Jen Psaki Stunned When Liberal Media Host Finally Turns on Biden Admin

United States Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

After months of the media automatically defending President Biden’s blunders, it seems their luck is running out. Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was stunned when CBS’s Gayle King called a spade a spade by criticizing Biden’s “very bad behavior.”

Fox News reports:

King noted on “CBS Mornings” that “there’s a lot of incoming” at the White House these days, given a recent spate of negative headlines at home and abroad for the Biden administration. After Psaki previewed President Joe Biden‘s Tuesday address before the United Nations General Assembly as forward-looking, King added that Biden couldn’t “ignore what has happened before.”

“We’re still getting hammered for how the withdrawal from Afghanistan happened,” King said. “Everybody knows, many people believe it was time. It’s just the way that it was done … That’s not a good look. You look at what’s happening with immigration. You look at France now saying that they’ve been betrayed by the United States. So I get that we have to look forward. But what are we doing to justify or explain what appears to be very bad behavior on our part?”

“We don’t see it that way,” Psaki said, before saying the dust-up with France concerned Australia desiring the superior nuclear submarine technology of the United States. “They’re displeased about that, but we have a long-abiding friendship with them that’s going to endure.”

While King noted the overall Afghanistan withdrawal, she didn’t specifically mention the recent botched U.S. drone strike that killed 10 civilians and no ISIS-K terrorists. Biden has called for a full investigation into the tragic accident.

More members from the media has recently begun criticizing the Biden administration’s many mistakes, a sharp turn from previous coverage that would constantly come to their rescue.

  1. Biden knows how to pick them. His staff is dumber than he is. that makes him look smarter in front of his dumb wife.

    1. You expect the press secretary to lie and/ or deny reality to support the administration. But some things are just too egregious that to lie and/ or attempt to spin it does more damage. Trying to put a happy face on what’s gone on for the past 9 months is VERY insulting to anyone with half a brain.

      As a reminder, the founders went to war with Britain to achieve independence over far less than what we’re seeing now.

      1. Yes, but Most Democrats would back and vote for Satan, as long as he was the Democrat candidate. MOST of them DO have at least half a brain, but they are SO Brainwashed and basically STUPID, that instead of Looking Into and Knowing just WHO and WHAT the hell they’re voting for, they just jump on the back of WHOEVER the Democrat is no matter WHAT they do____ and That ISN’T going to Change. They are SICK in the head and DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE. They’re like Blacks with THEIR attitude towards ANY White Republican, they HATE US AND WON’T EVEN REASON! We’re talking Deep-seated, Irrational, Unjustifiable HATE. This Biden CROOK should not have gotten more than 20% of THE VOTE, but he DID, because we are dealing with WARPED thinking Minds.
        This is NOT going to End WELL.

      2. Truth and you want to know why he is for open borders? It’s simple more votes. But they are coming from communism country’s… even Latinos vote red so duh lefts

    2. globalists and their puppet $oro$ know how to pick them, all their puppets are as dumb as globalist puppet chester biden .

    3. Joe Biden is the smartest, most articulate person in the entire Democrat party. If they had anyone better, they would have nominated him. Or her. Or it.

      1. Trump won by a landslide yes Obiteme did get a lot of votes but not even half of what Trump got. It will come out the truth always does… what is the strongest element in America? Yep they are coming for YOU and you can’t hide

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  2. Doesn’t matter how ‘in your face’ the media gets, Biden Admin is still going to deflect and brush things off. Really pathetic!

    1. That is WHY there is always a Conservative President that is voted in after a Liberal President & Administration! The Conservative ALWAYS CLEANS UP THE MESS THAT A LIBERAL PRESIDENT LEAVES! Check your American History. This has been happening for decades!

      Only now we have not only a Liberal Idiot in office, but a truly INCOMPETENT one! Plus he has not even been in office for a year, yet the American people (and the World Countries) are screaming for his removal! And he must be removed ASAP so President Trump — who has the respect of the World Countries besides his own Americans, can return to the White House NOW to rebuild our shattered REPUTATION and place in the World Council!

