WAX: Why Are Red States Going Easy on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate?

President Joe Biden greets House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Friday, July 30 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

You may have seen that map of nearly half the states in the union resisting Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. It almost feels like the GOP realized its true power, but no, their largely symbolic actions should only make all America Firsters demand more.

From the outset, let’s be clear that any and all state and local pushback against the vaccine mandate is welcome. Even symbolic action can grow popular support and morale. The real point, however, is that without the rightful and duty-bound exercise of power on top of what’s already in motion, the traditional American life will die and never come back. 

The vaccine mandate is a historic test for our federalist system of government. It’s not a test for the federal courts or a federal midterm election, no. This moment is about answering the question of whether or not the last amendment of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution means anything anymore.

The ink on our country’s founding charter was still drying when Thomas Jefferson said, “I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That ‘all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.’” 

He was quoting the Tenth Amendment. Then the man who outlined twice the right of rebellion in the Declaration of Independence continued: 

“To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.” 

So red states are suing or threatening to sue the Biden administration. Does any sensical American doubt that the White House foresaw that happening?

It doesn’t take a black-robed lawyer or even five of them to determine the constitutionality or lawfulness of this mandate. Biden’s circuitous plot to use unelected bureaucrats at OSHA to punish businesses with $14,000 fines for not requiring vaccinations of employees is an affront to the rule of law no matter what a federal court says.

The states themselves can determine the constitutionality of federal edicts. And to protect the rights of their people, they should prepare to interpose against or nullify the federal usurpation of power that properly resides at their level. 

So, why aren’t Republican leaders, even local ones, raising this as an option?

Keep in mind there are 16 states with Republican supermajorities in both legislative houses. There are 23 red states with a trifecta, meaning a Republican governor and Republican majorities in both houses.

Well over 137 million Americans (41.8 percent of the population) live in a GOP-trifecta state. This signifies power, and for too long Republicans have been queasy about using it. It’s time to get over that. 

Any one of these states could pass a law criminalizing enforcement of these vaccine mandate OSHA fines. Perhaps less confrontational measures would suffice, but even a stronger stance likely wouldn’t amount to any actual standoff with the feds.

The Tenth Amendment Center points out that OSHA has only about 800 officers. As with the war on drugs, gun control, and other out-of-control federal operations, they inevitably depend on local and state law enforcement for support.

There’s no way that on their own OSHA’s goons can touch anywhere close to half the 100,000 private sector companies that fall under Biden’s vaccine mandate. Red states should at the very least be vowing non-compliance, but again, they would also have the prerogative to defend their citizens from federal tyranny in a more active way as well. 

As Jefferson wrote in 1798, “where powers are assumed which have not been delegated a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

The left knows well the usefulness of states’ rights. Sanctuary states for illegal aliens and marijuana legalization are the best-known use cases, but there are more. The right has been slow to learn, except for the “constitutional carry” movement which has seen wild success in recent years.

It’s upon the grassroots to convince their respective local and state Republican parties that decentralization and nullification are the best strategies for holding and gaining ground amid a political realignment against the out-of-control left. 

Mises Institute president Jeff Deist recently asked, “What if the greatest political trend of the past two hundred years, namely the centralization of state power, reverses in the twenty-first century? What if this century is not about ideology, but about separation and location?” 

Too many Republicans fear using state power will escalate the current trend toward statism or that it will incite violence somehow. Quite the contrary. Sending a powerful message of “No!” an unconstitutional government is what’s needed to realize normalcy and peace in what’s left of our once free society.

If that “No!” isn’t proclaimed now, it never will be. Australia offers a glimpse of our near future if the Republican Party doesn’t start truly resisting this tyranny in a meaningful way.

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Gavin Wax is the 75th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

  1. Toughen up, Red States? Really? Every male who registers as a democrat is a body host for a girly-boy waiting to jump out. Don’t like that? Put it where the sun don’t shine, girlies.

