Trump Takes Pro-Impeachment GOP Senator to the Woodshed

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-impeachment Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who voted to convict 45th President Donald J. Trump, recently had an interview with the leftist news site Axios, where he bashed Trump and claimed he couldn’t win in 2024. Cassidy said, “Elections are about winning.”

“Do you assume President Trump will run in 2024?” Cassidy was asked in the interview.

Cassidy responded, “He’s saying that he’s going to, where he does or not, we don’t know.”

When pressed on if Trump could win the GOP nomination, the Louisiana senator said, “I don’t know that. President Trump is the first president, in the Republican side at least, to lose the House, Senate and presidency in four years. Elections are about winning.” Cassidy did not mention many allegations of fraudulent activity in the 2020 election.

“If we re-litigate 2020 over and over again, it won’t change the result in 2020, but we are sure to lose in 2024,” Cassidy said. “If we choose to look forward, bringing positive solutions to the American people who have needs, we win.”

Newsweek reports:

In a statement released Monday evening, Trump said, “Wacky Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana is a RINO Republican who begged for my endorsement in 2020 and used it all over the place to win re-election, much like Little Ben Sasse, and then voted to impeach your favorite President.”

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was also one of seven Republicans who crossed party lines and voted to convict Trump in February.

Trump added that he had done “so much” for Louisiana, such as his plans for energy infrastructure, which he claims “would never have happened without me filling up the strategic petroleum reserve at record low prices.”

“Now, Wacky Bill Cassidy can’t walk down the street in Louisiana, a State I won by almost 20 points. He could not even be elected dog catcher today, the great people curse him,” Trump said. “Wacky Bill is a totally ineffective Senator, but Louisiana does have a great Senator in John Kennedy.”

The 45th president has backed primary challenges to all congressional representatives in the House while backing primary challenges to senators up for reelection in 2022.

          1. I am the kind of loser that wanted Trump to lose.
            I am a real winner.
            You are a real loser.
            Joe won.
            The winner lives in the White House.
            The loser does not.
            That is how your know who won.

          2. Why do you want your country be destroyed, when you live here?!!! You know the leftists communist are now tearing down this country apart.!!! I dislike scumbag career politicians, they are government workers, most of them are inept and incompetent.!!! They entered politics to get rich and live a lavish lifestyle.!!! They are thieves, stealing blindly from people’s hard earned money.!!! People should elect an outsider who usually works in private sector and knowledgeable how to save & budget their yearly revenues.!!!

          3. President Trump won big… Biden and communist Democrats stole his election, that’s why now they are so afraid of him and having trolls everywhere to fight against election integrity.

        1. My people came from Germany a humderd years before the brothel owning Drumphs.
          We were not embarrassed by a gutteral surname, we did Americanize it to try to fit in.
          “Uncle” Rudy was smarter than Hitler, he knew that Germany could not win a world war.
          He tried to broker a secret peace deal with England to keep the US out of the war.
          He failed.
          He was on Hitler’s execute on sight list.
          He lived to a ripe old age and passed at a time of his own choosing.
          I am guessing you have spent a whole ten minutes studying the life of the other Rudy, the one whose scalp bleeds hair dye in front of a gay movie booth store.

          1. Trump won as the FBI ‘certified evidentiary’ forensic results have now proven.
            The Supreme court will hear the FBI presentation November 18th.
            And either way…. America will cease to suffer the dementiaclown and toesupHo and arrssewhippes who support them like yourself in 2022 when the Republican OWNED House and Senate neuters you wokist trolls and in 2024 when President Trump RESTORES America once again.

            Pull it out before embarrassing yourself….. again.

          2. On November eighteen the Supreme Court will be slapping their knees.
            Have you seen a copy of the FBI certified evidentiary forensic results.
            Did the FBI self certify.
            Do you trust the FBI?
            Trump does not!
            Why did Trump lose the Senate and House in 2020?
            Votor fraud?
            He couldn’t stop voter fraud in 2020 when he was in power.
            How can he stop it in 2022 and 2024?
            When he can’t even get on Twitter.

          3. You sadly have no clue what an ignorant arrsse you make of yourself.
            What a sad UNAmerican clown.

          4. The really sad part is that the greatest leader the world has ever know was denied a richly deserved second term
            because the party of queers cheated.
            There is nothing more unAmerican than being queer.
            That weak puke Trump got beat by queers

      1. Trump won the 2020 election, and no matter how many liars there are, it doesn’t change that he won by the will of the American people. The Left is illegitimate in everything they do.

        1. The person who gets the most votes is not always the one who seems to have won the election. That’s the difference.

          1. Joe is definitely a weak puke.
            Trump is far weaker.
            Just smack him up the side of the head and steal his votes.
            His DOJ/FBI did nothing.
            They think Trump is a jerk.

