Poll: Republicans are Poised Over Democrats to Take Back the House

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New polling from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) shows that Republicans are set up to take back the House in next year’s midterm elections.

The Hill reports:

According to a new poll released Tuesday by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the GOP has a 43-40 lead over Democrats with registered voters in the generic ballot across 85 potential battleground districts. Those results mark an improvement from the same poll conducted in February, April and July that had Democrats at 44 percent with voters.

The boost for the GOP in the Republican poll appears to be fueled in part by a drop in President Biden’s approval rating. The presidential approval rating is underwater, with 45 percent of voters approving of the job Biden is doing compared with 51 percent who disapprove. In July, the opposite was true, when 51 percent of voters approved of Biden’s performance compared with 45 percent who disapproved.

Only 39 percent of independents approve of Biden’s job performance, and Republicans have a 35-27 lead among independents in the 85 districts, according to the poll.

Other key demographics are also moving toward Republicans in the poll, with white college-educated voters favoring Republicans by a 44-41 margin and Hispanics split even between the two parties.

  1. With the Country upside down, how can people vote Demorats? they are destroying this country, I wonder if those who are voting Dem are voting because they don’t know how to vote? Not because you are a Dem, you don’t have to vote Dem, vote for who you know who is doing good for the Country. That is the way to vote.

    1. It is not the Majority of the People, that has ruined the Country, it is the Minority, but they make the most noise. We need just to show up at the Polls. If All Christians and God Believers and everybody that knows Abortion is Murder,show up and Vote Republican. We Can WIN. Please Get out and Vote November 02, 2021 then again in 2022.

  2. There is NOT a lot of difference with either party .The Democrats have the majority and they are pushing their agenda . The GOP had the majority and they DID NOT push any actions to support the Nation .2016 Election .President Trump elected with the House and Senate in the hands of the GOP > results “nothing ” supported by the majority .>>At present we have a GOP group that points out ALL of the actions of FBiden and the Demo’s but does NOTHING to fix the problem .The call for President TRUMP TO BE ELECTED IN 2024 is over 1100 DAYS away and just look at the destructive actions put forth in the past 180 days and see if you understand the problem Wake up and see these “politicians ” .play the same game they have played for decades and remain in power because the “sheep” are waiting for someone else to save their A$$ .>>.

  3. Don’t let the Democrats, know that we are leading. This will allow the Liars in the Democrats Party to Lie and Steal more Illegal Votes. I will bet that they go the Grave lard every weekend to gather more Names, let alone steal all of the Ballots that are thrown away

  4. Why do you think the dems are throwing all these idiotic bills at the wall and seeing which one stick? They knew on January 21, 2021 that they had already lost the midterms.

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. The communist takeover of the democrat party taught them 21st Century cheating skills and the GOP has not yet caught on to the flimflam they swallowed. I hope parents volunteer in droves to serve as observers at all the polling places, drop boxes and any other ground zero voting places. The nation might not survive another catastrophe like the one witnessed by millions but not yet settled.

  6. The poor little bottle baby demorats are crying like they did when Hitler Hillary lost the Presidential Election. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Got some Goat milk for them.

  7. Sigh, the censors marked my post “awaiting for approval” because its algorithm found something offensive. As a mere reader, I’ve made an educated guess that others besides TTN use this censorship algorithm. I believe they include American Action News, American Update and Full Mag News.

    Its use is sufficiently widespread that some colossal developer, e.g., Twitter, Facebook or Amazon may have had a hand in its development. Conservatives may suffer censorship even when they avoid leftist social sites. I’ve seen posts by several others who complain about abusive censorship on conservative sites.

  8. Just HOW could any American approve of anything that Joe Biden is doing? This brain-damaged, insane pervert is historically the most anti American president ever (even eclipsing niggeerbama), and is historically guilty of formal treason as well. Where are you Nancy Pelosi? Where is the impeachment committee, and how far along are they to voting impeachment for an American traitor?

  9. Of course, winning requires fair & honest elections. Q: What has been done to guarantee those? A: Nothing significant!!


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