Report: Durham Expected to Indict Clinton-Connected Attorney Regarding Trump-Russia Hoax

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Special counsel John Durham is expected to indict Clinton-connected lawyer Michael Sussmann in the coming days. Sussmann, who was connected to Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign, is expected to be indicted for lying to the FBI during a meeting about the Trump-Russia hoax.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The case against Mr. Sussmann centers on the question of who his client was when he conveyed certain suspicions about Mr. Trump and Russia to the F.B.I. in September 2016,” The New York Times reported. “Among other things, investigators have examined whether Mr. Sussmann was secretly working for the Clinton campaign — which he denies.”

In the meeting with James Baker, “Sussmann relayed data and analysis from cybersecurity researchers who thought that odd internet data might be evidence of a covert communications channel between computer servers associated with the Trump Organization and with Alfa Bank, a Kremlin-linked Russian financial institution,” The New York Times reported. “The F.B.I. eventually decided those concerns had no merit. The special counsel who later took over the Russia investigation, Robert S. Mueller III, ignored the matter in his final report.”

Durham reportedly found that Sussmann told Baker during the meeting in 2016 that he was not representing any client when he sought the meeting. However, in a 2017 deposition before Congress, Sussmann testified that he sought the meeting on behalf of an unnamed client who specializes in cybersecurity.

“Moreover, internal billing records Mr. Durham is said to have obtained from Perkins Coie are said to show that when Mr. Sussmann logged certain hours as working on the Alfa Bank matter — though not the meeting with Mr. Baker — he billed the time to Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign,” the report continued. “In their attempt to head off any indictment, Mr. Sussmann’s lawyers are said to have insisted that their client was representing the cybersecurity expert he mentioned to Congress and was not there on behalf of or at the direction of the Clinton campaign. They are also said to have argued that the billing records are misleading because Mr. Sussmann was not charging his client for work on the Alfa Bank matter, but needed to show internally that he was working on something. He was discussing the matter with Mr. Elias and the campaign paid a flat monthly retainer to the firm, so Mr. Sussmann’s hours did not result in any additional charges, they said.”

Durham will have to indict Sussmann in the coming days before the statute of limitation expires. According to The Daily Wire, Sussmann’s lawyers told The New York Times they expect their client to be indicted and claim that he is innocent.

  1. So – they control the Justice Department, the Congress,CIA,NSA, FBI, Pentagon and the Presidency and anything is going to come of this?

      1. This is true, but remember WHO barack’s PUPPETMASTER was while he was in office: Georgy Soros (that’s not a misspell but Soros’ Hungarian given name)! Soros has a WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST IN HUNGARY FOR “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”! TMI, but he cannot step one foot into Hungary without being arrested, tried and imprisoned. Hungarians HATE Soros and want him gone off this earth!

        YES, Soros taught obamalama everything he knew to destroy our infrastructure but BHO figured out what Soros was doing and stopped following his orders! So Soros only accomplished part of what he wanted until he saw Biden! Biden was the perfect puppet, feebleminded, democrat thinking, NO BACKBONE, and easily swayed! Besides both Biden and Soros already knew each other from the Obama administration where Soros played a huge part in bho’s decisions. Biden “TRUSTED” Soros! Soros became Biddyboy Biden’s PUPPETMASTER and has been directing Biden’s actions these past 8 months!

        I have research Georgy Soros since 2007 and know his mindset and how cleverly he hides himself so no one can detect his presence behind negative actions to our Nation.

        Please take some time and research, DEEP DIVE, into Soros’ history and life! He is as close to evil as any human can come and has destroyed many European Nations so he can add more $$ to his multi billion dollar savings accounts! He does NOT care about people nor the countries he destroys! IT IS SOLELY ABOUT MAKING MONEY AND HAVING POWER! It is time Soros is pushing up daisies, not stomping them into the ground!

          1. It has been demonstrated that a plane can be seized in mid air and diverted to another location. We just saw that a bit ago.

