Sen. Manchin Indicates He Won’t Support Dem’s Filibuster Workaround

Joe Manchin Speaks at Governor Hogan's Press Conference about infrastructure by Steve Kwak via Wikimedia Commons

Moderate Democrat Joe Manchin is giving his Democrat colleagues more bad news as he indicates he still remains steadfastly opposed to changing the filibuster. The news comes as Democrats were hoping to use a filibuster “carve-out” to avoid a fight with Republicans over the country’s debt limit.

The Hill reports:

“I’ve been very very clear where I stand on the filibuster. Nothing changes,” Manchin told a gaggle of reporters outside of his Senate office.

Manchin’s comments come as the idea of a “carve-out” from the legislative filibuster, which requires 60 votes for most legislation, has gained steam within the Senate Democratic caucus

But changing the legislative filibuster even just for a narrow carve-out on the debt ceiling was a heavy list for Senate Democrats given entrenched opposition to making changes to the 60-vote rule from Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

To invoke the “nuclear option,” Democrats would need total unity from their 50-member caucus and Vice President Harris in the chair to break a tie. A spokesman for Sinema didn’t immediately respond to a question on Wednesday about if she would support creating a carve-out from the filibuster for the debt ceiling.

On Monday, Senator Manchin noted he thinks the filibuster and debt limit should be two separate issues and Democrats should find a different way to achieve their goal.

“The filibuster has nothing to do with debt ceiling. Basically, we have other tools that we can use and if we have to use them we should use them,” Manchin said.

  1. Sinema already knows AZ is not behind her party at all. Especially now as we see the cheating results of 2020. Liars, thieves and crooks sums up the DNC and currently the queue of dishonored imbeciles like the gaggle of hens. Disgusting idiots all of them. Manchin and Sin can’t rock the boat in their respective states.

    1. AZ has a marginally Republican Governor and a Democrat for Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction.
      49% of the AZ Legislature is Democrat.
      AZ is not a Republican State.
      AZ is not a Trump state.
      No matter how many times the CyberNinjaHackers count the votes.

  2. Manchin is not a real moderate…when you look at the full political spectrum. West Virginia is Trump oriented so he parades as a moderate. The it comes to the actual vote he’ll swing to the left…

    1. But he hasn’t and you should be supporting him to date instead of being critical. The two of them are standing against a full-blown loss of this country. I don’t want that, and you shouldn’t either.

      1. First, that’s a lie. During the Obumer years (with Joey), coal production was nearly non-existent. Under Trump, it didn’t go down 23%, it went up 35%. Second, get facts straight, liar.

      2. Not true Coal production was up during Trump!Obama wanted to shut it all down.With no jobs created to replace coal jobs.Im from West Virginia.My whole family are coal miners.Opioid deaths were definitely up but they were everywhere!

  3. The Democrat Socio/Marxist party has betrayed the Republic. Where in the name of Hades did this new crew come from? Mean, nasty , judgmental,violent semi civil leftists that hate America and half it’s population. There used to be a few moderates but even they are following the pied piper of Marxism. It’s time to marshal up and save Democracy.

      1. Susanna…..AND the result of BHO bringing all the muslims from Somalia and placing them all in one area so that they constitute a majority of voters; hence the far-leftists America-hating gang: Omar, Thalib, etc..

      2. All education is indoctrination.
        “Indoctrination is the process of inculcating a person with ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or professional methodologies.” 

      3. The result of all education is indoctrination.
        the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs”
        That education is free on Sundays.

    1. The farthest right globalist puppet munchkin and globalist puppet cinema will go is to globalist puppet rino .

    2. Wife and I have been saying this for months. If these two don’t go along with the Nazi Party, they will disown them, anyway. Might as well change parties.

    1. Stand strong.
      Do exactly what Trump tells you to do.
      We need 320 more like those two.
      Then the US will have one party rule just like all the very best Communist countries.