  2. I’m just a simple old man living peacefully out here in radio-land. But I read mountains of material every day on this and many other topics. I’ve not seen an iota of evidence that confirms the need for a booster vaccination to the two I’ve already received. In fact the evidence for this whole recovery effort is sketchy at best.

    During my last visit, my doctor, an Air Force veteran, said he planned to take the booster as soon as it was available and advised me to do the same. Since then, we’ve all seen evidence that our leaders have no hard data and are winging it again. I now have doubts even though many have taken the booster with no ill effects.

    The postscript is I still plan to take the booster but my wife adamantly refuses.

    1. The hard data is that a lot the unvaccinated are dieing of COVID-19.
      The vaccinated, not so much.
      COVID-19 is new, only God has hard data.
      God created COVID-19, it did not evolve in a lab in Wuhan.
      Only God can create life, it does not evolve.
      Everything that has, does, or will exist God created in six days.
      Evolution is Satan.

      1. Wow, you actually believe God created covid. The hard data lies with Fauci. Have you not read the e mails he so desperately tried o keep hidden. Fauci is front and center of this man made virus from wuhan. Fauci is making a ton of money from the moderna vaccine which he is invested. These boosters are a joke. The vaccine does not prevent covid, it was a temporary treatment for covid 19 but it does not treat or prevent the variants like delta, mu. This has already been proven in Israel a very highly vaccinated country. Their covid deaths and covid cases are 80-90% vaccinated. Covid treatment and cure is with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine very, very safe drugs that have been around for many, many years not some experimental drug still going through trial phases where thousands and thousands and many more have been injured or died as a result.

          1. Yes that is true. God allows man and maybe Satan to do things as well. This COVID it not the life God creates but allows it to be created. We are not puppet for God. We have free will to obey or disobey God and God allows us the do what we wish. We just pay for our action later.

          2. God creates all.
            God created Satan.
            Why did God create Satan?
            To give humans a role model?

          3. To show the bad ppl like you Al
            You can’t have good without the bad.
            Has to be unequivocal balance in everything…

          1. That is not the issue. Many people are afraid of the side effects that have happen to a small part of the population so far. Today it still should be a choice since it is too new to know what will side effects be in the next 3-5 years. If you have had the COVID why do you need a shot? Many medicine have been taken off the market after 3-10 years after the side effects have been proven.

          2. Most vaccines need a booster shot at some point in time to maintain adequate levels of antibodies.
            No one is being forced to be vaccinated.
            No one is forced to cover their anus.
            If your anus is not covered and/or you are not fully vaccinated, including boosters, you may not enter any property over which I have control.
            That is a right that I will back up with my Second Amendment rights.
            Do you have any kind of a problem with my attitude?

          3. So many people live in fear.
            People who live in fear die.
            Was it wrong for Trump to rush the Trump Vaccine to market?
            Should he have kept it in clinical trials for at least 3 years just to make sure it was safe?
            10 years?
            Is it wrong for Biden to push people to take the Trump Vaccine?

            People who have had malaria get malaria.
            The vaccine has a stronger immune response than a mild case.

          4. The virus would’ve played itself out in time and yes would still be around like the flu. Can’t get rid of a virus especially when it evolves.

          5. That is the issue.
            The unvaccinated are dieing..
            The vaccinated are not.
            If you want Trump in 2024 get vaccinated.
            The Liberals are.

          6. Jim I don’t think 140,000 dead people plus all the other side effects you are talking about is a small part.

          7. Don’t you know by now that unless you have had the second shot for more than 14 days you are not considered to be vaccinated?

        1. The truth in Israel is that the 17% who are unvaccinated are 50% of the Covid deaths.
          No vaccine is perfect.
          No two human beings are identical.
          What percentage of infectiousness diease specialists are recommending Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to their patients.
          Trump supporters?
          What is your source of thousands and thousands of people dieing from the vaccine?
          Thousands and thousands of people who taken the vaccine have died.
          Thousands and thousands of people die every day.
          Heart and cancer are the major causes.
          Not vaccines

        2. It’s idiots like you who have caused our once great nation to fall apart. Of course only God can create life in any form. He creates destructive life to make us have to continue to use our gray matter and once we have a cure or a vaccine to hopefully eradicate, another one comes along. We’ve always had mandatory vaccines since I was born. Smallpox, polio, MMR, DPT, and then some. If you had your way smallpox would still be alive and well in the US of A.

