Poll: Most Voters Think 2020 Election Was Riddled with Fraud

Mass-mail-in ballots litter the sidewalk outside a Las Vegas apartment building, October 2020. Photo courtesy of Jim Murphy.

A new poll reveals most Americans think the 2020 presidential election was riddled with fraud. Respondents to a recent Rasmussen poll said that not only do they think Biden’s election was tainted by cheating but also a Democrat-created election reform scheme will increase chances of fraud in future elections.

The Washington Examiner reports:

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 56% of respondents said, “It’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, including 41% who say it’s ‘very likely.’”

That is a significant increase from April, when 51% said “Biden’s election was tainted by cheating.”

In the new survey, voters told Rasmussen that they are not sold on efforts by Biden and congressional Democrats to expand COVID-era voting by mail, believing it will “lead to more cheating in elections.”

By a 65%-28% margin, likely voters told the polling outfit that they believe more mail-in voting options will boost cheating. That included a majority, 51%, who said it is “very likely” cheating will expand.

So far a number of Republican-led states have passed new election reform laws aimed at protecting voter integrity.

    1. They shouldn’t exist! This is the second time they have brought us to civil war, the democrat party should be banned and all its members prohibited from ANY government position in the future!

  1. Most Americans think the 2020 presidential election was riddled with fraud. NO! Most people KNOW that the 2020 election was riddled with fraud.

    The Democrat Political Party still had not perfected the cheating enough to steal the election until the Covid pandemic happened and this allowed them to mail in millions of illegal votes.

    And that, my friend, is a FACT.

    1. This may seem far out for some but considering the corruption and pure evil I have seen, over my lifetime, from those that govern our world, including our own country, I believe COVID may have been released to give the 2020 election to the demoncrats. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

    2. Guess what? The election to remove Governor Gavin Newsom from California was a fraud. I am an older person and have requested a mail in ballot for years. I NEVER mail it in. I wait until Voting Day and take it to the instructed polling place and put it in a locked box. Not only that in the years I have requested a mail in ballot only my signature was required on the back of the envelope. Newsom is so kind. He had my address printed in very fancy writing at the top of the ballot. Never happened before. Also it was found that the envelope was not the usual kind There was some type of light you could read the ballot with.

  2. That is what HR-1 is all about. The federal government taking control of all elections. How they will proceed, the method of voting, allowing non-citizens to vote in elections. Allowing for massive voter fraud. 

  3. I would suggest, in person voting, a thumb print, with a signature, and, for those who can’t get to the polls, a serialized ballot, by request only., a two day national holiday, to vote in person, and celebrate the power of our people to shape their future, and bring people together. Somewhere around july4th.

  4. 2020 election was a fraud. If you can not account for legit mail in ballots, more voters then registered voters, a fake water flood in Georgia, illegals voting, dead people voting, shredding or purging your voting records then it is voter fraud.

    1. Well, Alan. This isn’t Trump speaking out. It’s American voters speaking about the facts surrounding the 2020 election. You’d have to be an absolute blind and deaf idiot to not question Biden’s whole campaign, from his BASEMENT!

    2. I know the Georgia Senate races were rigged because I saw it happen. At 10PM ET, both Republicans were ahead by slightly over 100K votes apiece; at 10:20ET, both Democrats were slightly ahead in both races. At my age I have watched many election races and there is no way those races could have changed leads so fast in 20 minutes unless something illegal was happening. Please don’t tell me that election was fair; IT WAS RIGGED !!

    3. What could be more fair than Mark Suckerburg taking over the vote counting in 5 major cities in Wisconsin. OOH, I know, let’s have Mark Suckerburg responsible for ALL of the vote counting EVERYWHERE.

      1. Best place Wisconsin. Rock County had 8,555 voters who were 124+ years old. One lady registered to vote in 1906. If that wasn’t enough there were 900 people with the same telephone number. Can’t remember which state but there were 72 people living in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house. And the DEMs will swear to heaven (or hell) those are verified facts.

  5. No question there was fraud!!!! Maricopa County in AZ was proof of that! Biden didn’t win
    and it is sad to see the GOP standing by and watching this circus. Time the people stand
    up and get rid of Biden. He is an embarrassment to this country!!!!! How dare Obama
    think that he can step in and take over. He was a failure for 8 years and we don’t want
    anymore of that crook!

  6. We know the truth about what happened in the 2020 election. Man has become corrupt and deceptive, and creates ways to do evil. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus because this world is not going to be sustainable, God will never abandon or deceive you, and his kingdom will be one of peace, love, unity, and blessings.

  7. ? The most popular President in history? Let’s Go Brandon ! Yea, If you are in a room with Biden and you think he’s the sharpest one there, What does that say about YOU!

  8. I think that “We the People” should DEMAND that our election process should be as
    safe and secure as possible! We need to implement a fingerprint mechanism which would
    immediately identify the voter as having voted. That is the one true identity of each one of us. Leaving our voting process up to chance is foolhardy. Look at what that got us the last time around – Obama behind the curtain! And, look at what putting a puppet like Biden in that exalted position has done – the world laughs and wonders how America can be so stupid! What will it take to get rid of him before he takes down the whole country? And, it needs to be quick- we are facing a monetary crisis by the end of the year that is going to be catastrophic for many. The Democrats are pushing for their idea of voter reform – and, we all just saw what a sham that was. If true American Patriots don’t act quickly there may not be another chance to keep America free!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving maybe, if your part of the lucky ones who can find a Turkey doubt if the White House will be pardoning the turkey’s this year, people who are dressing the turkey’s shortages, trucker shortages ,time to bring in the illegal turkey’s? Robert Kauffman, owner of Ho-Ka Turkey Farms, said “the problem isn’t the turkeys. It’s having people to dress them , take the feathers off and get them ready to cook.” Farmers warn of dire turkey shortags, Some facilities operating at only 7% capacity ahead of Thanksgiving. The potential turkey shortage is actually thanks to another Democrat-caused problem: America’s Labor Shortage. If you’re excited to tear into some turkey with loved ones this Thanksgiving, it might be time to brace yourself for disappointment. America’s go-to turkey company, Butterball, is concerned that there may be a shortage this year, WBBM-TV reported. The problem is the Biden’s supply chain issues, according to one turkey farmer in Illinois.

  10. There is one indisputable fact, Election Day was Nov. #, 2020. Why did the state legislators allow the governor of one state to change the laws, and also allow poll workers to block the voting from the view of poll watchers. If all was honest, why the hide? And why aren’t the ones who signed affidavits of what actually happened, prosecuted for perjury? IMO all is not as it should have been.

  11. The 2020 Election provides to many questions and no real answers to a people ruled by a Government who has no intention of following the Constitution,Rule of Law,nor protecting the safety and security of the American people and this incompetent joke of an Administration is not a joke and the consequences of an election and there is not enough spin to make it look different. The facts speak for themselves in how the people are viewing this mess of a sinking ship.

  12. We need Voter ID, proof of citizenship, very limited mail-in ballots for special
    reasons, poll watchers that are not obstructed, etc. before we will accept an election as valid. In addition, we need term limits – no more professional politicians.

  13. The Dems made a terrible mess with their cheating in the last elections and they shouldn’t be allowed to do so again! The Dems must be carefully watched and what they do must be well inspected! They have shown themselves to be a cheating cohort and the country cannot allow that to happen again!

  14. Most voters who believe that the 2020 election was rigged? ARE CORRECT AND SMARTER THEN THE GENERAL POPULATION! Also, smoke does NOT readily go up their pants leg and will NOT buy oceanfront property in Arizona!


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