      We cannot wait until 2024 to re-elect President Trump because HE IS NEEDED NOW IF OUR COUNTRY IS TO SURVIVE! THIS IS IMPERATIVE FOR AMERICA’S SURVIVAL!!

      1. That is true Micala – But what if the fix is already in? What if you don’t have to worry about those pesky voters? What if you’ve got the voter fraud down to an artform – unverifiable mail-in ballots and or corruptible vote counting machines?

        If you knew you could just cheat your way thru elections, it doesn’t matter how bad your policies and legislation screws the country.

        1. And there lies the rub. We can cry “wait ’til mid-terms!” until the cows come home, but if we’ve not corrected this problem in the next 9 months, nothing changes. And every month nothing changes will make an actual change twice as difficult. We may have already missed whatever window of opportunity we had. I don’t think most people are capable of believing the level of corruption we’ve reached.

          1. Unfortunately, you are Right. We VERY WELL could have had our LAST Republican President. The Left are INCREDIBLY EVIL and stop at NOTHING to get What they want.
            This is gonna be Uuuuuug-lyyyyyyy.

          2. Well said. This administration is a wake up call for America. If this country is strong enough to make it through this corrupt and dangerous administration, we must learn the lessons it has taught us and stop passing the buck in assuming that our representatives in DC will represent our best interests. We now know that they only represent their own best interests and the heck with the “people. “

        2. globalists and their puppet demonrats rely on globalist voter fraud to appoint/reappoint their puppets and therefor they don’t need to care about what American voters want and need .

        3. You’ve GOT IT, Bryan. We’re as f_______ as a cheap, good looking call girl at a Democratic fund raiser. Going forward is NOT going to be pleasant.

        4. The fix will be in the day the Senate passes the Voter Rights Bill the House passed last month and Biden signs it into law.

          1. You have a brain like a donkey, among the many disasters the Dems price theirNazi base is to destroy democracy with the voters rights bill. They are legalizing every slimy way they can cheat the votes to stay in power by dead people voting, border crossers voting and printing tens of thousands of fictitious mail in votes. They have no leaders to win legitimately so they must take away the way that America has got almost every vote right from the beginning. Having truly elected brilliant leaders is what America different and the cause of its greatness. Be socialist is a proven way to destroy nations.

      2. AGREE 100%!!!!! Biden has been a failure his entire political life. Even as a follower. He couldn’t lead a starving dog to food!

        1. That is what makes him the perfect puppet. As a puppet, his job is to sit in the Oval Office and sign the documents put in front of him. Speeches and statements will be written for him. Press conferences are being handled by the Press Secretary. For interviews, I would bet that Schumer, Pelosi and the rest are pulling the strings.

          His puppet masters are making a lot of major changes. They need Biden in the Oval Office in case any or all of their projects backfires and they can’t sweep it all under the rug. They will need a scapegoat they can dump all the blame on. If the situation gets ugly, Biden will be that scapegoat. Everyone else will still be running everything.

          You can be sure that our enemies are watching very closely. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, just to name a few, are starting to flex their mussels again. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive, he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” Wake up America.

      3. I’m Sorry, but You are an obvious UNintelligent Wack Job. Donald Trump is Yesterday’s news and NOT the answer. He did a Good job while he was in, but he is DONE. He’s as likable to the normal folk as Hillary is. We need a TRUE Conservative that has Trump’s brains and tenacity, the commanding Respected “presence”of a rational person and Universal APPEAL.
        We AREN’T going to Win Over ANY Demonrats by telling them what STUPID ASSES they are.

        1. The best president ever is coming back and that is Trump! He is far from done…his 4 years in the White House was just the beginning….justice is coming! Gitmo has been expanded for the evil corrupt Democrats and Rhinos!

