Trump Sues NY Times and His Niece

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Former President Trump filed a lawsuit against The New York Times and his niece, Mary Trump over reporting in his finances and tax records. Trump is seeking no less than $100 million in damages and accused his niece of deliberately breaking a nondisclosure agreement.

The New York Post reports:

“The defendants engaged in an insidious plot to obtain confidential and highly-sensitive records which they exploited for their own benefit and utilized as a means of falsely legitimizing their publicized works,” Trump attorney Alina Habba alleges in the 27-page complaint, filed in Dutchess County, New York, Supreme Court.

“The defendants’ actions were motivated by a personal vendetta and their desire to gain fame, notoriety, acclaim and a financial windfall and were further intended to advance

Times reporters Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russell Buettner were in an “extensive crusade” to get Trump’s tax records and “relentlessly sought out his niece, Mary L. Trump, and convinced her to smuggle the records out of her attorneys’ office and turn them over to The Times,” the lawsuit claims.

The Times says it will fight Trump’s lawsuit, claiming that the suit is simply an attempt by Trump to silence an independent news organization.

In a statement to liberal news outlet The Daily Beast, Mary Trump slammed her uncle’s lawsuit.

“I think he is a f–king loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can,” Mary said, according to the Beast. “The walls are closing in and he is throwing anything against the wall that will stick. As is always the case with Donald, he’ll try and change the subject.”

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    1. Get a life. Do some honest advertisement if your claims are so legit. Anyone who falls for these morons sales pitches deserve what they get. To the folks at Trump Train, please block these scumbags!

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    1. With Trump’s track record with judges what makes you think that Trump will win?
      Would any attorney take this case on a contingency basis?
      Rudy maybe?

  4. End of democrats is near, too many failed polices, they will loose the majority of offices in the mid terms, thank you joe biden, Country does not want your failed polices, or the idiots who are pushing that adjenda of unAmerican ideas.They caught up with the clintons their lies, they will catch up with biden his lies understand Hunter’s computer finally proven factual.Time for Congress to impeach all traitors. Too many failed policies to rehash, but let’s just stay on the computer content, trading loyalty for money, mark of the bidens wealth, do we really need someone in office, who has sold out Americans, for foriegn interest foriegn money? Who is controlling the loyalty on those in office, time for full investagations into the decisions being made against America.Wake up Congress what are you going to do about this delusional denial of American laws? corruption probe into the bidens is long over do, how about it Congress ? Monday, September 13, 2021 Freedom Watch’s Citizens Grand Jury will put Joe Biden before its Citizens Grand Jury on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, and present evidence of alleged homicide, treason, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and death to children to seek his indictment. The actions of Biden have caused the deaths of American servicemen and Afghan allies, and scores if not thousands are to be expected in the near, medium and long term at the hands of the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, as a result of the recently obtained arsenal the terrorists here allowed on behalf of Biden and his cabinet. This man is now wanted for criminal actions by the citizens of the the United States once again. where is Congress on this matter?

  5. Trump has every right to withhold his tax records, just as you and I do. His niece and the left liberal media are hust plain and simple haters of all things Trump.

    1. Why does Trump’s niece hate him so?
      Does she feel that Trump ripped her off?
      Does Trump hate her.
      You sue people you hate.
      Trump has such a lovely family.
      They are all so pretty and smart.

  6. Stop with the lies. Mary is a disgruntled family member.greedy and selfserving. If her claims were true, why now? If she felt that way why now? Bogus and should be held accountable. She didn’t change my views on Trump, I am still voting for Trump. Hope he wins biggly

    1. What are Trump’s chances of winning?
      About the same chances as Trump has to get a lawyer to take the case on a contingency basis?
      The NYT has very deep pockets.
      Maybe Rudy will take the case?
      He loves pro bono work.

  7. These men and women are being severely punished for choosing whether to risk their lives to unproven technology. They’re willing to risk their lives in the defense of our homes and nation but this is different. Numbers of legitimate citizens who don’t trust the government party (aka democrat party) are growing just as they are in the military.

    Perhaps the nation already is divided and we just have not yet admitted it. If the government party dishonorably discharges members of the military in lieu of taking steps to accommodate them, it will suggest the constitutional republic form of government is failing. The question is whether our nation will peacefully divide into two nations or plummet into the inevitable revolution.

  8. I am thrilled that President Trump is doing this! They richly, richly deserve this comeuppance!
    President Trump does it again!

      1. Unless you are a billionaire, you’re not qualified to determine if a billionaire is a fool. Now quit making noise in your mothers basement and go back to your video games.

  9. Mary Trump seems to be an angry and bitter woman who apparently practices psychology and in her practice has created the term “loser” as some sort of adult diagnosis for her Uncle and that gives her license to violate any agreement she has with him and allows her to release his financial documents. She is clearly a liberal, and like most liberals she appears to be an adolescent mind trapped in an adults body. .

    1. Liberalism does that every single time.
      She’s a nut job trying to get her 2 minutes of fame. I’m sure President Trump is not scared of this disgruntled family member.

  10. Virtually all my posts are dumped into the “awaiting for approval” (sic) category. I have never used profanity, obscenity or indecent language and my posts always meet the standards of polite society. If it continues, I’ll have to disengage from Trump Train News.

    And that flies in the face of my unbending commitment to Trump as my choice for president. This lame notion known as “woke” is anathema to the Trump train and needs to be dumped. People need the right to express themselves with the language common to them in their everyday conversation. And sometimes, it’s offensive but needs to be said.

    1. Her Uncle is dead political meat.
      He has destroyed the Republican Party.
      The RINOs will take their revenge on the Orange Fop

      1. None of the lies and propaganda the left conjured up was true about Trump. Too bad you don’t spend more time doing productive things which benefit people. You live in a world of your own where you think you run everything and defy laws and rationality, but the day will come when evil will have to pay its dues.

  11. So many law suits so, few wins,.
    Is Rudy Trump’s mouth piece?
    Will he bleed.
    Will he scared them off with his thunderous farts.

  12. The left are as always mean, vile and hateful. Nobody hates like a socialist.
    And New York times is the bottom of the pit in socialist slander.

  13. Shame on Mary Trump! She wants to game notoriety and line her own pockets! As for the New York Times, it has written falsely vicious attacks against President Trump,. There is plenty to write against Joe Biden, but they are QUIET!! WHY?????

  14. I think tax returns are private reports between tax payer and IRS. Trump is a billionaire who donated his presidential salary to charities all four years of his presidency. I would prefer to see tax returns of people who came into national politics with no money to speak of and are now multimillionaires.

  15. 🥰💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍❤️🥰

  16. Mary is a pathetic old hasbeen that’s been jealous of Donald’s success and always wanted more of the estate than Fred was about to give her. She always has been a loser. She’ll be screaming when she has to pay what little inheritance back to President Trump! As for the NYslimes… we all know it’s been corrupt since the 1940’s when they took money from Hitler to cover up war crimes! The reporter will be the biggest loser … hope her family knows what’s coming!

  17. Good for him. I hope he sues the pants off NYT. He will more than likely “forgive” his niece, tho, because she’s been drinking too much leftist koolade. And it’s hard to sue family.


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