These Are The Real Effects of Biden’s Vax Mandates

Photo of someone receiving a vaccine. Photo from Pixabay.

Various localities, companies, and even the federal government have issued vaccine mandates and as a result many Americans are now facing a binary choice, get the jab or get to looking for new work. Many Americans are putting their foot down and getting fired as a result. Now the ugly consequences of these firings are rearing their head. 

Everything you need to know about the vaccine mandates and their consequences: 

        1. Put over half the states on list.
          The Communist Cancer has spread that far.
          Cut it away and put it in the garbage along with all those dead babies.

        2. As a long time Oregonian, let me object to that proposed inclusion. When I first came here 4 decades ago, Oregon was a “purple state” – Portland and the Willamette Valley (where Portland, Salem, and Eugene all are) was generally democratic, but they accounted for only about 40% of the state’s population, the rest of which was pretty much “Red”. Back then, Portland had a bit over 200K people. Portland now has almost 2.5 Million and, alone, accounts for almost 60% of the state’s population, utterly drowning out the rest of the state which remains sane. That population increase, btw, was not the result of record fertility rates – it’s all Californians, fleeing the mess they made there and bringing it here (in a process known as “Californication”). Don’t get rid of Oregon – declare Portland a political leper colony, build a fence around it and close the Oregon-California border. You’ll get a lovely state full of good and decent people and we’ll get rid of the idiots in Portland who colonized us..

    1. Seattle should make it’s own policeing decisions. The cops are free to leave their fat salaries, retirement and ‘other’ benefits.
      The average wait to become a cop is still well over a year..
      There is no shortage of guys with a crimminal justice associate degrees who are still mall cops.

      1. Your continuous-flow of misinformation & lies is disturbing. You might consider checking yourself into a mental asylum because it is clear that you are both crazy and dishonest. They might be able to help you. If not buy a gun and shoot yourself.

        1. My local cops get most of their recruits from the mall.
          The mall is the biggest employer in the area.
          All mall cops want to be real cops.
          Some were.

          1. He thinks that cops love Trump.
            That is why they won’t take the Trump Vax that Biden is mandating.
            Trump never makes mandates.
            People do what he wants out of love and loyalty.
            They even buy their own bear spray and look amazing.
            All the hair, tats and camo.
            Truly frightening people.
            Who are all losers.
            Domestic Terriosts
            They will clogging the Federal Prison System for years to come.

          2. Trump is definitely the former President.
            When did he last win a court case?
            There are so many more to come.
            Will there be jail time?
            Should Biden PARDON HIM?

        2. Trump missed the opportunity to Federalize all law enforcement.
          They want to work directly for him.
          Trump 2028.

      2. Ah hell, albert’s lil boy is opening his obtuse brain and mouth again. Everyone just oughta ignore this nazi twit!

  1. According to Newsmax, there is nothing but air to the mandate, as nothing but talk has been done. No orders or paperwork to create anything that can be the subject of a suit. Is this a way of throwing talk against the wall to see if it sticks, before doing anything overt to put it into existence? Was there anything in writing that canceled the pipeline construction, or the oil exploration, or other damaging actions? Did Biden undo any other Trump accomplishments with only talk?

    1. Trunp was unable to undo any of Obama accomplishments.
      ObamaCare for instance.
      Talk don’t do squat.
      You need a Sharpie to make real change.
      Trump showed the world how.
      Now Trump’s Sharpie don’t mean squat.

        1. ObamaCare has has been in place for ten years now.
          Trump was too weak to do much about it.
          Obama’s legacy is ObamaCare.
          Trump’s is 700 miles of leaking rotting fence.
          And a toad stool that his immigrant wife never wants to see again.
          Never mind smell.

  2. Do victims of Covid ge excused from forced vaccine? Do those with religious opposition have a right to not be forced? Do employers ned to be subject to massive fines? In history we did force victims of leprosy to live apart as they died inevitably. Is Covid flue that bad?

    1. No, having been diseased does not provide the same level of resistance to being infected again.
      You can get Covid more than once.
      No one is being forced to take the vaccine any more then they are being forced to take food.
      All smart employers want all their employees to be vaccinated, by the heavy hand of government.
      Covid is bad for busisness, dead people don’t buy stuff, dead employees are always late for work.
      Leprosy was an incurable communicable disease.
      If you got it you pretty much died.
      If you want to learn about leprosy read the history of Penikese Island.
      The remains of the last Leper Colony still stand.
      To try to compare Covid to leprosy is a sign of ignorance of medicine.
      700,000 and counting, think that Covid is really bad. 7 million think it is just plain bad.