      2. Cassidy is a RINO. I will vote to replace him in the next primary he runs in. However, I can’t morally vote for any Democrat so should Cassidy reach the final, I might be forced to vote for him again. But the election also preceded his vote to impeach the President so your comment is stupid.

        1. The problem with the TrumpHumpers is that they are so God Damn Dumb.
          Cassidy did not vote to impeach Trump the first time.
          Cassidy voted to impeach Trump after the election, after he saw Trump’s attempted coup.
          Your comment is so God Damn Dumb.
          You fool.

          1. It use to make feel uncomfortable.
            Seeing Trumps verbiage, what the Hell, just grab them by the clit, they all want it, they are girls after all.

      3. So, kind of hard in 2020 with the fraud that is confirmed Albert. You are so ignorant and uninformed. Get back to the AKLady persona, she was far better. FOOL! And Show your ignorance further, argue with a seasoned CPA who does know what the establishment did in fear and what the audit did. Just an ass for Soros. Hope he pays you good. This has to be the lousiest job in the world, manufacturing shit!

  1. What Cassidy said about Trump losing the House, Senate, and the Presidency is false. It is the lie being told by RINOs to cover their own failures. Trump got a record 75 million votes in the 2020 Presidential election, which was the most of any Republican candidate for President in U.S. history and which was 13 million more than Establishment Republican Romney in 2012 and Establishment Republican GW Bush in 2004.

    Trump did not lose the House. In 2018, after the Republican Congress could not get ObamaCare repealed, failed Speaker Ryan led about 60 GOP congressmen into retirement for no real good reason. For House seats, there is a power of incumbency. Over 90% of the time House incumbents win. Ryan knew what he was doing. He was trying to hurt the Trump Presidency, already dealing with what were totally false charges abut Russia collusion. With so many House seats up for grabs, it was a golden opportunity for the Democrats. Nevertheless, the GOP still did better than expected in 2018 and almost took back the House in 2020.

    Trump did not lose the Senate. Republicans almost maintained its narrow margin in 2020 but for the Georgia special elections in January 2021. But again, Establishment Republicans were the true culprits. After Georgia Governor Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger did not go after the apparent vote fraud in that state in the November 2020 election, what happened in the January 2021 Georgia senate special elections was that areas in Georgia of heavy pro-Trump vote in the November 2020 election did not turn out to vote in the January 2021 special Senate elections for Republicans, even though Trump did two campaign rallies in Georgia for the special elections and did those rallies even after Kemp told Trump go away. This is what can be expected to happen when people think it doesn’t matter to vote because the system is rigged.

    Trump did not lose the Presidency. As noted above, Trump got a record vote. The Democrats stole the election.

    In contrast to Trump and his large enthusiastic crowds during the campaign, Biden was in his basement for the most part and could not attract a crowd once he did emerge from the basement, and Biden blurted out the truth on October 24, 2020. Biden’s exact words: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” There was no “context” that explains away these words.

    Are we to believe that a doddering Biden, who developed no connection to the American People, got 16 million more legal votes than did Hillary in 2016 and Obama in 2012 and 12 million more legal votes than a seemingly charismatic Obama in 2008? No way. It took coordination for swing states all to stop counting around midnight when Trump was ahead and in the middle of the night have statistically impossible massive Biden vote dumps. Twenty of twenty-one bellwether counties went for Trump. Ohio, Florida and Iowa all went for Trump handily – since 1852, when that happened, the candidate who won those states even by small margins won the election, except in 1960 when there were charges of and later convictions for vote fraud. The foregoing cannot be reconciled without Democrat vote fraud and is actually just for starters for the proof of Democrat vote fraud involving the specific states.

    1. Very well said. I agree 100% and every one I know also agrees Democrats and Republicans and especially the Independents I know. Pelosi , Shift, and Schumer promised that everything possible would be done to prevent Trump from being re-elected. Apparently that includes voter fraud and false information peddling. I hope they all rot in hell for what they have done to my country. I spit in their face!!!!!

      1. I would like to add Bill Cassidy is a coward and does not have the confidence of the people of Louisiana! He will never be elected again I assure you.

        1. How did he get elected in the first place.
          Trump endorsed him?
          And then he turned on Trump?
          Like so many before him.
          Trump has more ennimes than Nixon.
          And is meeting the same end.

          1. Turncoats usually come to an ugly ending. Trump may have more political ennimes (your spelling) than Nixon but he has way more everyday citizen support than any Democrat!

          2. Thanks for the proof read (sic).
            Why is Biden in the White House?
            Voter fraud?
            Trump is a weak puke?
            Trump let Biden steal his votes.

          1. A lot of things will change by 2026.
            More than likely jelly belly will be dead.
            His body will not lie in state in the fecal smeared Capitol Rotumda.

