New Poll Shows Biden’s Losing It

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

A new Rasmussen poll spells bad news for Joe Biden, with 58% of respondents saying the former vice president is not physically or mentally up for the job. 

Breitbart reports:

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely voters and asked, “How confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States?”

A full 50 percent said they are “not at all confident,” while another eight percent said “not very confident.”

In fact, only 27 percent said they were “very confident” Biden was up to the job of being president, while 14 percent said “somewhat confident.” Basically, only 41 percent of voters believe Biden has what it takes mentally and physically to be president.

Rasmussen also asked, “Is Joe Biden doing the job of president, or are others making decisions behind the scenes?” Only 38 percent believe Biden is making decisions, while a clear majority of 53 percent say others are making decisions for him.

  1. God Damn It To Hell when are the weak puke Trumpers going to drag this monster out of the White House?
    I mean Jesus Christ I have never such failure in the Lord.

        1. I know how to curse and use vulgarities; what I want and need is intelligent thoughts on how to cure this morass the Dem.s have pushed us into. Say what they may about the Donald; but when he was running things; we didn’t have . . . gas shortages; problems at the Mexican border; China wasn’t rattling its sabers as it does now; food prices weren’t rising nor were there bare shelves, and he had a plan for the virus that was more profitable than masks and social distancing. Bring the Donald back; the duck we now have is “advance to the rear.” Dave

      1. You must be new here.
        This is a direct interaction comment board.
        The verbiage is conversation not a proofread and vetted thesis.
        What do think of the sentence structure skills of people who write the really clever things like F&#KBIDEN?

    1. You’re REALLY lost what you had for brain! The FAILURE is MORONS who voted for this schmuck…all 25 of them! The rest are either dead and buried, don’t speak English, or are released criminals!, + tons of cash from the DEMONICrats! WE NEED TRUMP BACK! And don’t forget GOD IS IN CHARGE! satan and SIN ARE WHAT THIS WORLD IS FULL OF! Read REVELATION (in the Bible, if you ever pick it up to read it!) GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES!

      1. You ain’t getting Trump back.
        The Bible is an often retranslated collection of verbal traditional stories..
        Why did God allow Biden in the White House?
        Was it a mistake?

        1. God did not make any mistakes. He gave us the power and instructions to fight for Him and His country. The issue is too many are to complacent to hear, stand or fight. It is not only our right, but our duty (check out the Declaration of Independence–the first 4 paragrahs). So it’s not on God, It’s on “We the People to demonstrate to God that we want His ways back.”

        2. No; God spoke of “A time of trouble such as never been.” We may well be at the cusp of that time. Better hold on, people, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. And we’re not at the beginning of Revelation but well into it.

        1. Matthew wrote down what Jesus said?
          Did Jesus approve the text?
          Where is it now?
          How many times was it translated before it made it to English?
          When will Jesus come again?
          Will it be in the time of Trump?
          Will Trump add a new chapter to the Bible?
          The Stormy Daniels Stink Star Saga.
          The flavor nuggets are to die for.

          1. Good point. He made all beings equal. We then have the right to choose. Unfortunately; the many choose the wrong path. Which goes a long way towards explaining why there are more Dem.s that Rep.s. Dave

          2. Read the above. Even Democrats have a place in the great scheme of things. A place that is exceedingly hot. But only for awhile; until all are no more. Hell is only Eternal in the sense that once Evil is destroyed; it will never be permitted to recur again. Dave

        1. It is easy to believe that; locked into this world as we are. But the bottom line is; the lesson isn’t for us alone; but for untold Worlds filled with beings who have never sinned and do not understand what sin is all about. We are now showing all of them what a great mistake is is to ever second-guess the Lord. Dave

        1. Omly reason Biden is where he’s ate is cheating,it’ll all come out and hopefully this once great land will again be the land of the free! Its gonna come out as some states have stated their were illregularities never seen in the vote, as 1000 or2000 votes at 1 time for same canidate!

    2. You are such a profane lowlife! I am certain your parents, grandparents and family are embarrassed by your filthy mouth and I for one don’t appreciate it! Show some respect for yourself and the rest of us!

    3. Wow – the baggage you must carry is heavy – the phrases and blasphemy used make me wonder just exactly what going on in that confused head – God is the supreme authority in the universe- God created the earth and everything in 7 days – not sure how long that is in human time – Jesus the son of God, helped the blind to see and cured diseases, fed the poor — Only a Satan worshipper would try to get a rise out of us, because when God moves, hold on – you’ll be the first to know, Gods has a plan, a reason for everything that happens and since our society became inherently corrupt – were just lucky, he’s loves us – I don’t question his reasons I take his word since he created all things – that’s good enough for me — when its time for Sleepy Joe and you to depart you will – right now your just playing a part – Trump is awaiting his time too – just wait –

    4. Sure, you want a revolution so the marxists can declare marshal law. Keep pushing and pushing to generate violence. All these happenings are birth pangs as creation groans, and the signs point to Christ’s soon return. You’re in for a surprise.

    5. I wish we could. You must be very happy the way our country is going? You democrats and American Marxist have take our freddom of speech way from us. This is going just as planned. Start a crsis and blame the republians and you win.