      1. Finally it’s the corporations, business, not the government forcing people to make a choice. Before you risked life or death. Now, The unvaccinated risk losing their job and maybe dying too.

  3. We need to realize just how far the Federal Government has exceeded their authority way beyond what is constitutional, or sensible. Never in history has there been such an abuse of power against citizens, your freedoms, lives, family, and ability to earn a living are being destroyed.

      1. You throw laws and constitutions aside to get your Global Government…these New World Order people make themselves the law, talk about tyranny.

    1. Hello, it’s business, all the corporations deciding how you’re going to live: whether you work, whether you can walk into a store or restaurant. Leave the government out of it. You don’t want to be vaccinated, then the vaccinated have decided your fate.

  4. The Federal Government has totally exceeded its authority and power. They went way beyond what is constitutional or normal. They have been destroying freedom, rights, religious rights, and ability to earn a living. If this is under moderation, where is the last comment that says under moderation?

      1. All the Globalists deny the Constitution, they are destroying America from within. They make themselves the law. You will reap what you sow.

  5. Nurses are very scarce right now especially in Oregon. They’re not getting a jab for anyone especially when they’ve seen bad results up close and personal. They can do private nursing for the elderly.

    1. I only let the unvaccinated care for my elderly parents.
      The young ones who go out to clubs and go wild at raves.

  6. The communist democrat pedophile cult party is busy tearing down our America to turn it into a 3rd, no 4th world country enslaved by the 3rd world countries! They won’t stop until they are removed like the vermin they are and exiled to Afghanistan!

    1. Translation – you backed the loser.
      The weak pussy boy who didn’t have the balls to pull our troops out of a long lost Republican war.

      1. Oh, you mean the way obiden pulled out the troops, civilians, and Americans from Afghanistan? Leaving hundreds of Americans behind to be tortured and murdered by terrorists? That’s the way Trump should have done it? Don’t think so, moron.

      2. You are so uninformed. Biden surrendered. He left our weapons, American citizens and allies. Our allies will never trust us again.
        Trump had a winning plan to get everyone out and our weapons.



      1. Oh, yeah.. that’s right. Obiden got 81 million votes! 😂🤣😂🤣 The facist couldn’t get more than 20 people in a parking lot for his “rallies” How are you liking gas prices, food, etc at almost double their prices from last year? You probably don’t drive, and most likely live in your parent’s basement for free. The real world is not something you are a part of. Idiot

    1. I used to see the Supreme Court members as liberals or conservatives. Now I see them as Democrats and Republicans. This “ republican “ court will take us back to the first half of the last century. Since when are corporations a person? The end of “the pill”.


    1. It is called chain of command.
      Biden is the Commander in Chief.
      Trump was.
      Your wife has a wussy.
      Your daughter has pussy.
      Has Trump grabbed it?

      1. Fuck off, troll. How about YOUR president grabbing little children, and sniffing their hair? It’s facist obiden, so that gets a pass.

        1. If that is all he guilty of doing…… the little girls around Biden even they know something wrong with that man

      2. Keep your disgusting comments to yourself pig! You are a typical low life liberal! Why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier! You will not be missed!

      3. Have YOU ever, Albert ? You sound like a 15 year old kid starting crap on line……seen many of you before, you are silly and pathetic ……..this is what you do for fun………

  10. Like I said before a million times over fake election fake president, joe biden and company, hold your nose the bidens are around, name one thing you done right since being in office? joe there is a difference for being an actor and a liar, you fxxxed up on both sides of that coin, this is sick, hope that Taliban aid will be coming from the bidens art sales, said yesterday White House looking to hire “stage hands”, should have said stage hands and “actors” what a clown act, these democrats are so fxxxed up, when the income comes jail will not be enough, they should be forced to return all income received both legal and illegal.

      1. No idiot, you did! Trump won by a landslide & the only way your party wins is to rig elections & cheat. Are you such a bitter nut because your parents gave you up for adoption & no one wanted to adopt you ?