      2. Bullshyt..its the vaccinated that are turning up with covid…have you always been a f–king sheep?

        1. The vaccinated are still getting Covid.
          The unvaccinated are still dieing of Covid.
          Have you always been ignorant?

      3. God created COVID-19, it did not evolve in a lab in Wuhan.” How do you base that statement on? Is it the bible or just what you think.

        1. If you believe in the Bible there is no such thing as evolution.
          Our Creator created every thing
          Things do not evolve.

      4. Bullshit. Tens of thousands are being murdered by being forced to take the jab. Hundreds of thousands are experiencing serious side effects.

      5. Not sure you have right data. The vaccinated are dieing in very high numbers. Just look at Israel. The vaccine which is not a vaccine at all is waning very badly down to 39% again in Israel which is the biggest trail on earth. God did not create Covid-19. Satan is behind this man made virus. Listen to your wife. Go to TheHighwire.com for real data, real doctors that have real in fabricated data that’s even taken from the CDC. Do your research.

    2. Take 5/10 thousand units of Vit D, take lots of zinc, and Vit C!! or quercetin also helps immunity and NOT WEARING THAT frigging mask helps with your immunity!!

      1. Can you get all that stuff at a General Nutrition Center in a strip mall?
        A farm supply store?

      2. I have talked to my doctor about quercetin.
        She says it is a waste of money.
        She is also strongly recommending that I get the booster.
        I am beginning to question her judgement.
        Does your doctor recommend quercetin?.
        Would you mind sharing her/his contact information?
        We need to get the word out about quercetin before it is too late.

  3. The Biden government, whoever is really calling the shots, has learned that they can do whatever they can get away with. The solution is NOT to let them get away with ANYTHING!

    A sobering thought is that we seem not to be, any longer, a moral and God-fearing nation. That was the caveat that was predicted to be a necessity for the Constitutional Republic to last. Sure, people are clamoring to come here to live (not for a short period of time, as Psaki says), but is it for our freedom or for our giveaways? The trouble is, there is nowhere else to go for those of us who are moral and God-fearing. Like Canadians said, “Don’t pass ObamaCare, we’ll have nowhere else to go.” But they did, and we don’t.

      1. I thank God for Trump and the Trump Vaccine.
        God Damn Biden for insisting that people take the God Damn Trump Vaccine

  4. Until now, the vaccines have been seen to be the only show in town. Besides, Hidin’ Biden has only to say that Trump was the one who pushed the vaccine solution. However, we have just yesterday heard about a Merck’s therapeutic that dramatically lowers the need to go to the hospital(it comes from Big Pharma, another big actor in this saga,

    I think it’s time to go on the offense.

    There has always been therapeutics as an option. The reaction from the left has been seriously downplaying this option. They use lies to call such therapies caustic and, just literally, horse shit. However, Ron Desantis has been successful because he’s built a network of centers in Florida for such treatment.

    There is also another weapon against the Damocrat’s policy and that is to accept that natural immunity exists. The Israelis have data that is the best solution if one has been so lucky. Now that we have breakthrough infections, the Israeli evidence is that natural immunity is much better than vaccination.

    Besides this new strategy, I suggest can remove the Sword of Damocles that hovers over us in fear of another deadly variant like Delta.

  5. Why in hell do you think? Do some investigations into governors finances and see who is getting soros or gates money???

    1. Have you done the investigations?
      Which govonors have received how much money from Soros and Gatze?
      Numbers count.
      How much have the govonors recieved from the Koch brothers and Putin?

