Senate Parliamentarian Rules Citizenship Path for Illegal Immigrants Cannot be in Biden’s Spending Bill

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On Sunday, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that a path to citizenship for illegal migrants cannot be included in President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill dealing Democrats a major blow.

The Daily Wire reports:

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram later confirmed the report, writing: “A preliminary ruling from Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, obtained by Fox, would bar Democrats from adding immigration provisions to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.”

“Democrats did not have firm legislative text nor a total price tag for the bill. So it’s hard to see how there is an absolute ruling on this,” Pergram said. “But, budget reconciliation bills, which Democrats were using to avoid a filibuster, must be strictly fiscal in nature and can’t add to the deficit. It was believed that this push to add immigration to the bill was too policy driven.”

“This is a blow to Democrats and progressives who pushed to add immigration provisions to the bill. This will cause problems if Democrats have to slash the total size of the size of the legislation to mollify moderate Democrats,” Pergram continued. “It was thought that lopping immigration provisions into the bill could help placate liberals if Democrats have to trim the size of the legislation.”

Pergram added that the key part from MacDonough’s decision was that including immigration as part of reconciliation “is further evidence that the policy changes of this proposal far outweigh the budgetary impact scored to it and it is not appropriate for inclusion in reconciliation.”

The news comes after West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin also announced that he wants to delay voting on the massive spending bill, indicating he has not agreed to vote alongside his party.

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Ginger Firestone
Ginger Firestone
1 month ago

Stay strong Manchin, you are the best democrat the party still has. One who remembers just what the party is supposed to stand for.

1 month ago

The last really good democrat was murdered by democrats…J.F.K.
There hasent been a good democrat in the Whitehouse since…

1 month ago

The democrats will not stand for this so they’ll just pass it anyway… In their eyes anything the republicans do is wrong. Putting ppl back to work. Showing ppl how to succeed. Giving ppl a hand up, NOT a handout. Teaching ppl to be self sufficient NOT depending on government for their well being.
But the climate today is gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. This folks is the democrat way.
Keeping all eyes on government because their to lazy to support their families.
Democrats ideology sux. About 90% of democrat bullshit has proven over the years to be just that, BULLSHIT.
They are destroying this country. Don’t believe me? Then open your blind eyes and see where we were as a nation a year ago. Now just 8-9 months into this administration our UNITED STATES is the laughing stock of the world. biden/harris is a joke just like they’re making the rest of us.
Let’s do something about it.


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