Former ATF Nominee Reveals Why he Thinks his Nomination Failed

David Chipman via YouTube

President Biden’s initial choice to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is revealing why he thinks the Senate torpedoed his nomination. In an interview with CBS News, David Chipman claimed his nomination was ultimately rescinded because senators did not care about preventing gun violence in the U.S.

Townhall reports:

Chipman told CBS Evening News, “I have, from 25 years as an ATF Agent, and largely for 10 years after that, committed myself to one thing: preventing gun violence in this country. To oppose me must mean that you’re not for preventing gun violence.”

“I’m a concealed carry owner in Virginia who swore an oath to our Constitution. And I don’t mean a desk job. I mean I was on the SWAT team. I was in dangerous and perilous situations all the time,” he continued.

Chipman then made the absurd claim that “the reality is in much of America it’s easier to buy a gun than a beer.”

Chipman’s nomination was eventually pulled by the White House after months of being in limbo. In addition to his extreme stance on gun control, Chipman’s nomination was hard to advocate for after The Reload reported he had official complaints filed against him when he was in the ATF by black agents, alleging “Chipman denigrated black ATF agents up for promotion.”

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  1. all megalomaniacs have the same douchebag response to being passed over/shunned . . .bet this self-absorbed asswipe kills even more after this mental breakdown !

  2. Chipman was rejected because his record and rhetoric show him to be way outside anything approaching a mainstream. The rejection was appropriate, and Chipman should not serve in any position either employing firearms or regulating them.

  3. That’s a pretty broad statement saying “To oppose me must mean that you’re not for preventing gun violence.” What a fool, thinking that would fly. He knows darn well, if they shred the 2nd Amendment and take our guns, that violence from criminals with guns will skyrocket like we have never seen before, and that is exactly what the Biden regime wants. He’s as evil as the rest of Bidens ilk.

  4. Its not so easy to buy a gun or a beer today, supply chain issues, the closest thing to gun control Joe Biden has ever accomplished in 50 years in public life. One thing is for sure, if Biden puts his mind to something you can rest assured that task will either not get accomplished or will be done horrendously, and that is a promise he can guarantee!

  5. This is exactly why we don’t want this MORON heading the ATF. Saying a vote against him is saying you want gun violence?? Just How Stupid Are You??? You did NOT spend the past 10 years trying to stop gun violence, you spent the past 10 years trying to take away law-abiding citizens’ 2nd amendment rights.

    If you were TRULY out there trying to lower violence, you would not be concentrating on firearms of any type. You would be working to enforce laws already on the books. You would be fighting to put criminals, especially violent criminals behind bars and have them stay there for a very long time. You would do everything in your power to protect citizens who use a weapon in self-defense instead of vilifying the good guy.

    Yes, the right decision was made, and just like you, Merrick Garland should have NEVER been put in place of authority as he has been. The only silver lining around that dark cloud is that he will not be staying in office for the rest of his life.

  6. It should be remembered that Chipman could not or would not definitively define an assault weapon, basically saying it’d be whatever Congress said it was. He was leaving it open to basically ban almost all modern hunting rifles.Furthermore, his interpretation of the 2nd Amendment doesn’t correspond to what the Framers of the Constitution said it meant.

    1. Got news for him! “The conclusion is thus inescapable that history, concept and wording of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as well as its interpretation by every commentator and court in the first half half century after its ratification indicated that what is protected is an individual right of a private citizen to own and carry firearms in a peaceful manner.” Report of the Sub-committee On the constitution of the committee On the Judiciary, United States Senate 97th Congress, second session (February 1982 SuDoc#Yu.J89/2:AR515) …. Tuesday June 29, 2010 U.S. Supreme Court. “The Second Amendment provides a fundamental right to bear arms that cannot be violated by state and local governments. Justice Alito ‘It is clear that the framers …. counted the right to keep and bear arms among the fundamental rights to our orderly liberty.'” This was a message from a Russian, Stanislav Mishin “America’s Second Amendment the right to bear arms, is a rare light in an ever darkening room.” “So do not fall for false promises and do not extinguish the light that is left to allow humanity a measure of respect.” We need to get the Dems out of Congress

      1. You’re so right. The seditionist socialist Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution as it was written, i.e., they take an eisegetical rather than exegetical approach to interpreting it. Thus it can mean anything or nothing. Just look at what they’ve done to Article 1, Section 8, the Enumerated Powers.

