Biggest Controversies from the Biden Administration

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The Biden administration has been rife with controversy, the unending flow of disasters has been terrible for the country and our allies. Some of these controversies have cost American’s their lives and others have shown us how corrupt this administration really is.

Here are the biggest controversies from the Biden Administration: 

  1. You say corrupt I say corruption to the full extent of the law. Treason to the full extent of the law. The whole world knows we are being run over by a freight train and ppl are afraid to do anything about it for fear of not enough unity. Ppl you have got to be crazy. Their is more unity in America now then there ever was. Don’t listen to the news they are full of crap. Join your fellow Americans and slam this radical Satan agenda the elites are putting us through. Can’t you all see they are afraid to death we might stick together and fight this whole piece of crap they are dishing out to us. Stand up ppl speak out. You have a right . Don’t let them take it away. They are raising taxes etc to fund their socialist agenda and guess who is gonna pay fir it. The American ppl that’s who so you’re paying to have tour rights taken away. Stand up ppl. Our forefathers would’ve had a civil war already

    1. Civil War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and their puppets, $oro$ and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and pentagon and media and moderators and libby snow flake sheep and illegal criminal invader voters .

          1. What day did Milley become a traitor?
            The very same day Trump gave him his current job?
            You Humper all cappers are are a real hoot to troll.

          2. I’m not innocent Al I admit my mistakes but I do not go around throwing false negatives … and narratives trying to sway ppl to run to Satan like he has all the answers. The deep state has made a pack with the devil and they will burn in hell forever…

    2. mac, we the ppl voted, we ignore pleas for support, as no one did anything to save our last election. We all realize that these pols in DC could care less what we wish them to do. The congress and the courts, have dirty laundry themselves, so are afraid it’ll be brought out on them, so they will not stand for we th people,IMO

          1. Their is nothing supreme about ppl not doing their job for which they all took an oath under perjury of insolvency and they will reap for what they have done

      1. Their agenda is to get rid of all of us and start over with the new world. Does it sound like or look like they are doing it ?? Till Jesus saved us again

        1. By us do you mean White people?
          Jesus was a Colored Jewball.
          The World is not White.
          White world domination is over.
          As is slavery.
          A short period of White enslavement would be amusing and fitting

          1. White were enslaved first if you know anything about history and that was along time ago. You can’t blame ppl today for what ppl did years ago…

      1. Different times different outcomes. Altogether different. You should not of said a thing Al it made you look stupid . Don’t remark unless you have something honest to say. Your remarks do not represent the majority of the ppl. The majority did (NOT) vote for Obiteme . The whole world knows this why don’t you!? The jab is up to a person. You can’t tell a person to get the jab when they already had the virus. Antibodies are stronger then any jab… also ppl crossing the boarder are exempt from the jab all the while ppl are loosing their jobs. Congress is exempt. Why is that AL ? Also why are postal workers exempt answer that one too AL. How come the army isn’t exempt. I guess maybe we are gonna have a new army pretty soon????

        1. Honestly Trump will not be in the White House in 2024.
          2025 is not looking good.
          There are more and more freshly minted RINOs everyday.
          There are no fresh Trumpers.
          They are withering on the vine.
          They can hardly get it up.
          They have no pollen.

        2. Well here we go social is gonna hire over a million ppl for her green deal bullshit. I guess that’s your new army. And they will probably be all foreign

        3. There is nothing stupid about saying that our forefathers endorsed the concept of slavery, honest
          The majority of Americans think that our forefathers endorsed the concept of slavery.
          Both McCain and Romeny beat Obama, by a landslide?
          Was it because of voter fraud that they were denied their clear victories?
          How many of the 2008 and 2012 vote fraudesters did Trump have arrested?
          Did he have them locked up with Hillary?
          Will they be punished by having to lick her stink star the same way Trump licked Stormy Daniels?.
          If you are in the military jabs are not up to you anymore than saluting.
          93% of the military have been jabbed, we just don’t need the other 7%, the Riech Wing faction.
          I guess you don’t know much the Army