      4. I hope you’re right but I fear you are wrong. Last month the House ramrodded that Voter Rights Bill. My own Democrat Congressman was singing praises about it. If it is approved by the Senate, Biden will undoubtedly sign it into law. That will complete a Democrat power grab and give control of all National, State and Local elections to the Federal Government. It could open the door to illegal aliens being able to vote. The individual states will have no say. The Democrats will own the elections. That will end any hope of Republicans ever controlling Congress or the White House again. By the end of the decade it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up with a one party system.

        1. Not going to happen….the fraud in the 2020 election will soon be exposed and it will change forever what the evil Democrats have done and will not be able to do in the furture elections.

  3. Trump takes out a confirmed terrorist MSM labels him a murderer. Biden takes out 7 children and gets a pass. Biden let’s 13 brave soldiers be killed and and more concerned about what time his ice cream was coming than paying respects. Biden has let 2 million Illegals into our country, and you wait some of these people mean to harm our country. Again he gets a pass. Rocks have more on the ball than Creepy Joe.

          That was an ill fated DISASTER organized by dipshits. What YOU are referring to MUST be Well planned and Skillfully orchestrated and be SEVERAL Million STRONG. Any suggestions?

        1. Justice is coming, that is why the wicked evil corrupt Democrats and Rhinos are so scared…they can’t stop what is coming! God is in control, God wins and Satan loses!

    1. globalists will give their puppet, chester biden their nobel peace prize for taking out 7 children instead of 1 of their taliban terrorists .

  4. If it wasn’t for BAD BEHAVIOR…the a.h. buydung wouldn’t have any behavior…..AND THATS WHAT WE WANT…NOTHING FROM HIM….except to see his hanging for treason!!! imho

  5. Total corruption probe into the bidens is long over do , how about it Congress ? Monday, September 13, 2021) Freedom Watch’s Citizens Grand Jury will put Joe Biden before its Citizens Grand Jury on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, and present evidence of alleged homicide, treason, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and death to children to seek his indictment. The actions of Biden have caused the deaths of American servicemen and Afghan allies, and scores if not thousands are to be expected in the near, medium and long term at the hands of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, as a result of the recently obtained arsenal the terrorists here allowed on behalf of Biden and his cabinet. This man is now wanted for criminal actions by the citizens of the the United States where is Congress on this matter?

  6. The Democrat plan is to have Biden look very bad, replace him (25 th Amendment) and then claim that his replacement is wonderful. (Unfortunately, Biden looks bad because of those who are controlling him and who are deliberately destroying the country. It is they who will then take over when he is finally disposed of and claim that they are saving the country. Biden has no clue as to what is happening… dementia).

    1. Indeed – The people pulling the strings are using Biden as a human shield…. They get to literally destroy the country and when the people are finally about to blow – they’ll say, well – things went sh*tty because of this senile old man – NOT our wonderful policies…. In the meantime, they’ll get everything they wanted – A weaker America- economically, militarily, foreign policy-wise – you name it.

      Here’s your alternative energy idea – find a way to hook up the tombs of the founding fathers to the power grid – They’re spinning 15,000 rpm in their graves right now!!

  7. I really miss honest presidents’ press secretaries, after being bombarded by all the lies from Jen Psaki. But lying seems to be the rule for Democrats, and Psaki is obviously a Democrat. The Democrat leadership will never ask her to change, unless public opinion is overwhelming.


    1. globalists are pulling globalist puppet chester bidens strings they same way they pulled globalist puppets; bush and cliton and lil bush and barry soetoro .

  9. Biden, is and has always been incompetent. He is suffering from some type of cognitive ability, or maybe dementia of some kind. His speech at the UN was pathetic and he shows weakness in front of our Allies, and some are not happy about him at all. As an American I am embarassed that he is the President. I will take President Trump any day before this old demented fool. Im.77 years old and I have seen many Presidents, I used to think Jimmy Carter, then Obama were the worst, but Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0. Pathetic.

