Two House Democrats Announce Retirement

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Two more House Democrats have announced plans to retire from Congress at the end of their terms. On Monday, Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle and North Carolina Rep. David Price both announced they wouldn’t be seeking re-election.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Doyle is the longest-serving member of Pennsylvania’s current congressional delegation, having first been elected to Congress in 1994, and was also a longtime coach for the Democrats in their annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.

“I believe the time has come to pass the torch to the next generation,” Doyle said in a press conference, adding that he believed he could be reelected in 2022 if he ran again. He said the coronavirus pandemic made him and his wife accelerate their retirement plans.

Price is also the longest-serving current North Carolina House member, having first been elected to the Chapel Hill-area district in 1986, losing the seat in 1994, and then winning back the seat in a 1996 rematch election.

“Most of what we do remains a work in progress,” Price said in a statement . “That is certainly evident now, as we strive to secure long overdue investments in our transportation and housing infrastructure, child care and early childhood education, and other pressing needs. Looming over it all is the frightful legacy of the last four years and urgent questions about the future of our constitutional democracy.”

The twin retirements is big news as concern about Republicans taking back the House in 2022 continues to grow. However, both representatives come from Democrat-leaning districts so the retirements don’t necessarily translate to expected GOP victories.

  1. These demos are smart ( OMG I can’t believe I put these 2 words, in that same sentence), they want to get out before the heat gets turned up! WE NEED TRUMP BACK!!!!!

  2. This is exactly why the Democrat Crime Cartel is doing everything they can to keep the Wuhan China Bio Weapon going, including dumping infected illegals in our communities in the dead of night. They want to keep it going to keep mail in balloting going so they can pack the ballot boxes with phony mail in ballots and steal the 2022 and 2024 Elections. It’s the only way they can avoid one of the biggest election losses in history.

      1. We didn’t lose. It was stolen, you know that as well as anybody, or should I say anyone with a functioning brain.
        Actually every American lost. When you go to the store and can’t find what you want, don’t blame me.

        1. Anyone who is able to believe that more than 81 million American adults voted for Joe Biden is able to believe there was no fraud involved in the election.
          Personally, I am unable to stretch far enough be a believer in such fantasies.

          1. Thomasjk
            Possibly you are unaware that registered Democrats out number registered Republican by almost 13 MILLION persons and then you have independents who lean Democrat 60% of the time and the military, who disliked Trump very much, Trump had the lowest approval by the military since Carter, and believe it or not Carters approval by the active duty military was higher. Military do not like braggarts or liars which they consider both gets them killed.

          1. The weak one is Biden. Trump made the country strong. Now we are a laughing stalk. How can you not see this. Biden can barely give a press conference.

          2. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the Democrats worked for the Republicans. They say and do everything completely wrong. All of their policies are wrong. They will flip all 3 houses for the next 50 years. Thanks, Dems!
            What are your pronouns? Are you frickin’ kidding me?

          3. You must be looking in the mirror at yourself! Cuz your remarks are assinine! But then we true American patriots, know all Democrats are crooks and brain dead!

  3. Retirement is what preceeds a change in the majority in Congress! These Dems who have, are and will continue to announce their retirement see the handwriting on the wall or they don’t want to be a Democrat in Congress with their party representing what it is, mainly marxism and all that goes with trying to make the Constitution an obsolete document and bankrupt America!
    #WalkAway and Independents help the GOP save America! We need and want all of you!

  4. It’s getting under my skin now these leftists! We have to get rid of them so this country can be normal again. I love trump but I don’t care who wins from the Gop. now! Just someone who can making this country safe and cozy again….I pray to God all the time!

      1. You need professional help. Please look in the Yellow Pages under MD-Psychiatrists. I am sure that you can find the help there that you so desperately need. Good Luck.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving maybe, if your part of the lucky ones who can find a Turkey doubt if the White House will be pardoning the turkey’s this year, people who are dressing the turkey’s shortages, trucker shortages ,time to bring in the illegal turkey’s? Robert Kauffman, owner of Ho-Ka Turkey Farms, said “the problem isn’t the turkeys. It’s having people to dress them , take the feathers off and get them ready to cook.” Farmers warn of dire turkey shortags, Some facilities operating at only 7% capacity ahead of Thanksgiving. The potential turkey shortage is actually thanks to another Democrat-caused problem: America’s Labor Shortage. If you’re excited to tear into some turkey with loved ones this Thanksgiving, it might be time to brace yourself for disappointment. America’s go-to turkey company, Butterball, is concerned that there may be a shortage this year, WBBM-TV reported. The problem is the Biden’s supply chain issues, according to one turkey farmer in Illinois.

    1. How about somebody stuffing biden and sticking a fork in him.
      Then all Americans can have a great Thanksgiving.

    2. I hope everything goes straight to Hell.
      That the Biden Administration is complete failure.
      That Americans are really hurt for disrespecting the greatest leader the world has ever known.
      God Damnit to Hell

    1. It took four years to take out the garbage at the White House
      The smell was to die for.
      It was crawling with MAGAAots.
      They were dry humping .

        1. You are fooling yourself. The senile demented has been hiding all the time. Are you that blind or that dumb to realize that?

  6. All I want to know is when Trump will be back in the White House?
    Can we trust Mike Pillow?
    Thanksgiving isn’t looking good.

  7. Most likely a matter of the rats abandoning the ship. More than usual dirty politics has been played over the past two decades, on both sides of the aisle, but more so with the Democrat Party. This is most likely a situation where it is better to get out with what they have before investigations accuse them of wrong doing.

  8. At least, these two are not planning to die in office, for the ‘free’ tax-payer-funded funeral for parasities, held under “the Rotunda” at the Capitol…


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