Dem. Senator Introduces Covid Requirements for Domestic Flights


Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a bill that would increase Covid requirements for domestic air travel.

Townhall reports:

The goal of the U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act is to “reduce passenger, crew member, and airport personnel risk of exposure to COVID-19 [and] decrease the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on board aircraft and to United States destination communities through air travel.”

The legislation would require all domestic travelers to show proof of vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test, or that the individual fully recovered from Covid-19.

“We know that air travel during the 2020 holiday season contributed to last winter’s devastating COVID-19 surge. We simply cannot allow that to happen again,” Feinstein said in a statement.

“Ensuring that air travelers protect themselves and their destination communities from this disease is critical to prevent the next surge, particularly if we confront new, more virulent variants of COVID-19. This bill complements similar travel requirements already in place for all air passengers – including Americans – who fly to the United States from foreign countries. This includes flights from foreign countries with lower COVID-19 rates than many U.S. states.

  1. time to ‘retire’ Feinstein…..even a lot of DNC doesn’t support her anymore and this is one of her ploys to try and save her job of destroy the US, supporting illegals and not supporting Americans…..

    1. I agree, I think she is just too old & like Joe Biden doesn’t have the capability to make sane & rational decisions. I’m not sure what it is about Democrats but as they age they become not only more senile they grow to hate America & those of us who are LEGAL citizens, it has become past time we take ALL of their power away including their ability to make decisions not just where we are concerned but take power away from making decisions for their selves as well.

  2. She is too old to know what’s going on- of course, Congress is exempt from Vaccines- does she fly domestically?
    What a hypocrite!

      1. Why are so many people blind to the corruption of these Marxists? I’ll answer that: They’ve been brought up that way, and don’t you try to change them. A stone wall would be softer.

    1. It’s not so much about age, as the power goes to their heads and their brains deteriorate. Whether it’s dementia or megalomania, she has to go.

  3. What BS some are exempt but the rest of us have to do as we’re told, screw her and all the democrats. This vaccine is a joke I have a coworker right now fully vaccinated and in the hospital with covid not the delta variant. If this vaccine works those that are vaccinated shouldn’t have to worry about those not vaccinated.

    1. Lisa the vaccine does not work. If you look at the TRUE stats from Great Britain or Israel you would see 47% of the deaths in those countries are fully vaccinated people. This pandemic of unvaccinated people is only in the mind of our pedofile and chief Bumbling Biden I’m not sure but a Senator or representative named Johnson gave a speech in Congress with all the facts. Look it up really interesting.

    2. We are looking at Nazi Germany right here in the US! The vaccine doesn’t work as promised and is creating many other health issues, including increased death. If you look at VAERS, you will find that over 7,000 people have died FROM the vaccine related adverse effects. Typically if a vaccine has 50 deaths it is pulled from the market as unsafe. This isn’t about the health of the citizens, it is about making people comply with the dictators in charge. Why all the exceptions for Congress, US Postal Service, etc? In fact, in an Israel study, they found those vaccinated were 7 times more likely to get covid!

    3. Liberal hypocrisy in action. This is what happens when voters elect DO-AS-I-SAY-AND-NOT-AS-I-DO politicians.

      1. It’s called fascism, and half the people are believing every lying word. I go into stores and see 90% of the people and children still wearing masks, because their governor said so. It’s just disgusting. Many doctors have repeatedly said, masks don’t work, but the media won’t cover them.

    4. That’s right. We don’t hear about the people who have been badly harmed by the vaccine and those who have died of it. We have very good treatments for Covid if their doctors use them, but the regime is limiting them, which is really evil. We have no idea what the long term effects of it will be. It was rushed so we can’t know yet. But the short term effects have already caused enormous harm to several age groups. According to many doctors the pandemic was over long ago. The death rate has gone down. The Delta variant while more transmissible, is less problematic. It’s all just a power trip for these damnable Marxist politicians,

  4. We need to wise up, and treat the Covid has the Swedish do. Has a seasonal illness. The Communist Democrats need to be put out of office. So tried of the Democrats trying to restrict and violent an American’s constitutional rights. Are for fathers must be turning in their graves.

    1. I don’t know what G.F.T. means but I think I would agree with you, Captain, based upon your description of the party cooperating with evil in America.

  5. I guess the commecial Airplane industry is fixing to go broke. Don’t ask for hand out, from the American people. We can make you or break you. Your part of the deep state cabal.

  6. who the hell does she think she is? They the Democrats just flew positive refugees all over the country to ensure this COVID outbreak was not over. Now she wants to mandate that the rest of us legal Americans can’t fly unless we get a shot of something these liars are pushing down our throat! I one am tired of these elected officials not asking the American people what they want. All of them should be held accountable for their incompetence that caused this pandemic. They darn sure should not be telling the rest of us what to do after their gross negligence.

      1. There’s nothing likeable about Feinstein or her peers. They’re only in it for the millions they make and their need for power. They must all be narcissists. I thought Obama was the worst, but the Marxist Senators are just the same.

  7. There must not be a great urgency in forcing everyone to be vaccinated, if anyone coming into the USA are not required to have these vacinations!!! What happened to equal justice
    under the law! Democrats continue to ignore LAW!!

    1. Arizona’s AG has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration because of this, with exactly that claim. This isn’t equally applying the law. They don’t want covid to stop because then they can’t mandate mail in ballots everyone!

    2. They are the law! They make it up as they go. The oath they took was broken decades ago and term limits are the only way to get them out, or vote them out, if we can ever trust an election again.

  8. I will drive, you will not threaten me, the only man I will bow to is my God! He said to trust Him so I will

    1. I used to love flying, but I don’t trust the lack of maintenance, poor security etc. I also loved train travel, but now derailments have happened a little too often, so I think I’ll just drive instead.

  9. Does Tyrant Feinstein include all illegals in her mandate? I understand the “12-15,000, maybe more” Haitians were disseminated throughout the US without any COVID test or vaccine. Same for the 7000 unvetted Afghans. Why is she picking on US citizens and giving illegals a “pass”?
    How about the new wave of 400,000 illegals set to invade Texas very soon?

    Can I denounce my citizenship, go to Mexico, cross back illegally, and then be exempt from the Communist Democrats tyranny?

  10. Do you truly care about the American people, Feinstein? Then let’s do a proper dive into the Chinese spy who was your driver for two decades. Let’s look into that. But since there is never any accountability for democrats who sleep with spies, make up Russian collusion narratives, launder money, ignore actual news about a Biden laptop, keep the borders open to massive child enslavement, trafficking, massive drug bombardment into our country, and send incredible amounts of cash to Iran in the dead of night via planes….and you want to invade the public’s ability to buy a ticket and fly on a plane? Not until we investigate YOU and your corrupt party. Not until then.

  11. With these totalitarian requirements I will no longer be using the airlines. If I fly at all I will hire private airplanes. If enough passengers boycott the airlines and if enough airline employees quit the industry will be hurt badly economically then they will complain to the politicians who are worried about contributions and will back off on the requirements.


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