        1. Hundreds of investigations proved Trump did not win. Republicans are sowing distrust in the election process trying to rig future elections. Stop! Just wait till you try to vote and see how hard it will be. My state had three people legally convicted of fraud out of over 3 million. Check the Heritage website for fraud numbers. This website is all about grievance politics filled with people who are not curious

        2. Why can’t the Trump appointed judges see the landslide.
          Mike Pillow has tens of thousands of pages of ones and zeros to prove it.
          Has Soros bought off all those money grubbing JewBall “Judges”?

        3. My mother died in child birth
          In his grief my dad committed sucide.
          My pornstar niece took me in.
          I cut out her clit.
          She bled out.
          Now you know all about me.

        4. I was not bitter about 2016.
          I was not plussed by Hillary.
          I found the Newbie to be a somewhat interesting TIRESOME BOOR.

      1. Awwwww the poor little weak puke Trump got stolen from yet again.
        Such a sham.
        The cops should arrest the bullies.

    1. It’s been proven that the majority of the deaths occurring now are among the unvaccinated, and the vast majority of the unvaccinated are Republicans. Get vaccinated. we’re losing voters

      1. Trump Humpers want Stormy to just go away.
        She won’t
        Trump’s legacy is 700 miles of crappy fence and Stormy’s stink star flavor nuggets.

  11. Biden’s mandate is backed by no law. He is acting like a dictator. None of this is his place to say anything. States have parallel powers that DO NOT have to mirror any from the federal governments, especially when it comes to powers not specifically delegated to the federal government. It is past time to stop the democratic abuse of power and defy all the mandates being issued illegally.

    1. The Federal government can decide who can work for them.
      They can decide that people with criminal backgrounds can not.

  12. I have a commercial drivers license and I drive a truck delivering goods. I have already informed my employer that if our company enforces Bozo Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate I will quit my job. I can reliably state that 50% of the drivers I work with will also quit working for my employer for the same reason. My company can not just go down to the local street corner and hire drivers to replace experienced CDL licensed drivers that possess the required licensing endorsements and can pass both a drug test and a background check. The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of 11 million qualified drivers. If just a fraction of the current drivers quit due to the unconstitutional vaccine mandates the supply chain for consumer goods and services will be severely disrupted. If you eat it, if you wear it, if you use it, IF YOU NEED IT, it is transported by truck and it will be in extremely short supply!!! Biden’s unconstitutional mandate policies are responsible for the current higher prices and shortages and it will get much worse as more employees drop out of the labor market. The Democrats are destroying liberty, freedom, and as a result our economy and country. IT MATTERS WHO YOU VOTE FOR!!!

    1. The government cannot force anyone to be vaccinated. That role is now the corporation, the business, the place where you buy food, or eat out. Masks can be mandated, but only your employer can decide whether you work or not.

      1. Employers can discriminate on basis of masks?
        What about skin color?
        I am so tired of seeing Michelin LIPS.
        THEY ARE Destroying THE CLIT CROP

    2. Quit.
      There is no shortage of young guys looking to make the big money driving the big rigs.
      These are the people who will transform the industry to autonomous operation.
      They will no longer be a bunch of dumb GED gear jammers.

    3. The trucking industry is working quickly to eliminate truck drivers.
      Soon enough the only gears truck drivers will be jamming is between their legs.

  13. These mandates are all about control….they aren’t going to protect anyone from the virus, or stop it, especially since there are new illegals entering America everyday with the virus that aren’t being screened or vaxed.

    1. It is because of the Constitution that our real President no longer lives in the White House.
      The Founding Fathers said so.
      That whole Electoral College thing.

  14. There is no mandate!!!!! I spent over 1/4 century in Federal Service and we had a rule. “If it ain’t in writing it didn’t happen or it isn’t a rule or policy.” . The Degenerate Demented Old Sock Puppet in Chief never put one single thing in writing concerning masks, vaccines, or any other thing about this jacked up Democrat Crime Organization/ C.C.P. Wuhan Virus Biological Weapon Attack. Throw down the face diaper, refuse the unvetted vaccines, and go about life as normal. Unless this so called global outbreak goes on the Democrat Crime Organization cannot steal the 2022 and 2024 Elections.

    1. Gideon, but they will try to steal it, the first time was easy for them…THIS time , well we shall see………….

  15. Joe Biden will go down in history as the absolute worst president of America. He almost makes Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter look competent (almost).

    1. Your opinion is shared by about 40% Americans.
      That is why Trump’s Summer White House is in Jersey.
      Like a lot of old fat White Americans he winters in Florida and plays golf to fill his days.

