Local News Reporter Fired for Refusing Vaccine

Photo of someone receiving a vaccine. Photo from Pixabay.

An employee at a local Missouri news station was fired after more than a decade at the company for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Linda Simmons applied for an exemption to the vaccine requirement but was denied by her company, a growing trend amongst the private sector forcing employees to choose between the vaccine and their livelihoods.

According to The Hill:

I value the freedom we all have to make our own informed decisions,” Simmons said in a Facebook post on Friday. “I’ve made a big decision and decided not to allow the company that owns KY3, Gray Television, to control my personal health choices. I did not comply with their vaccine mandate after my exemption request was denied. I will miss you all, and I am sad to be leaving this way, but I have confidence that I am doing God’s will for me.”

During an interview on local radio, Simmons said after Gray Television notified all employees about its decision to require vaccines in the workplace, she applied for an exemption the same week, the Kansas City Star reported.

Simmons said she had a “sinking feeling” after learning her request had been denied, and said she was one of three other employees at the station who were terminated over refusal to comply with the vaccine requirement.

In the August memo to employees, Gray reportedly said its executives had unanimously decided to require vaccines for all employees in the workplace, citing spiking coronavirus cases nationwide at the time.

  1. Good luck in your job search. Hopefully the customers hit them in the pocket book where it counts. Not right.

  2. Rise up, stand your ground, refuse the toxic bio-weapon vaccine. If enough of us rise up and refuse the vaccine even to the point of being fired from our jobs the economy will grind to a halt and the tyrants will need to relent.

      1. You’re the one who apparently doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The vaccine doesn’t work or those vaccinated wouldn’t have to worry about those of us that choose not to take it.

          1. No I’m not! You can still get Covid so you’re vaccine doesn’t work if it did you shouldn’t care what I do! So by all means keep getting your boosters fill yourself full of something that doesn’t work!

          2. How are unvaccinated affecting your freedoms? Thats completely stupid, a vaccine is for the person getting it not for others.

          3. In a Startrek film episode, Spock said: “The need of the many supersedes the needs of the few” Why is it freedom issue when the whole Nation is at stake.

      2. The fact is, this is a VERY DANGEROUS group of drugs, responsible for more adverse events in less than a yr, than all 70 approved vaccines have caused together over the past 15yrs. The worst is that in order for them to work, your natural ability to fight disease in general MUST be suppressed, or the spikes are rejected, like any foreign protein. You have no defenses against any disease!

    1. In this case, it was fear and stupidity. This vaccine is the most studied vaccine of all time, and it is effective. But go back and put your tinfoil hat on and read the conspiracy theorists.

      1. BS this Vaccine has killed more than all Vaccines in 20 Years combined 75% of Israel all vaccinated Hospitalized Also all animals died is Study

        1. What a bunch of BS. The population of the US during polio was 150 million half of today. Besides they could track deaths like today.
          Only 3000 people have died from the vaccine. 700,000 have died from Covid. You need to look at the math and the risks.

          1. What you said is a bunch of bs!!! Healthcare professionals say that the paperwork involved in submitting those that have died from the vaccine is overwhelming and they don’t even bother. But actually those that have died from the vaccine is over 15,000 that we know of. Biden being the lying pos he is will never release the actual numbers since they are high. Pfizer is even studying why so many are having heart attacks within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. You liberals will buy anything they tell you.

          2. I am not a liberal. You have been brainwashed, The vaccine has caused 15,000 hospitalizations with about 3,000 deaths. Covid has killed 700,000. You are not being smart about this. It’s the unvaccinated causing the spread of the Delta versus. 98% of new Covid cases are holdouts like you. Wise up

          3. That 98% is data from last December. The vaccinated are getting infected. The unvaxed are healthy people or already immune.
            The jabs have killed at least 16,000 in the US alone. CDC says only 7% of covid deaths were covid only. The rest were people near death already. A bit less than 3 million Americans die every year,

          4. Jay, I fully agree with you!! Vaccines work and there is no valid excuse for not getting the shots other than an allergy to the compounds.

          5. Covid deaths are being WAY over inflated, and I know lots of people in health care that verified that.

      2. Are you Fucking Crazy or something ! I know several people personally who have taken this shot and Died after taking it ! I know several people who have had adverse reactions after taking it ! Most studied vaccine? It usually takes years of studies to really get a true picture of the affects a vaccine has on individuals, and this one was put into affect in a few month .. Millions of people have become ( Ginnie Pigs ) is whats happening right now. And now they want to make us mandatory ( Ginnie Pigs ) .. I pray that all goes well for you, but I want be taking it !
        They say: The Unvaccinated are putting the Vaccinated at risk . Well that just contradicts what they told us to begin with . They said the Vaccine would protect us from getting the Virus .. Now they say : You can still catch the Virus, but it just want do you as bad .. Thats A Crop Of Bull Shit ! I also know some friends of mine who have had the Vaccine, Caught the Virus and are no longer with us on this Earth, Or in our presence anyway .. So maybe you need to study al little more yourself on this vaccine and stop believing everything your Government is telling you ..

