Supreme Court Will Hear Ted Cruz Campaign Finance Dispute

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

The Supreme Court will hear Senator Ted Cruz’s legal challenge to federal limits on reimbursing candidates for personal loans made to their campaign.

The Hill reports:

At issue is a provision of federal election law that sets a $250,000 cap on the amount of post-election donation money that a campaign can use to repay a candidate’s personal loan.

The dispute over the federal limit arose after Cruz put $260,000 of his own money into his 2018 reelection campaign and sued the FEC in April 2019 as he attempted to pay off his debt.

In June, a federal three-judge district court panel in Washington, D.C., sided with Cruz, striking down rules limiting how much money candidates can raise after an election to pay off loans.

In an initial ruling, the court found the repayment cap violated Cruz’s First Amendment rights.

“Because the government has failed to demonstrate that the loan-repayment limit serves an interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption, or that the limit is sufficiently tailored to serve this purpose, the loan repayment limit runs afoul of the First Amendment,” wrote Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The move comes after a lower federal court sided with Cruz, prompting the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to file an appeal.

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7 months ago

If someone other than the candidate lent money to the campaign, wouldn’t the campaign be obligated to repay that loan? Why should it be any different for the candidate?

glenn edward davis
glenn edward davis
7 months ago

All this for a paltry 10K. Meanwhile Hunter gets millions in ill gotten gains and nobody blinks an eye.

7 months ago

I agree it seems strange the Democrat klan can do as they please. like a Coin that has only one side something wrong.

7 months ago

I agree 100%, Hunter’s Hoe’s and Dealers are buying Islands in the Caribbean and retiring on what he blows on drug’s and women!
He needs to take a trip to Cuba,
(Guantanamo) not some Ritzy hotel!!!
Daddy Joe turns a blind eye on Hunter, Camel Toe, and Piglosi for their dirty deeds.

7 months ago

and yet the Bidino crime family skates away on Hunters Billions, and commissar cho stashes his in an old sock, probably his “Happy sock”, after the kids are gone.

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