Democrats Expect Spending Deal in ‘Next Few Hours’

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House Democrats are expecting an agreement on the framework of their massive social welfare spending deal in the next few hours. The spending deal has been stalled for weeks due to disagreements within the Democrats Party, the bill is tied to a bipartisan infrastructure package that liberals have blocked until the spending package was secured.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The president has been working hard on this, and the speaker’s been working hard on it, and so there’s a lot of work that has been done,” Hoyer told reporters. “I think it could come together quickly in the next few hours.”

Democrats want a spending framework that would cost less than $2 trillion and be paid for in part with a tax hike impacting billionaires.

The tax hike was modified after centrist Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona said she would not back hiking corporate taxes from 21% to 26.5%, and fellow centrist Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia signaled that a plan to allow the IRS to examine bank accounts could also be scrapped.

So far there’s no specific text on the tax hikes, however, Democrats are barreling towards an October 31 deadline. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted that Democrats were quickly running out of time.

“There’s not that much more time,” Pelosi told reporters. “We have to have decisions largely today or a little bit into tomorrow, so we can proceed.”

  1. I’m so glad that the Congressional Dem’s are about to be arrested and I can’t wait until they are Many have already been through tribunals – more to come!

  2. With any luck at all, no Democrat agreement will be accomplished; the American people will be greatly benefited; and the Republicans will be Sooooo relieved that they were not required to stand for anything pro American.

    1. You really don’t understand what they have in the bill do you? Or maybe you just understand the US debt problem. No offense, but read up. Check out Cloward-Piven while you’re at it.

  3. The Closer they get to the Dead line, the more they will hide Pork in the Pages. STOP and read the whole Package.

  4. WHO READ THE BILL ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? OVER & OVER AGAIN NOBODY READS BILLS !!

    1. Proof is with Obama Care. No one read the package until after it was voted in. It had so much Pork in it, that is is Illegal.

  5. Nancy should keep her mouth shut and let people think she is a fool when she opens it she removes all doubt.

    1. She, old Nan has turned into such an anti-American since Trump was in office, she flipped out! Good old Trump derangement syndrome! She should retire, with no pension, she doesn’t need it!

    1. Yes, just like what happened in Peru last year, now the poor Peruvians are scared to death of the Marxist president they have installed in an illegal election! Sound familiar?

  6. One thing about the demonicRATS they stick together no matter what I wish McConnell and the rest of The wimps would do the same

    1. McConnell has his own agenda with a father-in-law & in-law family ties in big shipping business in China.

    1. globalists will not bribe or use their voter fraud to appoint/reappoint their puppets; demonrats and rinos if they stop preaching globalist agendas .

  7. What’s with the hurry??? The demo’s just want to give Jackass Joe talking points
    and something he can say he did whether its good or bad!! This huge bill mind you
    when someone actually reads it will piss off a lot of folks!! They will read it maybe
    some time in the future just like the old hag Piglosi!! The Repub’s could never get
    away with trying to do something like this. As I said in the 1st opening line it’s for
    praise at the Summitt!!! Without it he will look like a old chump!!! Which is what he is.
    He does not have the 1st clue what’s the huge pill of garbage they have put together.
    Just something to brag about while our country goes down the toilet. The Dem’s
    only want control of the masses!!!!! They know if they can’t pin something on
    Trump now….anything they can make up like they have been trying since he came
    down the escalator and announced he was running!!! No president in the past has
    done what he did for this country in record time…the best of all best’s. Not counting
    on the China disrupt ( thanks Fauci ) without pay and losing millions due to his
    absence!! This man loves our country!! So say thumb’s down to the clueless loser in
    the white house. Please pack your bags for an early exit. Post haste. Demo’s will
    pay sooner or later trying to turn this country to social status permanent!! There will
    be a special place in hell for them. So many criminals without accountability makes
    one sick…just look at them…no one no one dares to challenge them over their miss
    deeds…they get away with everything just because…..they know they will not be
    challenged!! OK I’m done

      1. sad to say but that’s not going to happen, especially since they control DC. All thinking Americans need to realize just how much the dems are destroying our country in their quest to change our constitutional republic into their version of a socialist nation. Other than a second revolution, which has been talked about, and prepared for over the last several years, the only recourse we have is to vote them out of office.

  8. Hey Manchin and Sinema, If you want to be the next American hero don’t back down. If you want to be America’s losers go along with the exorbitant socialist agenda of the radical left! It is up to you two to keep America a great, free and democratic Republic!

  9. Joe Machin has the power – only he knows where this will go and Pelosi and company are so hysterical because Joe Machin is still holding the line

  10. Working Very Hard, the democrats!!! Hard to over throw the American Government and our Constitution! Calling them Weasels, rats, toads would be an insult to the animal kingdom in this case. These are the worst possible ones ever in the office of US government.


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