  16. With tens of millions of adults refusing to get vaccinated, the result has been chaos. We never reached herd immunity.  We got Delta. Why is it only Republican rural dominated counties, Republican governors, Republican politicians, refusing to protect people from the virus.  We’re letting the Dems blame us.  The government cannot force anyone to get vaccinated. 
    The private sector, the corporations, have finally been forced to protect their vaccinated workers and customers from the unvaccinated and variants.  Mass unemployment is just one result.  Or perhaps the purpose of the unvaccinated is to keep the chaos, employee and consumer goods shortages, inflation, going until the midterm election in the hopes of a win.  After all  close to 90% of the unvaccinated are Republicans, or aligned “ Independents”.  

    1. Without the vaccine the cost of herd immunity is the death of a significant portion of the herd.

      Sometimes the entire herd.
      Sometimes the entire specie.
      With domesticated animals it is not unusal to put down a whole herd when there is an out break.
      Chickens are done in tens of thousands.

  17. go ahead you commies fire them all and then see Seattle burn to the ground!! OMG
    DON’T these idiots see what they are doing?? I am so appalled at the ignorance!!

    1. How about letting Seattle deal with Seattle.
      Continue Trump’s policy of shrinking the Federal government.
      Like he shrunk his Great Big Beautiful Wall from sea to shining sea down to a 740 mile crappy little rusting fence.

  18. again more commies doing the same thing over and over–isn’t that the
    definition of INSANITY???? just fire people without consequences?? so
    crazy I can hardly speak—-lawsuits anyone????

    1. Who gets to decide who is a Commie?
      J. Edgar and McCarthy are dead.
      Maybe Trump could sniff them out.
      He is tight with Putin, Xi, Un

  19. To the best of my knowledge, Joe Biden has no say whatsoever in regard to vax mandates! His presidency doesn’t include having the right to tell anybody what they should or should not do! Somebody should inform him that he is the President of America for the time being and that does not give him the right to make decisions for anybody else!

    1. Your knowledge is meaningless.
      As the Commander In Chief Biden has all the say in the military.
      That chain of command thing.
      When it comes to passing bills Biden has the final say.
      Unless there is override.

  20. When Trump gets back onto the White House should disrespecting the President be made a twenty year felony?
    Tuck Frump

  21. You come into my house, my place of business or my club without a mask and a Vax Card you will made to leave, I will stand my ground with my Second Amendment Rights, as needed.
    We all have our own sense freedom.

  22. The COVID-19 vaccines were NEVER effective… and now, we have cold, hard proof:

    • New data shows the Pfizer vaccine is only 45% effective after 6 months… against any COVID-19 variant.
    • A leaked video shows a top Pfizer scientist admitting that vaccines are vastly inferior compared to natural immunity,
    • Sweden halted Moderna shots for people under 30 because it causes major heart problems,
    • U.S. COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing to their highest peaks EVER… even though the majority of Americans have been vaccinated.

    Meanwhile, the Left is ignoring the science to create a tyrannical apartheid state…

    …where anyone who dares to question their authority is fired from their jobs, stripped of their freedom of movement, denied healthcare, and barred from participating in society.

    This only ends in one of two ways. Either the far-Left wins their war on America… or patriots like you and me do.

    1. Like you the far Left think they are patroits.
      Who gets to decide who is a patriot?
      Should it be determined by the SECOND Amendment?

    1. Who will shut it down.
      Stormy Daniels?
      She knows some very powerful people.
      They know her Stink Star.
      Her Flavor Nuggets are to die for.
      They can launch nukes.
      With Milley’s permission.

  23. Trump invented the Trump Vax.
    Trump took the two the Trump shots.
    My guess is that has or will take the Trump Booster.
    Trump is first and foremost a brand.
    Trump is the greatest brand manager the world has every known.
    Right up there Stewart and Winfrey
    If Trump were still in the White House and said come on folks it’s the Trump Vax, show some balls and just do it.
    There would now be 99.9% Vaxed Trump boot lickers
    America’s brave patriot loyalists are all Trump boot lickers.
    It is the definition.
    Trump’s word is law.

  24. The consensus says these mandates are unconstitutional, so how many law suits have been filed? The vaccinations are not sure prevention to getting COVID, and reportedly some 5,000 people who got vaccinated died shortly afterwards. That’s not encouraging, especially for a low mortality rate and several choices of effective treatments (think hydroxychloroquine). And even Biden and others said mandates would NOT be required.


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