    1. The man is beYOND an Embarrassment! AND he’s a CROOK and a TRAITOR.
      And yet NOTHING gets Done about him.
      UNbelievable! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO AMERICA?!!!!!!!!
      I’m AFRAID I Know. When you throw God out, GUESS WHO COMES ON IN.

  10. Obama is the man behind the curtain pulling Joe Biden strings with all his evil hate for America, and Joe Biden has lots of help from all the evil people he works with. Joe Biden also has all evil haters around the globe that hate America helping Joe Biden destroy America. Not everybody living in America is as dumb as Joe Biden and Klann think.

    1. Where are all the people that voter for him. I hope, that they have now time to see the person that is destroying our country. I wonder if they will attempt to change from yes to no ?

      1. There are 10,000,000s more American voters than there are libby snow flake sheep voters, globalists used their voter fraud to appoint their puppet, chester biden .

  11. It is about time!! The Media needs to open its eyes about the CLOWN 🤡 in the White House that just keeps doing stupider actions making the U.S. look like idiots instead of a caring and protecting Nation!

    Come on Media! YOU are part of the problem that put America in this position because instead of ACTUALLY LOOKING AT WHAT THE DEMS WERE DOING, YOU CHOSE TO ACT POLITICALLY INSTEAD OF SEEING WHAT YOUR ACTIONS COULD DO TO OUR NATION!! Now you want to come down on Biden and his clueless actions when you should have sounded the alarm 8 months ago?????? Well, better late than ever Media!!

    It’s about time the Media EXPOSES JUST HOW VERY LAME BIDEN AND HIS IGNORANT ADMINISTRATION REALLY IS!! AND, that it is time for that whole D.C. CIRCUS to step down and let the REAL 2020 Presidential Winner, DJT, return to the White House to REPAIR THE MESS BIDDYBOY BIDEN HAS DONE TO OUR FEDERAL GOVT — AND OUR NATION!!


    The Media can continue to play POLITICAL GAMES ALLOWING OUR NATION TO FLOUNDER AND LOOK WEAK TO OUR ENEMIES, eventually destroying America as it stands today! THAT is the course we presently are on…destroying America’s Foundations and Values, THANKS TO THE D.C. CLOWN AND THE MEDIA!

    YES! That is the CHOICE the Media has to make. It can help our Nation by actually stating truthful facts not hyperbole — OR —it can continue its Yellow Journalism that is destructive! Which do you think it will chose??

    PSAKI — where did biddyboy dig up this pathetic woman that apologizes every time she opens her mouth but NEVER MAKES A FACTUAL STATEMENT ABOUT ANYTHING?????? She is the biggest Waste of Time for anyone!
    What an embarrassment to America and to the world to have her consistently say “Nothing”!! But then again, she is an “extension of biddyboy Biden” whose mind flows through jungles of thoughts all warring with each other! And you wonder why our Nation is such an angry mess???????

    1. The media takes no responsibility for its actions. It constitution is the $$$. They played a major role in helping to destroy America. It is our turn to hold them responsible for their actions by refusing to pay for their purposeful neglect taught to them in journalism school; to report the news without bias and factually. They fail in every respect.

  12. Can’t ignore the obvious but for so long before the media is totally worthless. It’s already happened but maybe their just now beginning to realize the conservatives FAR outweigh the squeaky wheel.

  13. Since Biden is the moron in chief, it appears he surrounds himself with village idiots. Maybe he thinks he might look smarter. It’s not working. He is as dumb as dumb can be and so is his entire corrupt cabinet. Americans deserve better than this blundering buffoon.

  14. One would have to have pity for Jen having to come out and bat for Joe every day as he drifts from crisis to crisis. At this stage she looks scared every time she gets an awkward question and no doubt has to change her undies after every press briefing. The administration is a ragbag of incompetent clowns with senile Joe at the top, his deputy the laughing hyena, Blinken, Jake, Kirby the Pentagon bluffer, Austen, McKenzie and Milley the most dangerous joker in the pack.


