Fauci Leaves Door Open for Domestic Airline Mandates

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Will Fauci be the grinch who stole Christmas? Well, he’s leaving the door open.

With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, more Americans are surely making travel plans to see their loved ones. However, Dr. Fauci is keeping the door open for new vaccine mandates to ruin it all.

According to The Daily Wire:

“So, you mentioned the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard to believe it; they are just around the corner,” Bash began. “Canada just imposed a vaccine mandate for eligible travelers on airplanes. Former President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood says that the White House should push airlines to mandate vaccines or mandate them itself. So, would you like a vaccine mandate for air travel in effect for the holidays?”

“On the table is the issue of mandates for vaccine. It’s always discussable. We always wind up discussing it,” he stated.

Bash then asked Fauci if he “supported” such a mandate, to which Fauci responded: “Right now, I don’t see that immediately.”

“We have everything on the table, and it will be discussed by the medical group,” Fauci concluded.

The Biden administration has already proven it’s a fan of vaccine mandates after requiring companies with over 100 workers to get the jab or else. However, now the focus seems to shift toward domestic travelers which are already required to wear masks according to federal law.


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