Senate Parliamentarian Shoots Down Dem’s Immigration Backup Plan

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats got bad news on Wednesday when the Senate parliamentarian shot down their second attempt at including immigration reform in their spending bill.

The Hill reports:

Democrats had pitched parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough on legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants by making a change to the date for when undocumented immigrants within the United States can apply to adjust their legal status.

But MacDonough told Democrats that the option was a non-starter, according to a copy of the guidance obtained by The Hill. Democrats are pursuing other back-up plans with the Senate referee, according to a source familiar with Democrats’ strategy.

Changing the registry date is a “weighty policy change and our analysis of this issue is thus largely the same” as Democrats’ previous proposal to provide legal permanent resident status, MacDonough told Democrats in her guidance.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said he was “disappointed” in the ruling and that it left them with “limited” options.

Democrats first attempted to include immigration reform in their spending bill by proposing providing 8 million green cards to immigrants in four groups: Dreamers, temporary protected status (TPS) holders, agricultural and other essential workers. However, MacDonough rejected that earlier this month saying that it was “not appropriate” for reconciliation.

Previously, Democrat Rep. Omar urged Majority Leader Schumer to “ignore” the senate parliamentarian’s recommendation and move forward.

      1. So true! Even if we could the Dems would replace him with someone more useless and corrupt! Same applies to replacing Biden…..comrade Kamala would be even worse!

    1. Schumer is a real life time notz, born and bread , he is one of the first to come here to distroy America years ago , he should have been blocked form our government when he first set foot on American soil.

    2. Theres lots of turds out there who should be flushed for going against the American people and acting in a disrespectful manner as a representative of the US government.

        1. LOL the same stupid line have heard for 60 years ….a girl has sex she is a whore, a man has sex he is a STUD MAN….YOU MEN MAKE A WOMAN SICK

  1. As a Conservative I am shocked that a Democrap would actually follow the rules. She is right and needed long long ago. See Congress has One job each year to pass 13 Budget bills yet they have stopped doing so. They are by the CONSTITUTION required to pass these 13 Bills by 30 September each year yet for Decades I do believe they have not been doing this Job. They pass an Omnibus spending bill and that needs to end. Now what they should be doing is only looking at Budget Items not putting Democrap vote getting garbage into a budget bill.

  2. The proper one to “ignore’ is the U.S.-hating Congresswoman OMAR. How on earth did she ever get elected to Congress? Isn’t she the one who married her own brother so he could become a U.S. citizen? YETCH.

    1. Don’t you remember when BHO “settled” all those Islamic immigrants in one area of MN? He put enough in one place with Omar being one of them and just as he planned…..they elected a muslim to Congress! Dems are crafty lot, if “nothing else”!

    2. Omar won her two elections by 58 and 65 percent.
      Trump hasn’t busted through 47 percent.
      He never will..
      Omar was elected by American Citizens..
      There is nothing icky about being married to a sibling so long as their is no chance of conception.
      Of all of God’s creatures it is just man that has concerns about sibling and parent/child conception.
      There is little concern for sibling/cousin oral or anal sex.

  3. Need to Lock-up Chuckie boy and Omar the ugly boy for treason, their nothing but liars, Chuckie boy is trying to get on the good side of Omar so that AOC , don’t run against him,he’s playing the game,they all are play the game with poor poker face,lets call like it is LOSERS

  4. Maybe if you can’t get a bill passed the normal way that would be good enough for normal people but since the Democrats entire socialist strategy requires more than 50% of the country be poor and destitute in order to take total control they must import as many poor as they can along with creating as much poverty as they can with their own policies. Flooding the border, driving up energy prices, creating massive inflation, killing jobs, raising taxes, firing massive amounts of workers for not being vaccinated, allowing drugs to come across our unguarded border, what am I missing, oh allowing terrorists into our country through the unguarded southern border or through unvetted Afghan migrants being flown here, ALL OF THIS IS MEANT FOR ONE REASON ONLY, to destroy America and cause enough people in this country to become financially dependent on the government! They work hard every day to achieve this end, they just do the opposite of what makes sense and somehow the media supports it and the people don’t know it is happening to them.

    Joe Biden is the ideal President to implement such a plan, he just works hard trying to make the country great and his own level of ineptitude creates the destruction they are seeking.

    1. O’Biden is too stupid to make any decisions on his own. He is stupid enough to do what his handlers tell him to do and stupid enough to end up taking the blame for the decision when it goes south. They have him convinced that his idiotic decrees will be looked upon kindly when history is written so he’ll say “the buck stops here” on those, but others which are an obvious immediate failure (Afghanistan withdrawal) he thinks he can get away with deflecting the blame on Trump.

    2. You backed the loser.
      You backed the guy who had four years to pull our troops out of a long lost war.
      Like his Wall he failed.
      Biden pulled them out in seven months.
      Biden’s pull out cost thirteen American solders lives.
      Trump’s failure to pull out cost sixty-two.

  5. They should look into Schumer’s finances since he became a politician! I net he has done illegal things he owns wall street hso getting stock piks from stock brokers on sure things is illegal!

  6. I told you all what was going to happen when Bin Biden took office.
    No one with any common sense in washington is trying to stop this fraudster from destroying America.
    The imbecile McConnell will not impeach this puppet to stop this kabuki theater.
    Now we have hordes of haitian illegals bringing there voodoo and more covid to continue the biological warfare on American citizens. These contaminated illegal aliens are being shipped all over America and Mayhem Mayorkas is just saying,”Oh Well”.

  7. What should we do if Trump is arrested?
    The same thing we did when his CFO was arrested?
    Should we threaten Biden with Second Amendment action if he refuses to pardon Trump?


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