Dem Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Threatens to Subpoena Top Biden Adviser

Department of Defense

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez threatened to subpoena Defense Secretary General Lloyd Austin after he denied the committee’s request to testify on the Biden administration’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Senator Menendez noted that Gen. Austin’s testimony will be necessary to gain a complete understanding behind the United States’ withdrawal and urged him to attend in the future or face the consequences.

According to Fox News:

“I’m very disappointed that Secretary Austin declined our request to testify today,” Menendez said. “A full accounting of the U.S. response to this crisis is not complete without the Pentagon, especially when it comes to understanding the complete collapse of the U.S.-trained and funded Afghan military.”

The senator went on to say that Austin’s decision not to come before the committee “will affect my personal judgment on Department of Defense nominees.” Menendez then said that he expects Austin to appear before the committee at a future opportunity.

“And if he does not,” Menendez warned, “I may consider the use of committee subpoena power to compel him and others over the course of these last 20 years to testify.”

The hearing, titled “Examining the U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan,” was held Tuesday, a day after the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a similar hearing. Blinken was the sole witness at both.

On Monday, Sec. of State Blinken pointed to the Trump administration for the reason behind the chaotic withdrawal with some Democrats in agreement.

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  3. thanks to bob menendez who, apparently still has some guts left…unlike many other dems…esp.blinken who, apparently is a schill for the party, or a traitor like many in their party (and, unfortunately in the republican party as well) it becomes clearer every day why trump wanted to ‘clean the swamp’ it’s a big swamp

    1. So true – the cartel in the W.H. is fraught with swamp creatures that extend to the CIA, the FBI and many other depts., agencies, etc. It’s apparent that Pelosi is a leader with her hands on the bank account and appoints who can sit on committees to keep the crimes coming.

      1. You haven’t read about the “Harry Potter” game players in the White House? Google “spoiled children are running bidens white house heres proof” It is serious but you have to laugh at the average Democrat IQs …. most are ONE digit.

    2. Menendez is first a DEMONKRAP who tows party lines, and a swamp creature with a very sketchy history. He talks a good talk, but it remains to be seen. At the end of the day all these people stick together. Their arms get painfully twisted. Soooooo, I won’t hold my breath.

      1. So correct. Even the dims know that this afghanistan disaster cannot be blamed on former President Trump. These cabinet members of Biden, should all resign, IMO. The democrats will never do anything meaningful to them

      2. You are so right about Menendez! I wrote a comment about his history but Google felt it was more than the Dems needed to read and they could not handle truth so they deleted it! So, thank you for mentioning his self induced legal/criminal problems which he managed to skate away from consequences of his actions and hang on!

    3. My advise, don’t hold your breath about Menendez actually doing something that’s not just a dog and pony show to make it look like they care! After all, he’s a democrat. Do you really thing he should be believed??

  4. We didn’t see this coming that’s for sure – justice within the DNC ?? What a wonderful surprise but one man among the thieves is not going to pretty up this corrupt cartel enough for people to ever again respect it.


  6. Oh Lord, this is proof of how bad it really is when someone like Bob Menendez will stand for what is right!
    Hopefully everyone remembers that Bob Menendez’s credibility is questionable in the best scenario! I need to research and refresh the circumstances but he had serious legal trouble a few years ago, could have gone to jail and lost his Senate seat BUT as only Dems can….he managed to hang on!
    I am glad he appears to be doing his job in this issue because this whole Afghanistan debacle stinks to high heaven and “people” need to pay! People who were abandoned have been and still are being slaughtered by the Taliban/ISIS as they are found and I feel sure their are plenty of Afghans who are turning them in to be killed! It makes me sick!

    1. These people will go on deceiving and being deceived. Their future is not going to be what they thought it would be because they traded honesty, goodness, and freedom for a power grab.

  7. It is sickening that telling the simple truth, no lies, threats or profanity in comments is being censored and deleted by Google!
    At least 50% of my comments are deleted. I guess Dems can’t handle the truth? Thank you “big tech”!
    I sure had a nice comment about this subject but it was deleted and sent to the great ” comment graveyard in the sky”!

  8. Dont be fooled, Menendez is true and true a swamp creature. He stated that he MAY call for a subpoena hearing, dont hold your breath. This is a tactic that will appease his constituents. Demo’s aren’t worth there salt unless they learn to lie, cheat and steal their way to remain in power and $’s.

  9. What’s Trump have to do with it. Biden took office in January. He had time to negotiate and prepare for a proper removal of troops, civilians, Afghan people. He chose to do the worst way possible and blame Trump. He can’t always blame everyone else for his failures. We know what you are up to and will respond at the proper time. Do you Dems really think we will go quietly in the night? Nuff’said.

    1. First and foremost, Biden negated every thing he possibly could which DJT has done! Why are we to believe that all of a sudden Biden is following a plan DJT put in place and it’s all Trumps fault? Let me see a show of hands who believe Biden ………crickets………anybody at all……… crickets………….well, I guess no one believes you Dementia Joe!
      Afghanistan is not on DJT, it’s on Biden!

  10. The worst kind of BS. We have not seen any consequences for the most egregious of actions by our so-called government against the people – just more dog and pony show with threats, no indictments, no convictions, and no one in prison – does anyone remember a woman named Hilary or perhaps numerous Democrat liars and criminals, Comey, McCabe, et. al. come to mind. Phony Russian dossier and the criminals behind it using it to waste billions of dollars of taxpayer money for a worthless, mendacious, supported phony investigation led by the biggest liar on earth pencil-neck Adam Schiff? And, I do not even bother to mention the perfidy of the Big Guy?

  11. Every time this feckless administration tries to suggest that Trump is “responsible”, I laugh. Responsibility = Authority. So, what they are openly admitting is that Trump is still the President!

  12. Do your dam job menendez, sopoena him, we want to know if he ordered this withdrawal, the way lying hidenbiden says, and we need to hear from blinky, and who ordered the drone strike. Some of these incompetent,people need to be held accountable for their stupidity that cost many lives. U dam politicians need to do your jobs or get the hell out of office.

  13. The Democrat machine is looking for a fall-guy (as usual). They will present the testimonies of several candidates to the general public (via the Congress) and then pick the one they want to sacrifice. This is the normal, usual way socialist dictatorships operate, and allow their general public to see some sanitized version of the truth. This is what the modern Democrat Party has evolved into. Harry Truman would vomit.

  14. There are so many deceivers out there. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. John 3:21. Many people don’t want their lives exposed to God’s light because they are afraid of what will be revealed, HOW OFTEN HAVE WE SEEN THIS WITH THE COVER UPS AND FALSE PROPAGANDA TO DESTROY GOOD PEOPLE! They don’t want to be changed and are threatened by your desire to Obey God, and do whats right. Watch as people create points of disagreement so they sow seeds of discord, discontent, division, and doubt.


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