Mexico Threatens to Send Biden’s Border Crisis into Overdrive

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

Mexico is threatening a decision from the Supreme Court which ruled the Biden administration must reimplement former President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy. While the Supreme Court ruled Trump’s Title 42 migrant protection protocol (MPP) must be re-implemented as the country continues to struggle with the Coronavirus, it depends on the agreement from Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who seems to be dragging his feet.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Although the court ordered the government to reinstate the Remain in Mexico program, the United States cannot do so without cooperation from Mexico, explained Theresa Cardinal Brown, the managing director of immigration and cross-border policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center think tank in Washington.

“They have to be willing, and that’s what the Biden administration told the court in its latest declaration — is that, ‘We’re working on it. We’re setting everything up to do it.’ But Mexico has to say ‘yes’ and Mexico hasn’t said ‘yes,’” Brown said. “They’re having lots of discussions with DHS before they say ‘yes,’ and there are going to be lots of conditions on it.”

The DHS is already working on contracts to rebuild tent facilities where immigration proceedings can take place in the U.S. Court documents related to the MPP suit indicate that the U.S. has forked up $14 million and plans to spend an additional $24 million per month to set up tent courts where judges will hear asylum cases.

“They’re saying that they’re going to start [to] implement it in November, but the fine print says, ‘As long as Mexico agrees,’” said Mark Morgan, a former senior official performing the duties of Customs and Border Protection commissioner, during a Senate roundtable on Oct. 20. “I’m skeptical, and I don’t think it’s actually going to happen to any full force like we did under the Trump administration.”

The Biden administration has struggled to contain the border crisis and has often attempted to blame Mexico for the crisis.

    1. well trump threatened them with tariffs and they conceded and kept them there! now slo joe has screwed it all up and hasn’t got the balls to do anything!

    2. How about it being Joe’s fault for telling the world the American southern border is open for who wish to come in.

    3. No Biden owns this he needs extra voters so he has opened d the borders. Offered Illegals Free Health care while American citizens have to pay the bill. Biden is a fool, and suggestion that Mexico is land bridge put you in that category as well.

  1. I call BULL$%IT! .. I don’t believe a damn person in his administration! … Mexico won’t say yes.. IF YOU DON”T TWIST THEIR ARM! .. .and the FJB crowd is not going to do that!

  2. This article stated that the Biden Adm. is struggling to contain the border. DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT. They are trying to delay the process as much as possible. Their agenda is to have an open border at all costs. Their only objective is to undo everything Trump did to help strengthen America.

  3. It is not Mexico’s fault, it is Bidens. He stopped building the wall, to keep illegals, terrorists and drugs out of our country. Wakeup John M

  4. Mexico hates Biden as much as I do, that’s a good thing. These people coming are gonna pour over the border just like the ones that came before them. So honorable mention is the rusting tax payer’s border fence just laying out there. Folks, this is just one of Biden’s efforts to crush America, the list goes on, and on.


  6. Seems to me Obrador has no choice in this matter. If by some miracle, these hordes are stopped, he will face two alternatives. First, he can accommodate them. Or secondly, he can transport them back to the Northern Triangle. Failure to act will subject them to cartel subjugation and cruelty or starvation.

  7. Joe Biden and anybody who is behind him on this border thing or in violation of section 4 of article 4 of the constitution and article 3 section 3 of the constitution, which means we the people should remove them from government because they are not obeying the oath of office which they swore to do when they took off to protect we the people which is our house the border. Letting disease murderers thieves drug attic‘s people who wanna steal from the American people while the Democrats hide them behind amnesty. This is all BS these people are in violation of state is above and they should be remote

    1. obama and biden told the people what they are going to do,yet bho 2 times elected,
      biden once,so far??
      who’s fault is this?braindead people, anyone??

  8. Smoke and mirrors…. Mexico is doing nothing to prevent these people from coming into there country and passing through into ours… They have all the power to do so and are not doing it…

  9. Really?
    You think for one moment that mexico wants’ all these locust filling there landscape?
    C’mon, they are just going to let them come through, because spineless Bin Biden will not enforce anything from the U.S. Supreme Court.


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