  16. That’s great, but for everything they call out joe for, they’re still trashing President Trump more.
    It’s disgraceful and he lives rent free in their feeble minds. Media is still the enemy of the people! End of story!

  17. As with all Democrats, Pissaki is a serial liner. If she was related to Pinocchio, her nose would now be touching Jupiter.

  18. Of course Peppermint Patty is stunned. When you are not in touch with reality every thing stuns you. Don’t know what alternate universe the idiots in the White House dwell in but it’s not the here and now.

  19. He must have somebody to choose for the investigation that will blame Trump for his tragic blundering mistakes .

  20. “We’re still getting hammered” says Democratic operative King. She’s not bothering to hide her Biden Pom Poms.

  21. Just heard about a new product!! I’m thinking millions of folks will want one…actually 2.
    Biden door mats !!! Get one for the front door and 1 for the back door. Folks can take all
    their frustrations out every time they leave and come home!!! Just stand there and keep
    stamping that door mat!!! Could relieve some real frustrations at you own pace!! Replacements will be 50 % off if its 90 days or less!! Come on man…get’um….

  22. Off topic but important . If Anonymous or whoever is calling themselves Anonymous this month can hack EPIK to expose people and the news media take advantage of it then patriots with hacking skills can do the same to the press as well as the ones who hold their leash . Their side opened this door just like they opened the door to street violence for political reasons in 2016 so both are fair game and turn about is fair play . People just need to adjust to the new tactics and reality of things. So if there are some deep web types or some weaponized autism types out there this is your chance to shine . Just don’t let any of us know because almost as soon as this post goes up someone at the FBI or other alphabet agency is going to look to use this for entrapment and the trick to being all alone is you don’t have tip off anyone as to what you are doing and the FBI couldn’t catch a cold in the winter time with the flu virus without informants so don’t give anyone a chance to be a informant. Happy Hunting.

  23. the media still spins for joe and his ship of fools. the media has ignored the southern border for months. they now show a edited clip that makes Texas lawmen appear to be as cold as any democrat. They still don’t play show and tell as the czar harris is in hiding, while the trending feature on socialist/msm media is where the politically uneducated get the news, I mean gossip. Say what you will, Trump isn’t the politician like Joe, and the world sees this now. Trump exposed it.

  24. I have a complaint about Biden-Pelosi that see as criminal negligence. OWS carefully planned for the 6-10 billion doses needed for the rest of the world not treated by China, Russia and Other vaccine makers. The objective was to use 120/130 vaccine makers to use the total game changes that resulted from the DARPA & BARDA development programs started 10 years earlier by a president Bush. President Bush learned that China made SARS-1 and NERS and had released two prior deadly virus. All four were made at the Wuhan Virology lab. He charged DARPA to develop the science of vaccines to be able to make new vaccines in 3 months instead of 3 years, make them 100% effective at full immunity in healthy people and have no long term side effects and greatly reduced short term reactions. 130 vaccine makers met the requirements after 10 years of development with DARPA. 127 went into trials tests and in six months 3 passed all trials tests. Pelosi did everything in her power to stop OWS and when Biden was elected they proved between them they don’t make a whole human brain even with Shumer thrown in. 124 vaccines were totally left in trials tests without a cent of support snd their contracts for vaccine doses were canceled. By now 90 of those companies would be fully approved and would deliver 4.5 billion doses to save the elderly and most of our Allie’s. China wouldn’t be spreading their inactivated virus vaccine to them and they would have 79% effective vaccines instead of inferior 15% effective vaccines. China planned to cause a great deadly death and financial disaster and then use their loans and vaccines in exchange for government loyalties and operating in Chines ways. A minister of the CCP reported that they could move the plans for world dominance up five years from 15 thanks to the US withdrawal of 124 high quality vaccines. Pelosi needs to be tried and removed from office for treason, Biden can only be guilty of outrages stupidity


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