          1. God don’t you liberals ever get tired of attacking people that you disagree with? You’re the liar, you just spread the bs that pos Biden and Fauci tell you.

          2. I am not a liberal. Why do you unvaccinated fools think only liberals are vaccinated? See that’s your problem. I know many vaccinated conservatives like myself who have been vaccinated. We are all doing fantastic. I know many unvaccinated conservatives who aren’t vaccinated. Recently many of them have gotten very sick from Covid. I am perfectly fine. They now wish they had been vaccinated. Too late. Some will have long term problems.
            I could care less if you get vaccinated. It’s your choice. What I don’t like are people like you who spread lies about the vaccines. I also don’t like you spreading it to each other which affects my freedoms.

          3. Everything you say is a lie. If you’re vaccinated and it works it shouldn’t matter what others do. Nobody is affecting your freedoms you have your card go and do whatever you want.

          4. I know people that had adverse effects and people that died from the jab, I don’t know anyone that died from covid

        1. Very well said! It is those Spike Proteins that are destroying humanity..there are a lot of ‘vaccines’ that have done less harm and been pulled from their use…Sabine vaccine for Polio and the Swine Flu vaccine. When they do more harm than good, there is a problem.

      3. It most certainly is not the most studied vaccine of all time, you seriously can’t be that stupid. But I am glad that stupid people like you are willing to pump yourself full of it. If it worked none of those people that are vaccinated would have to worry about those that aren’t. Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries and they have the highest infection rate, so go spew your bs somewhere else.

        1. Talk about hateful. I would never wish you get Covid. But again you are spreading falsehoods. It is true Israel is the most vaccinated. It is also true the infection rate is high right now. However , it is mostly the unvaccinated getting the Delta variant and spreading it. Some vaccinated are getting it from the unvaccinated that is true but they are not getting deadly sick. This is typical of any vaccines. They are never 100% affective.
          I have been vaccinated. It’s been months. I am perfectly fine. My vaccinated friends and family are fine. My unvaccinated friends are getting Covid. I wish you the best.

          1. No you want to believe that the unvaccinated are spreading it they are not. Again your vaccine doesn’t work, you’re really gullible.

          2. I had Covid in January and recovered along with my entire household. I haven’t had and WILL NOT get the poison vaccine. I haven’t had the so called Delta variant and I’m not worried because I have herd immunity. If you took the vaccine and you believe it works then you should have no worries about me or anyone else getting the vaccine because you’re now immune right? People are really dying from the vaccine regardless of how many so why should I have to take the vaccine? My choice has no effect on your freedom which I spent 12 years defending so don’t tell me what choices I need to make.

          3. Sorry friend but I had Covid last march and made it through just fine. Do me a favor though and keep your mask on so you don’t spread your spike from your vac to me or anyone else, you need to grow up snowflake and learn to think for youself.

  3. Where are the lawsuits when companies refuse to accept exemptions? My daughter filed a medical exemption and wasn’t required yet to provide backup materials – they just accepted it. Many are filing religious exemptions and those are being denied. Employees should all be filing lawsuits against the denial of our 1st amendment rights. Are they being filed? Is this information being covered up?
    With the exposure of using aborted fetal tissue in creating the Pfizer vaccine with Project Veritas, religious exemptions should be accepted.
    I can’t believe we are living in times like this! I am at a loss. People say stand strong, refuse. But when it is your ability to feed your family and keep a roof over your head, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Somehow this must be stopped – sooner rather than later – before they infect the entire population, and before far too many have lost everything.

        1. Get you’ head out of your ass. This is a free country for now, each person has freedom of choice. Those that try to take away freedoms will surely have to answer.

        2. Really? What lies. The fact’s that I have beenvaccinated and feel great .Or the fact I am a conservatives or the fact that the unvaccinated are the ones getting, spreading and dying from Covid?
          Which one is the lie?

          1. You watch too much CNN. If you’re vaccinated why would you get sick? If you’re vaccinated and it works you won’t get sick. Thousands more than you say have died from the vaccine or have horrible side effects just because you didn’t have them means nothing. Younger people are having heart attacks and strokes so much so they are rushing through studies just like they rushed this vaccine.I won’t take that worthless shot that can also kill me.

  4. She was stupid to not take the shot. This shot is the most studied vaccine in history, and it is proven effective.

    1. If this is so great then why are so many people dying from the side effects and why are so many in the medical field refusing to take it? Do they know something that we’re not being told? The most misinformation is coming from our own government with all their constant changing on their message.