      2. However, beware those same Democrats are working overtime to insure the same election tactics that were used in 2020 will be used again in 2022 and permanently beyond that. The left believes the ends justify the means so they will lie, cheat, steal, whatever to get the results they favor. They will lose in 2022 IF the elections are honest. They will try to keep them as dishonest as possible.

    2. I remember when America was great.
      Trump had the Presidency, the Senate and the House.
      And then the Dems cheated.
      The weak get cheatd.
      Trump is a weak puke.

    3. First – I do not believe or trust polls. Polls can be manipulated by the kinds of questions asked, who is asking, and how they are asked. With that in mind, I make the following statement.
      According to ALL more recent polls, a majority of Americans now believe that democrap cheating went on in the 2020 election. Among demo respondents, the percentage of “believers” is upper 50%. For GOP respondents, the percentage of “believers” exceed 60%. The average percentage of ALL “believers” was therefore reported to be 58%.
      IF – and that is a big IF – those polls are anywhere near accurate, it just might be indicative that America is finally waking up.

      1. America woke up November third and January sixth.
        Trump may still be flopping around but he is mortally wounded.
        Let It Bleed

    4. Right on, Philip! Running scared of the gap-toothed witch, the RINO leaders let corrupt practices take place!

    5. At one point in time Trump had Presidency, the Senate and the House.
      Who is responsible for losing them?
      Other Republicans?
      But not the party leader?

      Even Kissinger issued a mea culpa.
      Trump doesn’t know what it means.
      He has no means of introspection.

  2. 1000 % AGREE BIDEN SHOULD BE IMPEACHED FOR THAT AS WELL AS ALL HIS CORRUPTION AND LIES.If you as a president, don’t know what to do, or have to be told what to do, what the fxxx are doing as a president?

  3. Cassidy has been such a disappointment. He fits the RINO insinuation perfectly. Begged for Trump’s support then threw him under the bus. Not a conservative, not even close!

  4. Another pathetic,sick, fullfledged rhino, getting kicked to the curb, because he is worthless,incompetent, senator, that only bitches about how bad things are, but can’t do a dam thing about it, to help fix it. dummycrap rhinos

    1. uuhhhhhh JOE – – a rhino is a huge animal with one or two horns on its nose. The correct term for a person claiming to be a conservative but legislates with democraps is RINO – which means Republican In Name Only.
      You’re welcome!

  5. We are in a Cold Civil War right now. This is the biggest make or break moment for the nation since the Civil War. The heads of the Republican Party need to pull everyone in and tell them you are either 100% with the party or you are 100% against it. It must be like Michael told Fredo “Never ever go against the Family.”. THey must tell the membership you will not cross the aisle even once or you will be persona non grata in the party. You will loose all financial and physical support. We will find your replacement in the primary. These are hard times for the nation and facing the nation. It will take hard measures to protect the country from the Democrat Crime Cartel’s tyrannical Marxist agenda.

      1. This has to be a full court press. We must divest the Republican Party of RINOs, Democrat Moles, and those looking out for themselves. We must regain control of Congress and the White House and purge the D.O.J. of all Democrat Operatives. Then start up Joe McCarthy’s Committee on Un-American Activities in Both House and go after the Coup Plotters and Marxists., in government, media and academia.

        1. Once you rid the party of all of all the RINOs and their fellow travelers how many will be Left.
          Enough to win an election?

        2. McCarthy died a lonely broken man.
          He is one of the few men Eisenhower actually hated, had no respect for him.
          Not surprising Joe and J. Edgar were butt buddies, they were disgusted by the smell of women.
          Make America Great Again Again
          Bring back the old.
          Hunt down and execute the Gays and the Commies.
          (Leave the Trans alone, they are the key to really wild threesoms.)

        3. We must purge all Democrats.
          We do not need two parties.
          To compete on the world stage we need a very strong single party form of government that will unite behind, well behind, an all powerful leader like in Russia and Chiner.
          Trump belongs Right up there with Vlad and Xi.
          Only then will be truly free.
          Of annoying Dems.
          And freedom.

          1. Te Dems are not a political party they are a massive crime organization bent on destroying all we who believe in the founders dream hold on to faithfully. Imagine if Sam Adams, Dr. Warren, Paul Revere and all their street brawling cronies had remained in the Green Dragon Tavern and done nothing. Except for Franklin, Washington and a few others the rest want to go along, to get along with the Crown. Would you gladly submit to tyranny as Thomas Gage demanded of John Adams or he would take everything Adams owned and held dear, including his license to practice law. This is what the criminals of the Democrat Crime Cartel are demanding of us. Your house will not be yours, your earning will not be yours, you will eat what they tell you, if they still allow private vehicles you will own the one they tell you, and you will submit or you will be persona non grata. The Dems are the true enemy within. And McCarthy was right all along. And there are bad Republicans, but the party is a reflection of our society. We are at a critical point in our history. More perilous than prior to the first Civil War. We are in a Cold Civil War. I would prefer we win it before it goes totally ballistic. I have Children and Grandchildren. I don’t want them to see the horrors of a Pol Pot Style tyranny or a full scale Civil War. Time to pull together and defeat the Dems at the poll.

