Trump Torches Biden About Afghanistan After Senate Hearing Reveal

White House [Public Domain]

Former President Donald Trump went off about the Biden administration’s disastrous military exit from Afghanistan, when top generals testified that they recommended that the president keep a minimum of 2,500 troops in the country after the Aug. 31 deadline.

“The botched and embarrassingly incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan had nothing to do with past Administrations or things that happened ‘from 20 years ago,’ (other than we should not have been in the Middle East in the first place!),” Trump began in the first of three statements on Tuesday.

“The horrible ‘withdrawal’ was caused, in particular, because the Military was taken out before American citizens and $85 Billion worth of the highest-grade Military equipment anywhere in the world,” he continued. “This withdrawal was developed by a child’s mind, and only the Biden Administration is responsible for it.”

President Biden has repeatedly blamed Trump for signing a peace deal with Afghanistan in February of 2020 that implemented a cease-fire. 

“When I left office, the Taliban was held at bay, we had as long as we wanted, there was no reason to rush, no soldiers were killed or even shot at for over 18 months, and if they didn’t meet certain conditions, we would have hit them very hard,” Trump went on.

“But then Biden and [Gen. Mark] Milley removed the Military in one of the dumbest Military moves in history, and it all began. So sad for our Nation!”

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that they recommended Biden leave troops behind in Afghanistan. 

“I am required, and the military commanders are required, to give our best military advice,” Milley stated at the hearing. “But the decision-makers are not required to follow that advice.”

Milley also admitted that he had been interviewed for three books about Trump’s final weeks in office, and had spoken to WaPo editor Bob Woodward, who claimed the general contacted a Chinese official to assure him there would be no military attack on the country. 

“No wonder the Afghanistan withdrawal was such a disaster,” Trump remarked in a second statement. ‘General’ Milley spent all of his time talking to these Fake Book writers. That’s not a Soldier or General, that’s a Public Relations agent. America will continue losing with Milley and woke television Generals who are only looking to be stars!”

In his final post, the former president proposed that Congress abandon their investigation into the US Capitol riot, and instead turn their attention towards the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

“Rather than the political January 6th Unselect Committee of Radical Left Democrats and Democrat wannabes (Warmonger Liz Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger), Congress should set up a ‘Commission On the Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan,’ to figure out what went wrong, why so many of our Warriors were killed, and why so much money (85 BILLION DOLLARS), in the form of Weapons and Military equipment, was left behind for the Taliban to use—and to sell to other countries,” Trump commented.

“This is without question something that needs to be investigated further. Thirteen dead AMERICAN HEROES, billions of dollars of equipment, and hundreds of Americans still left behind in Afghanistan with the Taliban!” he concluded.

      1. It would take an army cuz that’s the only way I see it turning around. Plain and simple, you want it back to before obummer was president you will need and army

  1. Biden and his immoral giggle queen need to be tried for treason. But it won’t happen because of this deep state that includes all the RINO’s. I have never seen such treasonous behavior from our government.

  2. Everything that O’Biden has done so far has been a disaster. This is not the result of decisions from a “child’s mind”. This is the result of decisions made by people who want to destroy the country. O’Biden does have a child’s mind but it’s only capable of doing what it’s told and he’s happy because the financial rewards of being a traitorous puppet are great!

  3. What corruption, in this phony administration, I thought it would be a while before a civil war, breaks out, no it’s already started. Hidenbiden, open borders, have let the terrorists in, to help with his destruction of America.

  4. Joe Biden is totally incompetent. I believe the people who voted for him should be embarrassed but I realize they are Democrats and Democrats constantly prove they have no common sense.

  5. This weak, lying, deceitful, treasonous, coward, DICTATOR bid en & his ENTIRE REGIME, shouldn’t give the option to resign, but should be hauled into court and CONVICTED AND SENTENCED TO THE LEAST, PRISON!!!!

    1. That’s being too nice do you realize how many life’s have been taken and how many ppls families have been ruined. The doctors can save ppl with covid but they are told not to use the life saving meds. Or else they will get their license revoked. You all know what that means. Big guy wants you dead that’s why a virus was made to do it. Ppl are stupid so stupid

  6. Milley is a traitor and belongs in Gitmo. He and Pelosi even planned a military coup if Trump was reelected. Only patriots with rifles and the resolve to use them is going to stop this bs.

  7. It seems the Woke Left doesn’t care about America or Afghanistan, the military, and civilian lives that were lost and others who are trapped there, only their legacy, and at what cost to so many people whose lives have been destroyed.

  8. It’s most unfortunate that Joe Biden was ever given the Presidency of America!
    Americans must have been sleepwalking when they placed Biden as Pres! It was the worst choice that Americans have ever made!

  9. YES HELL YES!!!!! Now see – THAT IS A PRESIDENT THAT THIS COUNTRY DESERVES!!!! Not the idiot that occupies the WH now (please God help us) or ANY of his cronies. Joke. Simply a freaking joke.


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