          If you are going to continue working for me I will decide if you are going to jabbed.
          The government will be making the same decisions for the people it employees, including the military..
          The amount of antibodies from the vaccine is pretty well known.
          The amount from the infection is a function of how infected the person was.
          People who had to go on venelators have lots of antibodies, even the dead ones.
          The dead ones did not have enough.
          What percentage of Covid deaths in the last three months were the fully vaccinated?
          The people coming across the border are being jabbed, with permission

          Congress is exempt because Congress decided to exempt Congress.
          In their infinite wisdom they decided it would be more democratic to allow all of Congress to participate in democracy.
          What about that?
          The PO is not mandating the jab because Trump’s butt boy DeJoy is still draggimg his feet.
          Come the first of year the last of the Trump Donor Trash pile will be vaporized..
          If we have another Covid spike then the Posties will be told to take the baby or take a hike without a big leather pouch.
          As it should be..
          Employers want their employees vaccinated.
          Covid is bad for business.
          Sick and dead employees.
          Sick and dead customers.

          1. Ppl are not being jabbed at the boarder they are put on planes trains etc to infect the United States everywhere and they are doing it for the vote . All employees don’t want their workers vac either it is up to the individual person. You are gonna see a ton of law suit’s in the very near future you .

            Will also see things like getting gas or food or even Xmas presents besides getting your garbage picked up hard to find.

            You don’t know what is real going on if you did you would change your tune instead of putting both sides down.

            Congress is exempt why? Because it will do more harm then good that’s why? You talk with forked tongue your even sounding woke. What you said means nothing..

            And ppl who were infected depending on how bad they were infected depends on how much antibodies they have is bs if you were infected barely meant you naturally already have the antibodies in you. So mr woke wake up and start telling the truth. You don’t know what honesty means

          1. I treat all colors the same except the ones that need a shrink and your one of them. Funny how the woke yell racist when they can’t answer a question.

      1. America is woke.
        They fired Trump for poor job performance.
        He lost sixty three troops getting out of the lost Conservative War.
        Biden lost thirteen.

  2. Biden = incompentence reigns supreme, his functioning brain cells register so few he believes everything is America is just fabulous, running smoothly and in control!
    Pelosi has same cognitive degeneration Biden has…..why does no one address that publicly to the American people?

    1. Ppl are scared they are loosing their jobs cause they don’t want to take the jab, what about the Hippa laws. They are slowly taking our rights away. Pretty soon the constitution won’t mean a dam thing and you won’t have any rights at all. Migrants here illegally have more rights then we do. We are being forced to take the jab or loose what we have. Nurses teachers doctors etc. what will happen next. It’s gonna be a total catastrophe. Migrants are getting free everything while they are taking everything away from us. Ppl we are not devided we have more unity than you know. We can beat this we can beat them all we have power in numbers. Stick together ppl we have no other choice. Let’s save America

      1. When it comes to HIPPA law you are an ignoramus.
        HIPPA laws prohibit medical professionals from releasing a patients medical records without the patients permission.
        Conservatives fought HIPPA tooth and nail, data is money.
        Nothing prohibits an employer from demanding that employees cover their mouths, noses, infant feeding portals, urine/reproduction portals and fecal matter discharge portals.
        Or asking vaccine status.
        Of course the employee does not have to answer.
        Silence speaks volumes.
        Continued employment decisions are complex.
        The reason Trump is not in the White House is that you do not have the power in numbers.
        The minority does not rule in a democracy.
        That is called Elitism.
        Trump is as elite as they come.
        Rich, famous, a recent Democrat.

      1. They do not care how much you lie.
        It is the words you use that triggers the approval crap.
        TTN can’t tell truth from lies.

    2. Its not just incompetence, its willfulness and set plans for decades to destroy America with many globalists, politicians, and corrupt companies behind the change. Its called the New World Order.

    3. We need to face the facts, we no longer have a democrat party, we have a scared Republican party and a socialist/communist party. And this party in charge will not stand up for we the people. They are well aware of the mental decline of Biden, also his past corruption, and presently ignoring his son’s issues that border on criminality, but they are trying to keep their own jobs, and the Republicans seem to be afraid of them,IMO

    4. Americans prefer the cognition of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, et al over the cognition of a one man band failed brand promoter.