        Now I don’t agree with everything in the Constitution myself. HOWEVER, my view is that if we don’t like it, let’s AMEND it per Article V. So I don’t believe Congress’ corrupting the system with the fanciful interpretations of the Preamble, Proper and Necessary, Commerce, and Sovereignty Clauses and the SCOTUS’ going along with much of it should be allowed to stand.

        But to change the damage and return the US to a constitutional Republic will likely take an Article V Convention by the States as Congress isn’t about to curtail the federal CENTRAL behemoth and as Jefferson said, bind it with the chains of the Constitution.

  7. Joe Biden Looks to be Investigated in Relation to Hunter Per EmailsJInvestigated in
    Hunter Biden has had so many scandals it would make most parents disown their children. Not President Biden. Instead, he doubles down on his claims of having nothing to do with his business deals, while also being directly involved per new email reports. In a recent piece, The Daily Mail uncovered emails between Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin that show the link between Joe and Hunter Biden’s finances that would in turn put Joe under investigation as well. For ages now Joe has professed that he has nothing to do with Hunter’s deals and that their finances are totally separate, yet these emails paint an entirely different picture. Hunter and Schwerin were business partners at Rosemont Seneca and these emails detail how Schwerin was linked beyond just coworkers. Schwerin “was working on Joe’s taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other’s household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe’s senate papers to the University of Delaware” per the piece from The Daily Mail. These emails aren’t anything just conjured up out of the blue as Democrats would love for you to believe. These are directly from Hunter’s own laptop. The damning evidence even goes on to implicate Joe’s involvement (involuntarily or not) in prostitution and drug trafficking. The Daily Mail went on to state “On May 24, 2018, a recently retired senior Secret Service officer, Robert Savage, texted Hunter warning he would ‘have to assume you are in danger’ and commandeer keys to the room if he didn’t come out of his $470-per-night suite at The Jeremy Hotel in Los Angeles where he had been holed up with a Russian hooker to whom he wired $25,000. The agent added: ‘Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account’ – the Secret Service code name for Joe Biden. ‘DC is calling me every 10. Let me up or come down. I can’t help if you don’t let me H.’It is unclear whether the agent’s reference to ‘Celtic’s account’ was about charges for prostitutes on a Joe Biden bank account, or his employment by Joe Biden to monitor his son.” This damning evidence uncovered amounts to a litany of charges for Hunter if they do the morally right thing and charge him. Given his guest list at his recent art shows, the Secret Service detail, and the amount of effort they have gone through to try and hide things, it’s not very likely to happen without more external pressure. Schwerin’s dealing with Joe is linked even deeper than finances. When Joe was the sitting Vice President Rosemont Seneca was the firm fielding his potential book deals, he also had them handling his donation of Senate papers to the University of Delaware. While these kinds of situations are not typically handled by the VP or Senator directly, it is usually handled by an internal person; like maybe an aide? However, Joe is no ordinary elected official. He’s special and needs special treatment. This means external agencies handling everything for him, and making sure his baby boy isn’t doing the ‘wrong thing’…at least in the public eye. As more and more of these documents and email exchanges are uncovered, one must wonder when the other shoe will finally drop. When will Joe and Hunter finally pay for all they have taken from the American people? When will they be held accountable for the deception, mistrust, and lip service?

  8. This mutt is clueless – we have the inalienable right to own – use – and carry weapons – his job was and would have been to catch and prosecute criminals -some use weapons some do not – stop chasing guns and start catching criminals- get rid of the criminals no violence

  9. Chipman must not be sufficiently intelligent to understand that armed obedient citizens are far less dangerous than armed disobedient criminals.

    1. In addition, what he “understands” is that armed constitutionalist patriots are a danger to tyrannical politicians.

  10. No Chipman. I believe they spared your life. Belonging to one of the alphabet does not guarantee your safety. Swat at a dog long enough and eventually he will grow tired of it and bite. Thank God. Literally.

  11. He was just another swimmer in the idiot pool of candidates for every position Biden needed to fill. Seemed like mix and match or a swap meet between players.

  12. His nomination failed because he’s a raving Leftist lunatic. He had, and has, no business being anywhere near the ATF.

  13. Hero to a zero,huh, in hidenbiden’s eyes, come on man,u know the thing,your fired chippy.U don’t cut the musterd,buddy.

  14. Just like Jeff Sessions “Dopey ears” told everyone he was a waste of time.
    Chipman did not get the job because he too had ears like “Dopey” of the seven dwarves!
    America has had enough of Dopey making stupid decisions.


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