Report: Trump’s Advisers are Telling Him to Hold Off on 2024 Announcement

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New reports indicate Trump is being warned by his advisers not to make any official announcements about the 2024 presidential election despite Trump already having made up his mind to run.

According to The Hill:

The Washington Post reported Monday, citing people familiar with discussions, that advisers are telling the former president to remain patient regarding his 2024 plans, despite his eagerness to launch the campaign in August, when the country was watching the messy Afghanistan withdrawal.

Sources told the Post that some of Trump’s advisers were nervous that an early announcement from Trump could cause Democrats to focus their 2022 midterm campaigns around the former president, which could potentially lead to an increase in their turnout and an unfavorable finish for Republicans.

Advisers are also reportedly telling Trump that he could be a more effective advocate for 2022 candidates in his sole capacity as a former president rather than a future candidate.

Trump has also reportedly been told that if he announces a bid for president now he may be subject to equal time rules on television, which could stymie his efforts to stump for GOP candidates.

Trump has repeatedly hinted that he will launch a third presidential campaign. Recently, he was asked if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were to challenge him in 2024 what he thought the outcome would be and confidently said he would beat him along with anyone else in the running.

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1 year ago

WAPO seems to fear President Trump. I like that.

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