Psaki ‘Learned Her Lesson’ Following Ethics Complaint

Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith

Biden’s press secretary says she’s “learned her lesson” after being accused of violating the Hatch Act. Jen Psaki received an ethics complaint after she weighed in on the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Fox News reports:

“I’ve learned my lesson,” Psaki responded. “I’m not going to do politics from here or political analysis. I can confirm that the president is going to Arlington later this evening and that that is my hometown as well. And, of course, the vice president [is campaigning there] as well.

Psaki promised earlier this month to choose her words more carefully after Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint accusing her of violating the Hatch Act, which forbids officials from using their “official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.”

In the comments CREW took issue with, Psaki responded to a question about the Virginia race by saying, “Look, I think the president, of course, wants former Governor McAuliffe to be the future governor of Virginia,” and that, “We’re going to do everything we can to help former Governor McAuliffe, and we believe in the agenda he’s representing.”

In response to the complaint, Psaki previously told Fox News, “While the president has publicly expressed his support for McAuliffe, we’ll leave it to the press and the campaign to provide commentary on the race. I take ethics very seriously and will choose my words more carefully moving forward.”

So far, Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are neck-in-neck in polls, a major concern for Democrats.

    1. To come up with the continuous shrewd lies and only Peter Doocy holds her feet to the fire is shameful. She is very bright to come up with cocamaie lies that the not so bright believe. Shame on the ones who say nothing and let her get away with it.

    1. The list is long but thats a good start.
      I’d like to add McConnell because he is one of their’s by RINO definition.

  1. She takes ethics very seriously??? Really? Really??? If that were the case, she wouldn’t have worked for the Communist Nitwits Network and be working for China Boy Groper Joe Bribedem regurgitating his lies and spewing that phony propaganda. She can’t t much lower than either of those.

  2. FOX news reports. What part of this do I not believe. Maybe the fact that she has not learned her lesson, lying Psaki. Trump won. Take that FOX I really do not believe anything they report. Tucker Carlson , Steve Hilton, Mark Levin, judge Jeanine, Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfield maybe sometimes, FOX NEVER. They are as credible as Chris Wallace, Same Donaldson, Jan Psaki or Joy Behar.

  3. No worries I’m not sure I should have posted to this site. Waiting for approval to pass the vendors? My provider already has trashed messages to me judging they are false information, in their eyes as censors It’s the commie way. My comment awaits approval. I’m sure I won’t comment on this site, again.

  4.  I take ethics very seriously and will choose my words more carefully moving forward.”
    “Let me circle back on that.”…

    If she had any ethics she would not stand day after day and lie to cover for what is becoming the most corrupt administration since that of Andrew Jackson.. founder of the party of corruption which spawned Obama and from which Biden crawled from the muck to be hander the keys to the WH via the most questionable election in history in this century.

    1. I don’t think it was questionable~~ I know it was stolen. We have the proof, we just cannot get a judge to look at it. Typical leftists lying through their teeth and think we believe them.

  5. I think you all are not giving Peppermint Psaki a fair shake. Imagine how much skill it takes to attempt to cover for the entire weekend at Biden’s administration with a straight face. Having said that I would trust her as much as I trust gas station sushi.

  6. Too late, you lying bit**. You have already committed the crime defined by the Hatch act. You SHOULD be prosecuted, and an honest DOJ WOULD prosecute you, but we cannot expect this of Joe Biden’s DOJ, which is headed by a criminal and takes sides, politically, to ANY question in the public venue.

  7. The most flagrant ethics violation is from two or more people with the last name of Biden, until someone admits what they are doing is fraudulent there will be no trust in the federal government.

  8. CREW is a Soros organization. Why would they file a complaint against the Red Witch? Is she not radical enough?


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