Leo Terrell Slams Lori Lightfoot’s Plan to Now ‘Refund’ Chicago Police

MacLean Center / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Fox News contributor and acclaimed civil rights attorney Leo Terrell slammed Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot over what he calls a “political stunt” to refund the Chicago police.

Fox News reports:

 This is a political stunt. As you said, she’s running for re-election. She cut the budget last year. She is a friend of Black Lives Matter. I can ask all of the viewers, what has Lori Lightfoot done to curb crime in the last two years, the summer riots, she’s done absolutely nothing. This is basically blood money. I’ll tell you right now, she turned down help from Donald Trump a couple years ago and all she is trying to do is kowtow to her political base. … Look, the Chicago police union gave her a vote of no confidence they turned their backs on her regarding Officer French who lost her life. She is no friend to police officers at all and you can ask the viewers what has she done to curb crime. Absolutely nothing.

Chicago has experienced a distinct uptick in violent crimes in the past year with many pointing towards Lightfoot’s initial push to “defund” the police as a major contributor. Now that Lightfoot is seeing the results having the ability to impact the future re-election she has conveniently reversed course.

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