is an empty shell. His staff doesn’t trust him to say one word that is not scripted. This is another Pelosi disaster. She pushed this clown to get the nomination because she could pull his strings and helped cheat to get him elected through usage of “mail-in ballots.”

      1. He hid his “shell of a man” identity during 2020, enough to have him and Harris be declared “Persons of the Year” by Time magazine for allegedly “bringing us back together”. Once he became President, his actions spoke louder than the words of 2020.

  6. As everyone knows, Biden has lost his mind. And while we have this terrible Afghanistan mess with Americans stranded there. The Southern Border a mess with lord knows who is coming into our country, putting every American in danger except the ELITE, Biden is in California campaigning for Newsom, so close to the Southern Border but still hasn’t gone there. Both Biden and Harris are a disgrace to our country and others are not only taking advantage of us, but laughing at America too. This make me sick.

    1. Not everyone thinks Biden has lost his mind.
      It’s pretty much just the people lucky enough to have their lips stuck to Trump’s Stink Star.

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  7. Just look at the times that become more strange, perverted and lawless every day. Natural disasters are now called “unprecedented” in scope and record setting. Some of these birth pangs are of biblical proportions. Evil and lawlessness are celebrated, with evil being called good, and good evil, Isaiah 5:20. The Days of Noah perversions abound, Christians and Jews are hated and hunted down, similar to the Days of Nero, Matthew 10:22, nations are tangled in a web of distress with perplexity. Luke 21:25, and they have (financial, political, immigration, and weather-related problems that are destroying them.) Strong delusion has never been so rampant as they are now, deceiving people. II Thessalonians 2:1. People remove sane leaders and put in insane ones who do the opposite from helping anyone, mostly by fraudulent means….. Theres a growing civil war pitting people against people, neighbor against neighbor, family against family. The organizers of chaos are using fake news and fake science hysteria against the leaders who are trying to do good things for the country, using President Trump as their catalyst. He is their number one target because of his strong pro-American patriotic viewpoints. This is a high-powered, all or nothing game for control of America, and we must fight back. The American motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM, meaning “out of many, one” WILL FALL TO MARXIST IDENTITY POLITICS OF DIVIDE AND CONQUER. THE GLOBAL AGENDA LOVES INSTABILITY, and a communist style disinformation campaign infiltrated the American media.

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      2. Yes, it is real, and people and elected officials have grown complacent and non- active in defending their freedoms, so the Deep State moved in and took over every branch of government with the help of foreign countries who want America’s demise.

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  8. We are in the shape we are in because people reject the Truth! They want to excuse their actions and blame others while getting rich, greedy, and wielding more power and control.

  9. All these incompetent,lying,hypocrites just keep contradicting everything about this virus,I guess when u have your head up your behind, and shit for brains, they just can’t figure out what their talking about,We have hidenbiden, the clown and his circus of misfits, and talking heads, that don’t have a clue what their talking about, can’t they figure out why no one believes them.

  10. No one can trust Biden’s opinions…period! The man is incompetent and getting directions from someone else! Anyone — even a democrat — can see that Biden gets confused and flustered. Who in their right mind would believe or follow him?? Come on now Americans!

    Biden is a danger to our Nation and our World! He must step down now before he destroys anything else — like innocent American’s lives by demanding they get the Jab!! That is a poisonous needle and needs to be STOPPED!

    I am very glad the Democrats are finally waking up to the HUGE MISTAKE THEY MADE BY PUTTING A FEEBLEMINDED INCOMPETENT OLD MAN IN OUR HIGHEST POSITION! Now if the Dems really want to repair their reputations, they should IMMEDIATELY demand Biden step down from the Presidency — AND ASK DJT TO RETURN TO THE OVAL OFFICE!!

    Come on now Dems! Some of you have morals and know right from wrong! SHOW US!!

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  12. The list of officials complicit in the Afghanistan disaster should be tried for Treason… including Joe & Kamala. Further, every media outlet that did not call them out for what this was, should be shut down. Yes, the 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of the press…. but the same amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech. But in the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, that does not provide a right to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater. The same theory should be applied to the press that uses their “pulpit” to misinform, omit, lie and promote the destruction of the ideals and constitution of this country. Liberals wish to label conservatives and even some Dems that love this country with nasty names…. those in this administration and the ass-kissing press have one label….. Anti-American.

  13. The shinolla hits the fan. Don’t think for one minute that Democrats don’t know the true reason the Covid 19 virus was unleashed and why they needed a vaccine to get control of people and eliminate their rights, not to mention the side effects that come with the vaccine and discounting the natural immunity that people develop when they get the virus. They make their own antibodies which are a strong bodily defense, better than a vaccine. Its all about control and population control which so many socialist-communist countries use.

    1. We control our population by timing sexual intercourse, pulling out in time, catching sperm in condoms, blocking sperm from entering a uterus, chemically blocking eggs from leaving the ovaries, having the ovary tubes cut ball tubes, if all else fails pull the little bastard out with a coat hanger, stop the bleeding, if you can.
      All countries practice population control.
      Particularly the US, we have too many people.
      What have you done to control the population of your family.
      What lengths have you gone to insure that every egg God forced you to release is penetrated by a really cute sperm.
      God Damns Population Control

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  14. There’s only one way to deal with the socialists, and that is to do like they did to Trump – SUE THEM EVERY TIME THEY OFFEND! GOP has to capitalize on every opportunity now that even Democrats are getting more aware of their Party’s lawlessness!

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all THEIR criminals .


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