Report: Trump Went Through Secret Surgery While President and Said ‘No’ to Anesthesia

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You can’t keep Donald Trump down.

New reports prove just how tough our favorite former president really is. According to former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s new book, former President Trump had to undergo a “minor procedure” during his term which typically requires one to be put under. However, Trump just toughed it out without the local anesthesia in an effort to avoid turning powers over to his vice president.

Business Insider reports:

Trump puzzled reporters with a mysterious, unscheduled November 2019 visit to Walter Reed and added to the confusion by saying the appointment was the first part of his routine annual physical, which is normally done in just one appointment.

Grisham, without naming the cause of the visit, describes it as being for “a very common procedure” for which “a patient is sometimes put under” — and says former President George W. Bush had one while in office.

Bush, who underwent a colonoscopy in 2007, temporarily signed over the powers of the presidency to then-Vice President Dick Cheney.

But Trump, Grisham writes, was so reluctant to hand over those presidential powers to Vice President Mike Pence that he underwent the procedure without anesthesia, the book says, with Grisham adding that Trump didn’t want to be “the butt of a joke” of TV comedians.

America once had a president that would rather keep his eyes open during surgery than entrust his presidential powers to another then went to a president that needs a carefully concocted list to speak to the press. How the mighty have fallen…

  1. This man is amazing he is truly dedicated to be a great President. I look forward to when he will be President again and we can get back on the right track for our country.

      1. Ok, you are so obviously mentally deranged!
        Explain to me and those posting here what old, senile, corrupt, pedo, plagiarizing, did I say corrupt old joe has done so far to help this great country and its citizenry????
        I’ll wait…….
        He’s destroying it, brick by brick.
        But, I’m sure you support him because you’re probably one of those sitting around waiting for his bribe checks to get to you instead of getting off your fat bun and getting a job.
        There are millions of positions out there just waiting to be filled. Get a life!!!

        1. There are so many insecure woke left irresponsible, corrupt, jealous individuals who couldn’t stand the President simply because they were pea green jealous of him. I am sick of even looking at them and their lies and schemes to ruin this country.

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      2. The moron would be you! You don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about but typical for a moron liberal, uniformed.

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      11. Trump didn’t create hate. That would be the devil and you are his tool. Biden took millions in bribes from China while VP. Biden is the “Big Guy” discussed on Hunter’s laptop. The Biden family are the most corrupt people to ever darken the doors of the WH. Democrats hate, murder, lie, cheat, steal, etc. There are 2 kinds of Democrats. Those who are dupers and those who are duped. I think you’re one of the duped ones. You hear Leftist lies, believe and then repeat them.

    1. I want to know why the Republicans let the Deep State get this far in destroying the Republic. They can’t be this naive unless they are part of the scheme and the One World Government. Everything the left did undermined the country, the peace, the election system, economy, sovereignty, and security.

      1. Deep State is not just a Democrat thing. Think the Bushes, Cheneys, Romneys, and the rest of their ilk. While it is true that most (enough to be all) America Firsters tend to be Republicans (with some Libertarians) not all are.

    1. So very true, he sure folded on Jan. 6. I could not believe that at first, now he is asking for money from those of us he let down

    2. Pence is responsible for not standing up for Arizona’s rights to expose the fraud in the election in Arizona on January 6, and uphold the Constitution, which led to more lawlessness and overthrow of the government by the left and the country forfeiting their rightfully elected President. See, What did President Trump know….why did he decide to have the surgery and not give up his power, and allow Pence to fill in????? Too many traitors out there thats why.

    3. I stand by my Statement on Pence….theres too much that should not have happened on January 6, what the left called insurrection day, and it was really them covering up for a STOLLEN ELECTION…. Pelosi is the one who refused the President’s offer to deploy the National Guard there. Start looking into the real truth and you will find it is ugly.

  2. Donald J. Trump was/is the best President in my lifetime and I’m old. He actually works hard at trying to help the American people. Sleaze bags like Obama and Biden work at enriching themselves. All their energy is spent trying to fool the American people.

  3. I LOVE President Trump! This is a TRUE man, unlike obama (we won’t get into that) and definitely unlike the lying traitor in chief we have now! The Lord has chose Trump for the task, and what a task it is! He has heart, integrity, strength, brains, character, loves our country and the folks in it! Jackass in chief can’t run a lemonade stand, let alone a country. YES, he’s the puppet for the disgusting globalists (soros, obama, and the rest of the filthiest evil DEMONICrat bastards!) It’s OK, hell is patient and waiting for all of them. BUT WE WANT TRUMP BACK, AND THE SOONER, THE BETTER! GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT!

    1. YES!! I’m HOPING that Biden runs out of smoke to keep him puttering, at least by March of next year…at least he can boast that he served for one year! One lousy year when he nearly destroyed America!! We can then dispose of him, as well as his V.P. (who hasn’t done a thing to show that she was even around!!), as well as evil Nancy Pelosi. I seriously think that she may be at the beginning stage of senile dementia…God might just be punishing her for all the lies she has told, ESP. since she claims to be a Catholic, yet supports Planned Parenthood!! What true Catholic does that??

  4. President Trump is a strong, tough President. Those qualities is what made America so “GREAT”. He did more for American people than any other President. It seems this administration wants a third world country. Amazing how followers want that too.

  5. This was physical pain only. You fail to mention the “emotional” pain President Trump was CONSTANTLY exposed to through a sadistic “fake news” MSM, and phony impeachment trials (twice). In spite of these harassments, his list of accomplishments was OUTSTANDING!!

  6. Truly amazing, he took the pain to make sure the country was not going to be hijacked then, and it shows why the Left had to remove a strong President who was a true leader for the People…. He is a fighter and he knew that there were those he was supposed to trust, that were trying to undermine him.

  7. I know exactly how it felt. 23 yrs ago I had a colonoscopy without anesthesia. I was suffering from universal allergies at the time and couldn’t handle the chemicals they used to sedate people. It was VERY painful when they went around the corners. I sure wouldn’t want to undergo that test with no anesthesia again. Ouch!


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