        1. Do you trust the Hungarian Court System?
          Do you like the fact that that now Victor can rule by decree.
          If Trump had that power he would be the President today.
          Did you enjoy the day Victor went to Bejing to kiss Xi’s stink star..
          Do you think that Trunp should be returned to the White House to rule by decree?
          Are you Hungarian?
          A Communist, in the style of Putin?

    1. Not until we prove the election was stolen and the fraud that put the puppet in the White House is removed. A lot of Democratic heads will have to roll so we can clean up the justice department. Not just Democrats but Republicans, too. Lots of dirty money loose in D.C. They think they are “untouchable”. We the People need to assert ourselves and put them in their place….prison!!!!

      1. How is that proof thing going.
        What have the Cyber Ninja’s shown you?
        Speaking of prison how many Trump supporters have been, are in, or will be in prison?
        How many felony prisoners did Trump release?
        You did assert yourselves on 1/6.
        You went to prison.
        More to follow.
        You have another opportunity to assert yourselves on 9/18.
        Do you have the balls.
        I certainly hope so.
        I want to see MAGAots die of multiple gun shot wounds to the testicles.

      1. So you think Republicans should just lay down and become door mats?? Hell No! That’s exactly what those clueless democrats want us to do. And we must show them that they are not doing this to our Country without the BIGGEST FIGHT IN THEIR LIVES!

        I know for a fact that hundreds of exMilitary are ticked off and ready to defend our Nation from the Usurpers called DEMONRATS! Take a good look at that name. It is 100% true! We are not dealing with wayward humans but have an entity or two on earth that is manipulating them! Why do you think they were so successful stealing our Presidential Election?!?

        I’m sorry, but as a group, demonrats are NOT INTELLIGENT enough to lick and seal an envelope. We are talking about some dumb downed people — which makes it easier for someone with smarts to lead them! If you truly want to get your Nation back, we must find out who is leading the dem rebellion and take him/them out! With no more leadership, the DEMONRAT party will flounder while we rebuild our Nation!!

        I have NEVER been a quitter and do not plan to start now! And it is about time ALL REPUBLICANS SHOW SOME COURAGE AND DETERMINATION INSTEAD OF COWERING AND ACTING LIKE CHILDREN! Who do you think formed our Nation? It wasn’t a bunch of cowards but the bravest men on earth! Where have those brave men gone? Why haven’t their dependents raised their voices and stormed forward when our election was stolen?? What’s up with that??

        I bet I could get a bunch of weaponized Grannies that would be tougher than the Republican Party of Wusses and those Grannies could take down all those responsible parties who have “Disrespected” and “DISHONORED” our Nation and Flag!

        Only Quitters are losers! Only Cowards refuse to take that first step to make things right! Now Americans have a choice: to be Cowards and Quit fighting for their Nation
        find that Fire in their Soul that burns with truth and honesty and FIGHT FOR OUR NATION ANYWAY POSSIBLE — but FIX this slap in America’s face NOW!

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    3. Why do they control all of those?
      Trump use to control all of them?
      Why did he lose control?
      Is he weak?
      Nothing will come of this.
      The 2016 election is over.
      The 2020 election is over.
      Trump lost.

      1. Well, ya. A Fall Guy of NO consequence. So many people/attempts to frame Prez Trump and this is IT??? It has been shown in the last couple days that the FBI, concerning the women Gymnastics, are total failures at their jobs. Fire all the TOP people and replace them with Field Agents. Lets have a Special Investigator to look at the 2020 Election!! Just pathetic what the ChiCom US Govt is doing.

        1. Trump was too week to put a stop to stop to it.
          The Republicans need a strong leader like Graham, McConnell or Romeny.

    1. You remember how this thing works…….from the way they did DJT while he was President, first they arrest the shark lawyers and see if they can get them to flip on their client. If they are successful in cutting a deal…….then they get the real target of the investigation! This attorney has sold his soul to the Clintons and I would be shocked if he cuts a deal!