      2. The only way to beat the Dems is to be strong enough to put an end to voter fraud.
        The party needs fresh strong leadership.
        Not some old jelly bellyed weak puke.

  6. Cassidy and Sassie are just TWO of the many RINO reasons I allowed my membership in RNC to lapse and are incentives for my refusal to donate so much as a postage stamp to the national organization. ANY donation to the RNC generates a percentage going to ALL GOP candidates according to positions. That means senatorial candidates get a bigger percentage that House candidates. RINOs with longer “service” percentage than TRUE conservatives with less time in office & so on.
    A BETTER way to donate is to “give” directly to proven conservatives whom you believe in and trust.


    1. My fat 85 YO fingers let me down. That SHOULD read “RINOs with longer “service” GET A BIGGER percentage than TRUE conservatives with less time in office – – -“

  7. President Trump did not lose anything and it is sickening to see people like Cassidy And Sasse represent themselves other than evaluating the accomplishments energy independence, reduction of regulations strangling the economy, reviving manufacturing and putting America on the move which neither of these two men could began to do because they do not understand Business and think they have all the right answers.

  8. Why did Trump endorse Cassidy?
    Is he that bad a judge of character?
    Like he was with General Milley?
    And Michael Cohen?
    Is Trump still taking calls from Mike Pillow?

  9. Is Trump’s ennimes list longer than Nixon’s.
    Like Nixon will he be shunned by polite society, to die in obscurity?
    It can’t be long.
    The jelly belly.

  10. Cassidy is a pathetic politician just like the rest of them.. We need to replace all of them with principled leaders. To say that Biden was rightfully elected is a disgrace. Everywhere they audit the election of 2020 they find massive fraud and potential fraud. Biden, who couldn’t get over 50 people to a rally and hid in his basement, did not get 20,000,000 more votes than President Trump and only a fool or a crook would think so.

    1. Is that why Trump endorsed him?
      How massive was the fraud in AZ?
      How many people have been arrested?
      A very small percentage of Americans have ever attended a presidential rally.
      They are like rock concerts, lots of noise, sex and drugs.
      Trump supporters are loud, obnoxious and have big gross hairy balls.
      They snort MAGAAots out of Trump’s stink star.

  11. Cassidy, like “other” Democrats, doesn’t like to be proved to be wrong, so he will rationalize the situation. Sort of like Transportation Chief Buttigieg, who has been on a sabbatical rather than tend to the seaport crisis. Maybe it is better that he doesn’t, he’d probably make it worse, like so many of Biden’s picks. Like a typical Democrat appointee, he is dumb enough to think the public will believe him when he says that empty shelves mean that Biden’s economic plan is succeeding. Of course, the lie is proved when you see cargo ships anchored outside the L.A. harbor that are beginning to resemble the English Channel on D-Day. And it’s hard to add to GDP when the transactions can’t be completed, so that little bomb will go off soon. When will the public learn that Democrats will lie about anything that makes them look better. Muslims have a word for that. Democrats use it a lot.

  12. I am not backing RINO Ccassidy, but I certainly wish that Mr,Trump would learn to curb his responses. IF he is going to run in 2024, we may have the same problem we had in 2020. That problem us that, in addition to the probable dishonesty (actually real dishonesty of the election itself, Trump turns off voters with his over-the-top reactions to anything and everything said negatively about him. Many people just don’t like him and vote against him despite all the good that he did for the USA and its citizens A “chill pill” might help.

    1. Trump seems to be working overtime to alienate Republicans.
      There are more and more RINOs everyday.
      Trump can not win without the RINO vote.
      Our Republican Govonor did not vote for Trump in 2020.
      Or 2016.
      Should we primary him out?
      I live in the bluest state, at least by the 2020 Presidential race.

  13. The Truth will prevail. These liars have no fear of God which is how they can lie like I breathe air. That will change. Soon. Almighty God of the Bible is our Help against these subversive traitors and t hff ey will be held fully accountable in due time.



  15. Seems those with the papers are some of the most ignorant among us! This RINO needs to be recalled. He won’t run because he knows he’s been a backstabbing POS to the party. All these RINOS should lose re-election period!

  16. I would advise CASSIDY of the Voter Fraud that
    many, like him, refuse to acknowledge’
    That same fraud also affected the entire Ballot…so
    that it is likely ( DUH!! ) that none of the results for
    any candidates were accurate…he should be using
    all available facts when making his phony assertions.
    Gene Smith


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