Trump Adviser Explains Why Biden Keeps using a Fake White House Set

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President Biden’s bizarre nature keeps getting stranger as the months pass on. Now, people are wondering why Biden keeps opting to use a fake White House set for speaking events instead of the actual White House. On Wednesday, Biden spoke from the set that’s actually located in the Eisenhower building, which is roughly a three-minute walk between the two buildings on the White House complex.

The bizarre set is made to look like the White House and features a digital window that depicted a fully bloomed rose garden in the background and it’s making Americans question why Biden is jumping through these hoops and what he’s actually hiding. However, Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to President Trump offered a theory that makes total sense, Biden needs the setup to be able to read digital monitors.

According to Fox News:

The video set, which was constructed across from the White House in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, is used by Biden for video conferences and events broadcast online. Featuring professional monitors and lighting, it is the same set Biden used to show himself receiving a third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

The set, which includes a small seating area for members of the press and others in attendance for events, also plays host to virtual meetings for Biden and other members of his administration.

  1. Because he’s been using a fake set since January when he couldn’t enter the real WH. Now too many people know so they have to come up with something.

    1. Biden moved into the real WH on Jan. 20.
      Trump moved out of the real WH on Jan. 20.
      He will not be back during Biden’s first term.
      Most likely never.

        1. Trump actually got 53 million more votes than Biden.
          Trump won by a landslide.
          The biggest landslide in the greatest nation on earth.

        2. Hess is not a Communist, he is a ffg Nazi and remember his boss, Georgie Boy Soros ran from both and is banned from Europe.

      1. Groper Joe never moved in because Oscumbag doesn’t want a senile old white boy in the offices where he is running the sh!t show.

  2. A fake a fraud a phony a lying you know what!!! Has no business being in office. A destroyer a cover up artist scammer a no clue magoo Maybe he could go to China
    and stay where his $$ and heart really is…pls take The Hunter with you. A real wrecking
    ball he is!!!!! Hurry up 4 years if we can last that long under Bozo rule!!! He is an empty suit!!

  3. For someone who “claims” to have graduated in the top three of his class he has proven to be quite the idiot-dumbfounded moron. Lets face it he’s as stupid as they come

  4. Just like everything else about this worthless POS in the WH. He ran a phony campaign, the election results were phony, the phony crap about him being a moderate and caring about the working people.
    Can’t decide if he should be impeached or hung for treason…
    Never has this country been represented by such an incompetent un-American.

      1. Translation: If the Left weren’t such losers, they could win without cheating. Truth is they stole the election based on Voter fraud and with the help of the CCP and other Globalist enemies.

          1. Mmmmm….might wanna curb that speech. Please don’t offend Christians with your hate. Maybe a prayer to aforementioned might be in order.

          2. Because he’s the only true God!Everybody better start praying.We are near the end times just wait and see.

    1. There is a leach following the posts? A hanger on with no where else to go?
      A blip obstructing intelligent conversation.

      1. What day will Trump return to the White House?
        To be pardoned?
        Will Frank Pillow be giving the invocation?
        After he does a pipe for Jesus?

  5. Dims are as phony as $3 bill. They have never told the truth about anything and they use racism as a weapon, even though their history is racism. Treasonous, seditionist, worthless, useless, brainless.

  6. Good Grief, We knew he wasn’t competent. He didn’t even pass a cognitive test. He needs to be able to read a monitor because he can’t remember on his own. Another scheme pulled off by the Left with the fake setting.

  7. Everything about Biden’s Administration is FAKE, especially what he says about what’s going on. He can pack more lies into his speeches than anyone else.

      1. I know that it will not happen in the next three plus years.
        Unless there is a bloody insurrection.
        Do you want a bloody insurrection to happen?
        What fun.
        Maybe a family member of yours will have their skull penetrated.
        Maybe even your beautiful little daughter.

  8. The one thing that looks out of place in Dementia Joe’s “office” is the American flag! No one in the swamp-democ-rat mob should be allowed anywhere close to THE flag! Ever! They don’t represent IT and IT sure as hell does not represent them! They , all of them, have done nothing to deserve being in its proximity!!

  9. Idiots helping a retard! EVERYTHING about him, is FAKE! Next, he’ll do it from his basement, so ‘ wifey’ can tell him what to say! What a DISGUSTING LIAR! He is TOTALLY useless and worthless! Needs to be COURT MARTIAL for his cruelty and murder! obama should be right behind him, since biden’s strings are being pulled by the ex LIAR IN CHIEF! JESUS WILL JUDGE!

  10. That lowlife imposter did not take that vaccine and neither will we! He keeps pushing and trying to put us over a cliff but it is he who will fall along with his lowlife criminals! Its just a matter of time!

    1. Biden has now had three shots.
      A matter of time?
      How much time?
      Until Trump is back in the White House.
      Are taking any bets?

  11. Which true Republican has the balls to tell Trump that it is all over.
    America, and World, are finding him to be a tiresome bore.
    The party is long over, it’s time for the drunk on power to be stuffed in a cab.
    Give the cabby a thousand and tell it to keep driving until it runs out and then dump the Orange Blob in the gutter.

  12. I hope Mr. Hess appreciates the fact that he can still live in freedom (for now) in a country like the USA. He is also fortunate for all the soldiers that gave their lives for that freedom (also first responders).


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