      1. You never know when dealing with someone without a soul. I’d be pretty nervous if I were HRC. Although many of her “enemies” wind up as “suicides”!!!

          1. That is why they selected it.
            Do you have a any idea of how insane you look in stills from your videos?
            Have you seen Trump’s stills?
            Oh My God

        1. No shortage of cockroaches who turn on Trump.
          The cockroaches are publishing an expose a day.
          All that Trump dirty laundry befouling the air

      2. Cutting deals is how crimminal gang leaders are brought to justice.
        How many Trump Inc. lackies will cut a deal.
        Trump knows all about The Art Of Cutting A Deal.

      1. 101% sure this guy will be on the killary clan body count. just wonder what is the top limit this body count will attain? remember the two Arkansas reps’ death, a woman and a man knowing too much on clinton drug traffic airport? when will this end? nothing will come of this.

      1. The masses have no interest Clinton, they have moved on.
        It is one of the few things that Trump Humpers have to hang onto.
        That and the voter fraud that cost the Golden Stink Star Kisser his well deserved landslide into the CA Govonors Mansion.

  2. After over 2 years of investigation and Durham has already charged one lawyer with putting a note on an email and now he is going to charge another with lying, and neither were directly involved in the actual investigation that Trump and so many Trump’s supporters are convinced was illegal, yet not one iota of evidence that the FBI did anything wrong in any way with their investigations into the Trump campaign.

    1. you don’t understand how federal government and the military work….
      the senior people (e.g. Fed gov’t SES suck ups, Admiral and General suck-ups and the elected prima-donnas they suck up to….. ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

      1. America will never be any better until the people stand up to these low-life politicians and force a change in our government to stop them from selling out the American people and lining their pockets with millions of dollars under the table.
        It will take sending many to jail to start, just to set an example till the rest get the message through their thick heads we are fed up with them and their lying, cheating ways. Same goes for the crooked judges that allow them to do this also.

  3. Like everything else in connection with American Politicians or other influential people don’t expect anything to happen except the taxpayers being out another million or two. America is corrupt to the core.

    1. Not America, but Corrupt D.C. The majority of Americans are everyday people who work for a living and are generally honest and very upset to see the direction our country has taken. We rely on our government to protect us and guarantee our freedoms. But now we see these politicos and their lap dogs betray our trust and there’s an anger growing which will not end well for those who think they’re untouchable. Join Telegram and follow David Clements to see how we are fighting back.

    1. That’s what I was about to ask, Will: when will the Hildebeast be indicted? I know what it will say: ‘At THIS point, what does it MATTER?’ ,,,with a hideous cackle.

    2. only a shadow of death will overcome these criminal rats and cockroaches. why is no ANTIFA AND BLM KILLEd while innocent citizen was murdered by the black BLM DC fake cop?

  4. Just ONE indictment over this whole fake Russian debacle?
    Millions of dollars have been spent on JUST ONE of the known criminals in this mess.
    Sounds like our own government is not only not working for us, the American taxpayers that pays them, our government is working against each and every one of us that do pay those taxes and obey the law.
    NOTE FOR FUTURE CRIMINALS: If you are going to commit a crime be sure you are on some federal payroll, otherwise you might be charged with a crime.

  5. That’s all we will ever get. Some lame confusing article about what Durham WILL DO! We don’t want some no-name charged. We want Hillary and the FBI cronies!

    1. Right, just like we thought William Barr was going to be an honest Atty Gen. Look what he did for us….wouldn’t publish his findings about the Bidens because he “didn’t want to sway the election”! I think his silence DID sway the election!

    2. I never expected much from Durham, the system is too corrupt and big money can buy most of these crooks off. Investigators are also scared to really do anything; they are scared to rock the system and get politically destroyed.

