Obama Gets Slammed for Claiming Parents are Engaging in ‘Phony Culture Wars’

White House Flickr

Former President Obama infuriated Virginia parents while campaigning for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe when he claimed they were engaging in “phony culture wars.”

Townhall reports:

During a campaign stop in Richmond, Obama claimed Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin and conservative media are waging “phony” culture wars.

Obama’s remarks came shortly after it was revealed a girl was raped at a Loudoun County school by a “gender fluid” boy wearing a skirt. The boy was then quietly moved to another school, where he allegedly assaulted another student. The Loudoun County school board, which has been pushing transgender policies onto children and parents, knew about the situation and covered it up.

To say the least, Obama’s remarks were unwelcome, out-of-touch and quickly refuted.

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