    1. Trump was too weak to stay in the White House.
      If Trump had lead the March on the White House, hung Mike Pence and smeared his feces Biden would be in jail.
      Trump is a weak puke.

    1. But, liberal communists are the low IQ, they are not capable of common sense, they live by drama queen theatrics, emotion, gang up bully tactics, coercion, name calling, slander, smearing character assassination, no facts, just the spoon fed lies and slander that they are constantly fed by the media and Hollywood and their ilk, all the constant lies and hate that comes from these elite is the only thing that motivates them. It takes a certain mentality that loves to bully and loves to hate. They have been taught to hate and taught to disagree with anything that is structured for the good of everyone, that obeys the laws, and that is Christian love. They are the most selfish beings in the world, because they listen to the evil in the world, which is meant to divide and destroy. The communists use this to destroy, it’s their most powerful tools…..1) invade, 2) indoctrinate, 3) divide with hate to conquer.

  2. Why on earth should anyone be surprised? The only problem with these polls is that they don’t ask if all of the horrible decisions made are intentionally. I believe that they absolutely are and that the are made with the stated intent of Barack Obama to “fundamentally change” America. We are witnessing the strongest effort ever made to overthrow America. Nikita Khrushchev was right when he said that the Soviet Union would not have to do a thing to bring us down and that we’d rot from within. The White House, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the AOC gang are actively try’s to bring about our collapse right before our eyes, aided and abetted by the main stream media .

  3. Biden is a total empty head and crook and we know someone ie Obama and Hitler lover Soros and Biden’s radical cabinet are making his decisions. He isn’t and never will be my president and I want these people out of our government period. Biden needs to be impeached. I’m still waiting for our congressional Republicans to get some balls, get strong, talk strong and push hard to get rid of this POS. Also, why hasn’t anyone pressured Pelosi and put her under congressional questioning about her role in Jan. 6. I believe she, Soros and Obama are responsible and should be questioned extensively about their involvement.

    1. You backed the loser.
      Biden is in White House.
      Biden is 46.
      Always will be.
      47 is not looking good for Trump.
      A stroke out is on the horizon.
      The jelly belly is a tell.

      1. 47 will most likely be Harris after Biden cecum’s to whatever is causing him to look brain dead. That is what makes me want to move to Communist China. They are more like the U.S.A. I grew up in than this liberal abortion.

  4. Rick in NH you are spot on!!! I have been thinking about what he said like it was just
    yesterday!!! It’s happening now!!! What a forecast he made!!! Wish it were not so!!!
    We’ve gotten rotten Biden!!! King of Rot!! aka Obummer & crew working over time
    to take us down!!! Just take a look at this guy what to ya see……loser….

  5. It’s hard to believe that 41% think that lying Joe is doing a good job.

    Are our citizens so dumbed down that their brain isn’t functioning? No wonder our country is in the shape it’s in. These are the voters who have been taught to hate our country and to hate each other, and that put this communist traitor in the highest office in our country to destroy everything we worked for all our lives, and to FORCE us into just another third world communist hell hole.

    If anyone needs to be cancelled, these America haters are the people need to be cancelled.

  6. Whoever is pulling Bidens strings, whether it be Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer, Slittz, AOC, or Sorosis, THEY’RE NOT DOING A GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!AT IT!!!

  7. Biden’s decline should have been obvious months ago when he could barely draw a handful of people to show up at his rallies or speak without a monitor. He is sinking deeper into a declining mental state which is dangerous for the country. Hold on to your seats, this is going to be the most bumpy dangerous ride this country ever went through, and we may not survive it.

  8. Thank God the American people are finally waking up to the ly’in Biden far-left Socialist disaster!! The people that voted for Biden voted against their own Country; what a tragedy this has been…

  9. This administration is SICK! “They” are ALL so evil & corrupt! Fauci LIES & “gets away with it”. His Tunisian dog experiments with sandflys eating the eyes of puppy beagles is STRAIGHT OUT OF DR. MENGELE from the Hitler Holocaust! He’s up to his eyeballs in graft from the pharmaceutical lobbyists in Washington .He “parses” words “like Obama” & “THINKS” that America is TOO STUPID to “get it”.Other than Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett & Obama, “WHO” else “KNOWS?” WHAT is going on? AMERICA IS FED UP WITH THESE CRACKPOTS! “WE” hafta find “a way” to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  10. Biden’s going DOWN. “Everybody” with aging parents & grandparents CAN “see” the “writing on the wall”. This guy is INCAPABLE of “running the USA. His W.H.”team”, his wife, Anderson Cooper & a “host” of media can NO LONGER “cover” for him. I’m 73 & “forget stuff”, BUT NOTHING like this brain dead idiot. Hubby has a TBI( traumatic brain injury) & Joe Biden is a TBI from his brain aneuryms. He coughs because he’s on heart medication. HOW COME “WE” KNOW NOTHING OF HIS MEDICAL HISTORY? Doesn’t EVERY PRES. hafta have a physical? How come “WE” know NOTHING on BIDEN?


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