  6. I think the corruption in some of the republican party and all the democratic party with a couple exceptions are involved in the worst worst corruption ever. We have lost the 1776 Experiment.And I’ve entered into socialism Marxism communism

  7. Does anyone expect anything to really happen after this indictment? People are sitting in jail in DC for just standing on the Capitol steps on January 6th, with no reprieve or jury to decide any of these cases, but implement a real indictment, and watch it disappear in thin air. Commies take all.

  8. There should be no fake news or broadcasts ever on the TV ever allowed , nor should anyone be allowed to illegal wire tap some one running foe president unless it is CIA , Obama had no business illegal wire tapping any Americans what so ever, or running any ghost government s past, present or future. I would not trust him to clean my toilet to be honest with you

    1. And more is coming. Just watch how this corrupt administration is making you use a Vax Passport. Next it will be an APP on your phone so you can’t “fake” the passport and they will follow your every move. Have you seen what’s going on in Australia? If they try that here I hope people will put their guns to good use defending our right to freely associate and freely speak, before they confiscate your only defense that’s left.

      1. They are trying to copy the CCP tactic to control 1.5 billion Chinese citizens, they are starting this in CA after Newsom beat the recall and he is out for revenge! I am trying to decide which state to move to, good thing homes in my area are selling for a good price the minute they hit the market!! Out of here my home, lifetime state!

  9. Wow from the mists of obscurity “Durham Emerges” and the explosive details and indictments are -drum roll please- 1 measly sacrificial goat. Das Machina is rolling on.

  10. If Sussmann was working for Clinton (and obviously he was/is), then you know that nothing but LIES AND MANIPULATIONS are coming out of his mouth! Of course he is going to try to cover up his blatant connection to the Hillary Clinton Campaign! But Hey Dude, if you charge the Hillary Clinton Campaign fund for your work on the Russian Bank telephone business, well, that’s pretty darn incriminating!

    Sussmann, your ass is grass! Take it like a man or crawl away like a spineless democrat. Either way, another one bites the dust in Killary’s Historic attempt to take down one of the most Popular Presidents ever!!

  11. Ok, say it ain’t so……
    All this to possibly, key word, possibly indict some attorney no one knows or cares about?
    Durham is grasping at straws, because the people have been demanding accountability.
    And…….how long has it taken him to come to this conclusion????? Idiot (s). We’re awake!

  12. These scumbag demoshits are BRAIN DEAD,,,First they say one thing and put it on record then deny it ever happened….These demoshits are one BUNCH OF STUPID ASS PEOPLE

  13. Russia hoax was democrats garbage from day one. They just did not want to Trump to clean democrats cesspool and corruption.

  14. Talk is Cheap ! Indict ALL of the Beijing Joe O’ Biden’s Administration , Indict Beijing Joe O’ Biden and
    Knee Pads Carmela Harris , William Jefferson and Hillary Roman Clinton , Nancy Pelosi , Charles Schumer , Adam School , Jerrold Nadler and Maxine Water’s While you’re at it.

  15. Lawyers passing laws so that they can get away with treason within the Fed and state justice systems. The avg American gets the firing squad while these bottom feeders get recognized for their weaseling the law and get richer.

  16. There are plenty of sane, intelligent, and honest Americans in this country. Why do we keep allowing these moronic liars to run our country into ground. I have not seen one story about any politician doing anything since Trump in office. Wake up people. Time is clicking away. If you are 45 or older. You better get your head out your a$$. Nursing homes and relying on this generation to care for us is not going to be fun. Who going to send aid workers for us? Food to feed us? No one. That’s who. Going to have CNAs and nurses that smack you around for their activity therapy. Cause our kids going to be working to survive themselves. I can hear it now. Well you all allowed them morons to steal elections. Destroy our history. Kill innocent military and civilians. I will talk to you next month when we come for the 20th ANNUAL ANTIFA BLM COMMUNIST PARTY GALA. The year they put up statues of their founding mother £uc€er$.

  17. On the Durham report. What about FISA abuse? James Comey, indite him!!!James Clapper!The CIA guy( Joe Biden moment!). Etc, etc, etc!!!!


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