Dan Bongino: Fight With Cumulus Media Over Vax Mandate has Turned ‘Ugly’

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Conservative radio star Dan Bongino says the fight with Cumulus Media has turned “ugly.” Bongino has not missed three straight shows after he said Cumulus Media would have to decide between him and a company vaccine mandate.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Behind the scenes, it’s getting a little ugly here,” he said Tuesday. “I wasn’t on the radio today or yesterday. But you don’t treat people this way.”

He reiterated Wednesday that “it’s unfortunately an ugly fight. I wish it weren’t. But some of the people who have been fired from Cumulus, their stories are piling in, and they’re pretty disturbing,” referring to an email he read the previous day from an employee allegedly fired from the company for not complying with the mandate. The employee claimed Cumulus rejected his religious exemption within a day.

“This fight’s been wearing me down but not wearing me out,” Bongino said, adding he’d learned not to choose business partners who “treat people poorly and just have poor character.”

The former Secret Service agent turned commentator is opposed to vaccination mandates on the grounds of bodily autonomy, although he himself is vaccinated.

How long will Bongino hold his ground before the fight with Cumulus Media comes to a point? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

    1. I am vaccinated, but I don’t like mandates from a government that only holds the trust of 20 percent of the population. There are a lot of rumors and opinion from all quarters; but the thing most concerning to me is the hard facts that have been, and still are, hidden and misrepresented by top officials in government health organizations and by persons using the virus for partisan political advantage.

    2. Absolutely don’t give in. I begrudgingly got the J&J because it was only one with no mRNA, but now that all the adverse effects have come out and who knows what the effects these vax will have in the future, I am not planning on any more. I believe the “positivity rate” is a meaningless number, but assuming the politicians really believed it, these so called mandates would be gone because the positivity rate now is below 2.2 and previously their goal was 4.

    1. god is too busy blessing his globalists and all their puppets and all their criminals and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  1. Stay strong Dan! I realized 2 days ago that the show wasn’t live. I’m listening on the podcast each day now.

  2. I have all the respect and admiration conceivable for you Dan, for you live in accordance with your beliefs and your devout faith. Each of us are measured by what we believe and how we live each day of our life. Intellectual Integrity and Shining Sincerity describe the person you are.

  3. The future will have 20/20 hindsight. It would be nice to look back and realize how infantile and immoral these mandates are on all of us. Freedom is freedom. Not freedom if you do as I tell you.

  4. Dan’s a fighter, one of the best we have. Never known him to back down or give in. He is right and God and the good people are on his side. Love and prayers to our fearless warrior.

    1. god shows us everyday whose side he is on; globalists and all their puppets and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

      1. Not , God is on the side of the meek and the mild and also the believer in Jesus who roamed the earth died and was rose from the dead.
        Blasphemy will get you to lleh real fast. Not forgiving it is one way to have a seat with Satan.

        You will see we’ll known names Bowing out or retiring.

        The system is only catching up to them and Gitmo is growing.
        Pray ppl it’s what he wants

  5. Dan will continue to fight for our freedoms. We all know if we give in, the next illegal mandate could start the disintegration of the this country’s freedom according to the Constitution. Dan is vaccinated, but stands for our liberties in our Constitutional Republic. Dan is a true patriot and there are millions in this fight right beside him. I’m proud to fight back against this tyranny from the DC swamp!🇺🇸

    1. I am afraid the disintegration of our freedoms and country took a turn for the worst during this last election when this tyrannical government was inaugurated illegally destroying our Constitution.

  6. Having listened to and watched Bongino for years now, there is no way in Hell that he will bend a knee to any man or corporation!

    Dan, sei un uomo d’onore e coraggio. Dio vi benedica e la vostra famiglia.

  7. We will never be intimidated by DEMOSHIT TRASH…..Better be careful dimwits who you open your mouths around, you just might end of with missing teeth….That is not a threat, its a promise

  8. This whole mandate has nothing to do with safety but rather Liberal control of the masses. There is nothing legal, moral, or ethical about them forcing the vaccine, It is all about them controlling the populist.

    1. You will have better luck of your prayers being answered if you pray for globalists and all their puppets and altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  9. I thank you for standing up for what you believe. I am age 83 and retired; l don’t plan to ever take another vaccine. Three times in my long live l took so called vaccines. As a result I had two long hospital stay in ICU for many day; on one of these jabs contaminated my blood, thus l can never give blood.

  10. Dan KEEP IT UP You are a Shinny Spot in Journalism right now and I DO NOT see that Changing Any Time Soon. Hopefully people will realize that what this BAFOON and his HANDELERS are doing to this country is APALLING and Should be STOPPED. Damn AMERICANS WAKE THE [email protected]$K UP and Let Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  11. I hope he fights it out with them. He talks about believing in choice, well show it. Don’t let them win because your followers won’t trust what you say anymore. Stand by your words.


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