  3. As a disabled veteran I am appalled by the UTTER INCOMPETENCE of the bid en regime!!! The every day lies, deceit, hypocrisy, and the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE, of everything he and his family and appointees do is killing AMERICA and AMERICANS!!! And what really gets me is his disrespect of our our BRAVE SOLDIERS, active, reserves, disabled, veterans!!! He has TREASONOUS, COWARDLY, TRAITORS behind him, who HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES!!! CRIMES THAT ARE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH!!! Yes we have gen. milley, austin, they HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, I’m enraged about how these highest level military “people” act, SOLDIERS, EVERY DAY SOLDIERS, are the backbone of ALL branches, 95% of them see what these two do, and start asking why? Why do they have to follow two losers in uniform?
    Pardon me for the long msg, I am really just so pissed off!!!

    1. All caps makes it all true.
      Trump appointed Milley to his current position.
      Is Trump a treasonus cowardly traitor?
      As a highly decorated military Veteran you are keenly aware that you must follow the uniform above you
      Now go take bath in your own urine.
      You smell bad.

  4. god continues to bless his globalists and their puppets $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep and moderators and illegal criminal invader voters AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

    1. You got that wrong pal
      It’s Satan and only Satan backing this socialism agenda. And yes Satan is winning for now until the ppl come back to Jesus and then and only than will anything be done about this. The ppl must stand up if they don’t ? We are all gone

  5. Obama loves this shyt…he gets his stuff put out there and has a dumbass braindead stooge to do it and get the blame….hang obama and see what happens…then buydung,, and headboard Harris, schumer and piglosi….a good start imho!

  6. The whole of this Administration,JoBumma and their “Merry Band of Misfits” from top to bottom and in between are succeeding in” thinking” they are fooling the people of the USA
    since January of 2021 but the buyers remorse and the polls sing a different tune and it is the “people” of this great country of ours that will not go down to the evil we are witnessing in the past nine months.
    We saw a man in an empty suit claim he was going to” Fundamentally change the United States of America” and this predator had no intention of fading into the background but the “sleeping giant is waking up.

  7. Biden, has become the loose cannon that can’t be allowed to continue, this person has lost all American values, He has forfeited his right, to any position of power, If he won’t resign it’s time for impeachment, let’s get this done, before it’s too late. THE FREE WORLD STAGE WILL NEVER TRUST ANOTHER DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT, BIDEN, HAS SEEN TO THAT FOREVER, WHAT A CORRUPT DISLOYAL PERSON, NO SOUL NO HONOR, NO LOYALTY, NO ALLIES, JOE AND HIS LACK OF MORAL TURPITUDE, Time to hold the Biden family responsible for their crimes against our Nation, Time to hold his radical cabinet members responsible for their crimes against the American people, Time for full accountability on acceptance of money from foreign sources, who are adversarial to our Governmental and it’s ideals. principals. Biden crime family has been allowed to continue for too long. Time has come to hold the Biden’s for criminal acts against the American people. The Country can not continue on this path without the full input of Congress to hold the executive branch to the laws they created and that are in place to stop incompetent self elected dictatorships from taking our country and overreaching criminal political obfuscation by a mindless leader.

  8. All this evidence on corruption, dishonesty, collaboration with enemies, a coup and overthrow of the US government, enormous fraud in the 2020 election, the destruction of American sovereignty, not guarding the borders, locking people down and taking away rights under the constitution, and all we can do is talk about it. I think God will be the Judge and Jury because man has become totally irrelevant in doing his job.

  9. The latest is his photo-op of him getting a fake booster shot in a fake WH scene which leaves in question — were all these pictures of our so-called leaders getting the vaccine hoaxes. My gut feeling is that NONE of the clowns pretending to lead this country got vaccinated and the American people had better stay far away from the booster that seems to be doing more harm than good. There is more corruption in this administration than in any Mafia family this country ever had. Trouble is — it is not just biden,harris,piglosi or schumer but the scum muslim obama and the nwo elitists who are pulling all the strings.

  10. When Trump is returned to the White House should Presidential power be increased?
    Look at what it has done for Turkey, the Phillipenes, Brazil, Russia and Chiner

  11. Will Trump return to the White House with Frank Pillow stuck to his stink star on Turkey Day (Frankie Baby doesn’t do toad stools, he is a BBC kind of guy, heavy on the creme).


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