  6. As usual, most Republican Congressmen and State Government leadership show little to no interest in tumbling with the Federal Govt over state rights.

    This has been the plight of the GOP — they are HUGE on collecting money for their party members, but when it comes to STANDING UP FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, they become unresponsive. Perhaps someone should spike their coffee with a couple of VIAGRA tablets to get a rise out of the GOP cowards?

  7. Problem is a huge number of state politicians have their eye on a Washington political position or job. That’s where the money is.

    1. That is why Trump went to Washington.
      There is no one richer than the sitting President of the US.
      Only four billion is peanuts.

  8. There is going to a Pride demonstration in DC on January 6th.
    A White Pride demonstration.
    Colored people and Jewballs will not replace us.
    They make us see red as it oozes from their bullet riddled bodies.
    Such fun.
    Lots more fun than smearing that stuff that oozes out of our stink stars when we sit at Pelosi’s desk.

  9. Before I would ev consider rolling up my sleeve, I would ask the nurse or doctor, what are the ingredients? If they can’t answer that question, run the other way. It’s that simple. Make your own decision but at least do some research first or ask questions.

  10. Thank God for the WOMEN in the Republican party…. They have bigger cojones than the MEN!!
    80% of the resistance to federal tyranny is being driven by the WOMEN in the party!!!
    We should have dumped the GOP after their January 6th betrayal and formed a Patriot party when we had the chance.. The GOP threw both Trump AND their membership under the bus that night, and can NEVER be trusted again.

    1. No one is strong enough to throw Trump under the bus.
      Not even General Milley.
      Never trust the Democrats, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Rebublicans, the GOP, the RINOs, the Police, the Military, your spouses, your children.
      Trust in god.
      And TRUMP!!!!!!!!
      The One True Son Of God……

  11. It’s obvious to anyone who cares to see that the GOP is a cowardly bunch of bought-out, sold-out cowards who are working under the table for the other team. The Dhimmicrat/Communist Party could never have gotten this far in the past 40 years without the GOP materially aiding their take-over by sitting off to the side doing NOTHING about it.

    Which is where they are right now. Election fraud – nothing to see here folks, move along. Entirely illegal vaccine mandates – what’s vaccine? Indoctrinating kids in our schools – what kids? Wide open borders – we have borders, who knew?

    And by the way, what did DJT do about any of it during his 4 years? The same thing the GOP did.


      1. Get a genuine life, Rudolf, you bore us all here with your endless repeating comments. You Leftists promote Communism 24/7 but try to hide it by blaming it all on everyone else. Really, you’re ignorant, brainwashed and BORING. Try Huffington, they’ll LOVE you there!

  12. What we are witnessing now in America is very similar to the onset of the National Socialist Party of Germany’s(NAZIS) total destruction of a nation and its principles of good over evil. The death of their reign should NEVER be allowed to repeat itself. ABSOLUTE POWER WILL ALWAYS BE TOTALLY DESTRUCTIVE!!! Those who cannot see the reality of this are just merely naive, but are down right stupid. This where studying history is important.

  13. The shots do not work, the News Media , owned by the richest of the rich,, hides the truth, about hundreds and thousands of people having sick effects from taking the shots , and the real truth about those who died after taking the shots, Biden Harris , are both failures,(lets not forget the failure in Afghanistan), but the terrible part, if you impeach both, you will have crazy Pelosi, she is the devil in sheep clothing, you will not know who it is, till to late, and it is the case with Pelosi, she grew followers such as the devil did in the bible… The best hope we can have is to get rid of Pelosi,,(going to be hard, for she knows professional how to rig votes),, then impeach both at the same time, they both are failures, Biden and Harris,, then we will have a ROP seat to take over, maybe then at that point we can save America from the worse presidents of politic history, Biden and Obama, 3rd in line is the bushes,,, We been going down a long history path of failed presidents, time to change that, The DemocRats need to go period and lets pray the ROP will hold that 3.5 trillion crazy package Biden and Pelosi is pushing , with half of it ear marked for their pets…..


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