Trump Reveals List of Top Enemies

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Former President Donald J. Trump has revealed his list of enemies for the public and among the many names on the list are top Republican officials. Trump famously stated that he is not a fan of everyone in the Republican party but it is clear that not all of Trump’s adversaries are Republican, it should go without saying that many of his opponents are Democrats.

Here are Trump’s biggest enemies:

  1. Every time I see a Trump Rally I feel like crying.
    Just thinking about how different our country
    would be now if he had been been elected
    President; as many of us 75 plus million voters
    believe he was cheated out of by illegal voting.
    Every day when I watch TV I become so angry;
    listening to all the innocent citizens who are quitting their jobs or being fired from their
    jobs because of these crazy mandates. Our
    only hope is the election in 2022 when I pray
    we take back the House and the Senate and
    our President Trump, once again, moves back
    into our White House in 2024🙏

    1. We need him back – he is certainly the most popular president EVER – and we all know why!! America and American FIRST.

    2. 85 million voted for Biden.
      If Trump had won over 95% of Americans would have taken the Trump developed Vaccine.
      No one wants that deadly Biden distributed vaccine

    3. Have you finally accepted that Biden is the 46th President of the United States?
      That Trump will not again be until Jan. 20th 2025?
      If he is still alive.
      And his base hasn’t died off from Covid.

      1. Albert Hess-I am surprised you are still around! I was certain the spike protein would have taken you out by now! You make such uninformed, outrageous statements!

      2. Thats because you’re jealous and can’t handle it that the President has 80 million voters and socialism is not gaining support, they’re stealing our country.

  2. You can’t run a country based on a policy of grievance. Jobs, the debt, safety policies win. And you can’t get elected by lying your way to winning.

    1. Isn’t that how the progressive left is currently trying to run the country – one grievance and lie after the next!?

      1. The Progressives think that Trump lies.
        I know the real truth.
        The both lie.
        After all they are first and foremost Americans

    2. 133 million people were registered to vote. 159 million votes were counted. Thats 26 million illegal Chinese ballots (On bamboo paper) In my book, Thats Election fraud!

      1. What is the source for the 133 and 159?
        Where have the Chinese ballots shown up.
        Were they all on bamboo paper?
        Could you tell by panda watermarks?

  3. We all know who got the most votes. President Trump is the legal President, elected by the legal voters. People are sick of this lawlessness and corruption.

      1. Will you fire the first shot heard round the world the second time.
        Do you have the balls.
        You and your whole family could die.
        For Trump..

  4. Democrats are being exposed every day as being complete and totally ineffectual idiots. This whole negative experience is educating most of Americans hopefUlly moronic democratic supporters that the policies of the liberals is bizarre and corrupt people in politics on the left.

  5. If we let the democrats is democrats still one more election the only way we will get America back is with our guns and the Sil war if you’re a true Patriot you had better plan on on putting these democrats where they belong sending them to hell and mass graves braves they have stole 3 elections so far I guarantee the Obama election was stolen the trump election was stolen and to keep Newsome

  6. Really need to get rid of the propaganda arm, the media. I would like to know what the media is receiving to carry the lefts water. Bottom line is to resist to stay free.

    1. We can not control the nation until we control the media.
      A nation that does not control it’s media can not stand.
      Trump did not have the strength to control the media.
      We need a man, not woman or anyone with an intermediate sex, to take total control.
      That will America great.

    1. Amen, Sam! It’s a shame we don’t have anyone (man or woman) in Congress with a big enough pair to fight for justice, for America and Trump. I believe Almighty God is the only One who can fix the damage done by the demonic Democrats. I’m also surprised that God hasn’t stepped in by now, answered our prayers, and done something about those criminals. Could it be that God is judging America by allowing our enemies to take our country down? Surely, He’s gotten a bellyful of our killing all those babies in their mother’s wombs, and He’s surely getting sick of all the filthy same-sex married couples, thumbing their noses at Him and His laws. Ya’ think?

      1. All Mighty God dont want hear you talking about a man’s sex organs.
        Little boys will want cut theirs off and become escorts.

  7. If you live in michigan, you need to contact the Michigan legislator about Witmers veto that ends all voter integrity! She just signed this claiming she’s doing this to prevent voter suppression, the same lie all these democrats use in order to cheat and override the will of the people! She must be stopped and voter ID and voter integrity must be restored!

    1. The fewer voters the better off we will be.
      We are a Republic, we should not be electing the President and Senators.
      We should leave that to our betters.
      People of power wealth and fame.

  8. How many supporters did Trump lose to Covid today?
    If you voted for Trump, for God’s sake don’t take the Vaccine.
    It makes Trump mad and he will primary you right out of politics.
    Trump is wicked smaght.

  9. The sooner we exercise our Second Amendment rights the fewer people will die in getting Trump back into office for the rest of his life.

  10. Why does Trump have so many ennimes?
    How many of his former friends are now
    his enemy?
    General Milley comes to mind.
    Did Trump appoint an enemy to the top military job?

  11. Thanks to the divisive Socialist movement that had a Socialist candidate Norman Thomas for 3 decades running for President as late as 1968 when Humhrey lost to Nixon. Dukaukis was another socialist type before the socialists determined need for a long term approach via education of the young unchallenged by parents, we now have a new socialist party. Sanders is a figurehead like Biden. The young want to achieve what the Soviets faileed ane the Chinese are bef=ginning to see can’t work now.

  12. There’s a saying about elections in 3rd world countries ” If you can’t protect the votes then you don’t deserve to win and rule “”!!!

  13. It will be a pleasure to see Donald Trump as President in 2024 and I, as well as a host of others, look forward to his coming presidency!!


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