          1. Yes about 3000. Look I could care less is you get vaccinated. I could care less if you get Covid. The sooner it spreads through our communities the sooner it will be over. Good luck.

          2. No over 15,000 check you facts. There is also pages and pages that need to be filled out and hospitals have said they don’t bother to do it. They got money for reporting covid deaths but there isn’t money for deaths from the shot.

    2. You do know that Covid 19 wasn’t a vaccine they were working on before the end of 2019 into 2020 right? God you stupid liberals just make s*** up and think people will believe you. I hope people as stupid as you keep getting those boosters, weeding out the dummies. If the vaccine worked it wouldn’t matter if others were vaccinated you’re pathetic,

      1. Yep apparently all they want is people who are willing to pump this bs into them. IF your vaccine works why does it matter if I am vaccinated????????????????????????

        1. Yes it matters. What is wrong with you?
          One last time. 3000 people have died from the vaccines. 700,000 have died from Covid.
          The unvaccinated are getting, spreading and dying from the Delta variant. They are giving Covid to the vaccinated. The vaccinated get mild symptoms where they can spread it to you. The unvaccinated die. The vaccinated are waiting for you all get it so we can move on.
          Good bye.,

          1. You just keep lying about the deaths from the vaccine way more than 3,000 . None of the numbers the CDC gives in anything are accurate but you believe what you want. I only wish people like you would just go away!

  5. Liberal companies are doing this. The 100 or more Rule is not even Law so they are only hurting themselves since this Vaccine does nothing to prevent Spred from happening

          1. I won’t tell you where you can go. I go where I want do what I want. You might be the one who should stay inside since you’re terrified and you know that vaccine doesn’t work.

    1. Most small companies are conservative. They are protecting themselves. You see as soon as one of you unvaccinated get Covid in the work place and die from Covid you’ll sue the company for not protecting you.

  6. Is it a chip on your right hand or a bar code on your hand that comes next? This is what will occur next. This is simply a test to see if individuals will do what they say. Whether you believe it or not, it will come. Take a look at what’s going on in Italy. If you don’t have a vaxx passport, you won’t be able to buy or sell. You won’t be dining in any restaurant, and the hotel will check on your passport. No vaxx no service. You see where I’m going with this.

  7. What the liberal sheep don’t realize is that their freedoms are next. Blindly walk into the mouth of the wolf…. No ‘vaccine’ (I place it in quotes because technically, it is NOT a vaccine) has had this many disastrous side effects in the last 30 years. If you are able to, pull up the CDC’s VAERS info. They don’t share it openly with the public (you’ll see why). Forced vaccination is unconstitutional. If the sheep are fully vaccinated AND their precious vaccine is so effective, what the hell are they afraid of??

  8. At our local TV Station our meteorologist, who had been there over 30 years, was fired for not getting the vaccine.

    1. These fired people all need to get a free lawyer and appeal! They’ve been winning their cases!! Forced vaccines are the work of ww2 Nazi Germany!!! Read your history Liberals!!

  9. So when someone loses a family member after getting the vaccine do they get to sue the employer and the government? Biden being the cowardly pos he is issues these moronic mandates for a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work.

    1. You are forgetting that President Trump is responsible for the vaccines. I Thank President Trump for saving millions of people. You just may not be one of them. Good luck.

      1. Jay, there is a saying my father gave me years ago and you and those of your ilk are the very essence of it: ‘A man convinced against his will
        Is of the same opinion still.’
        So, Lisa, et al, do not cast your pearls before swine as this poor lost fool will never hear. Even though he has ears. His heart and mind are closed as well as Satan has a hold of this simpleton.

      2. Yes, Jay, again, I fully agree with you. Seems intelligence in this discussion is in very short supply! The vaccine works, is reasonably safe, and only ignorant healthy people will refuse to take it.

  10. On newsmax tonite there is going to be a good accounting for COVID. From what I read it is going to be on Spicer or possibly Greg Kelly. About time. Newsmax has been my qstation since it came on.

  11. I’m very sad to see how angry and irrational some of the previous comments are, so I’m really not joining this discussion. I just want to clarify something. Getting a vaccine is not just about ME. Being vaccinated protects other people by slowing the spread especially among children who can’t get vaccinated and immunosuppressed people for whom the vaccine may be less effective. The idea is to prevent what has happened in many places — hospitals being unable to treat seriously ill people because of being overwhelmed with Covid cases. Also the less it spreads the less it mutates. [The numbers released of people dying are of people dying AFTER the vaccine not BECAUSE of the vaccine. There’s a big difference.] The sooner we get vaccinated the sooner we can have the social freedom we were used to.


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