  4. Senator Manchin has issues that make him unfit for Democratic communist Party membership. Listing those faults,
    he loves his country and his state’s citizens
    he refueses to bankrupt this nation and create massive inflation
    he fears these two bogus bills will hurt his poorer supporters with high prices on necessities
    the poor guy‘s greatest weakness is he is the most honest politician in the Capital now. Honestly a quality no one could survive in politics. He is a floating bloomed lily pad amongst a cess pool of human floating smelly lying turds in the majority party.
    This guy should be president, but only lying thieves and leftest crap control the once great Democratic Party now.
    look Senator Manchin is too liberal, but holy good Molly, this guy is the most one honest amongst most of congress. This man should be respected by everyone he has guts, courage, and honesty on his side.

    1. He should be. As a conservative I get tired of the criticism of these two because right now, they stand against total destruction of this country. I get irritated with those that are supposed to care about this country on these echo chamber sites.

      1. Now return to globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network and they will protect you from the truth and having your little feelings hurt .

  5. Good for Senator Manchin! I’m impressed! A democrat with intelligence and insight. He needs to jump the fence and join the Conservatives who acknowledge issues and deal with them on an intelligent level. Not all Republicans do that. The RINOs definitely need a good swift kick in the butt, but you might bruise their brains!

    Something for Senator Sinema and Senator Manchin should think about:

    1. Those Activist ILLEGALS who attacked Sinema and forced her to retreat into a bathroom stall ARE THE OFFSPRING OF THE DEMONRAT PARTY! Their very own political party created those two goons by opening our borders and encouraging “ACTIVISM” in our young people that have ended up destroying our large cities and personal properties! THAT HAPPENED UNDER IGNORANT DEM LEADERSHIP!

    2. The PRESENT DEMOCRAT PARTY IS TAINTED WITH “VENDETTAS” AND GETTING EVEN WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP INSTEAD OF JUST DOING BUSINESS TO KEEP OUR NATION SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL. This is a “sickened” political party and anyone associated with it will become tainted and sickened themselves!**

    Both Senators really need to think hard about who they are associated with because Americans are watching what is happening closely AND TAKING NOTES! If I were either of them, I’d drop that cancerous demonic party and choose another affiliation that isn’t as POISONOUS as those nasty Covid vaccines!

    ** In my last job I was responsible for ALL final interviews of new applicants wishing to work at our establishment. I earned that position because I could “READ” people’s goodness or inability to be honest. Our establishment, one of the largest and most Successful Mercedes Benz Dealerships on the West Coast, had a reputation to keep with our customers and employees. I made sure all new hires were ethical — something I could do all of my life.
    When one of our Dept Mgrs refused to accept my negative opinion and hired a man anyway, he found out that his new hire was stealing $$ from our cash register daily and stealing high end car parts and selling them on the side. That new hire left us in one month, in handcuffs, with the police escort!
    Eventually the dept mgr apologized to me for not believing what I saw. He never doubted me again!

    The reason I told this event is to tell Americans there is a darkness over D.C. because of the unethical actions being done daily to our Nation! The darkness appeared when BHO took office and disappeared when President Trump was elected! There was light shining all over D.C. (except Pelosi who had a continual black cloud hanging above her — that’s where the darkness stayed while DJT was in office). When Joe Biden was “installed”, Pelosi’s dark single cloud enlarged into huge storm clouds and keeps growing every day unless it is stopped.
    You can believe me or not. God gave me the ability to feel goodness and badness from individuals — and D.C. is full of darkness and bad thoughts — whether the Dems even are aware of their doings or not— they are destroying our Nation AND NEED TO BE HANDCUFFED AND MARCHED OUT OF OUR CAPITOL BY THE MILITARY POLICE.

    When “darkness” consumes an area of people they no longer are in charge — like that new hire who was caught stealing. If they can no longer control their own actions perhaps it is time WE CONTROL THEM OURSELVES? Think hard on this! Nothing is going to change in D.C. unless Americans make that change themselves!

    1. Vendetta?
      You ain’t seen nothing yet.
      Just you wait for Trump’s glorious return to the White House on Thanksgiving like Frank Pillow promised.
      Come Christmas the streets will be flowing red with vendetta.

  6. globalists will end up murdering globalist puppet munchkin if he does not continue to preach globalist agendas .

  7. Washington has grown so far out of wack and corrupt, that its not repairable any more. You’d like to hope that someone in the Democrat party has some common sense.

  8. None of this would be of any concern if Trump had strong enough to win the the House, the Senate and the Presidency.
    The Communist Trifecta, one party rule.


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