Schumer PAC Ad Gets Pulled for Peddling False Information

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently had an ad in Nevada taken down for peddling fake news. The ad attacked Republican midterm challenger Adam Laxalt but was later pulled off the airwaves for pushing false claims.

According to Townhall:

As Politico covered, “a local TV station in Nevada took down a pro-Catherine Cortez Masto ad Tuesday after the [National Republican Senatorial Committee] complained it included ‘flagrantly false’ information” about Laxalt and threatened legal action if the ad continued to air.

Even though the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC fought back against the NRSC’s objections, one station — the Reno CBS affiliate — said that after consulting with its own attorneys they would pull the ad “unless new documentation or information comes in that changes the course of our decision.”

Republican challenger Laxalt heralded the TV station’s decision to pull the pro-Democrat attack ad as a blow to the Senate Majority PAC’s credibility. “Chuck Schumer is so desperate to save Catherine Cortez Masto that he’s attacking me for her own failures,” Laxalt said in a statement. “Masto has been in office for 5 years and what’s been the result? Sky-high unemployment, massive inflation, a crisis at our border, and embarrassment abroad,” he explained. “This shows that she and Schumer will say anything to win this race, no matter if it aligns with the facts or not and proves to Nevadians that they can’t trust their words.”

poll of Nevada voters released earlier this month showed a competitive race ahead with the incumbent having only a small lead over Laxalt — roughly four points — 45.5 percent to 41.2 percent. Former President Donald Trump gave Laxalt his “complete and total endorsement” in August

Democrats are already panicking about different campaigns in next year’s midterm elections.

  1. Well chuck schumer has GOTTEN AWAY WITH CONSTANTLY LYING for ALL THESE years, he just thought he would again!

  2. Schumer is the lowest form of life ever known, Oh wait, Obozo, Biden, Jabba the Hut….Oh heck there are just to many choices

    1. General G.S. Patton said it best, “Politicians are the lowest form of life and democrats are the lowest for of politicians.”

  3. This would only be a scandal if it were Republicans doing it. For demmunist/commucraps it’s just business as usual.


  4. Lying,crying,chuck the smuck schumer, is a real piece of work,what a pos to lie about someone and trash them, and it’s all bs,propaganda. The low=life dirt=bag needs to run out of office, or primaried by someone,he’s corrupt as they come and needs to go.

  5. Just how long is it going to take Americans to realize the truth? Democrats and the Democrat Party are “no damn good”! The lie, they corrupt, and they are STRONGLY anti American, in every seeming way. Starting with the 2022 election the country would benefit enormously if Democrats, and their political party would slowly disappear from American history, to be replaced by some other party – say, the “American Party”. The Democrat Party is certainly NOT democratic, but mostly dictatorial in nature. At least the new American Party could start 0ff with a clean, pro American philosophy, and might even drag the thoroughly compromised GOP along with it.;.

  6. Well if it wasn’t for fake-news, he & his “kind” wouldn’t be in office…so how bad can it really be❓

  7. Why ? Laxalt is a loser. Only a buffoon like Schumer would not know that . Jesus Nevada , nominate someone else .

  8. Say it ain’t so. The Schmuck lied? Again? Noooooo.

    There, I just wrote the MSM’s headline for this story. If the Schmucks lips are moving, it’s lying. Guaranteed!

  9. Dems REALLY “play DIRTY”! Lie, cheat, spread false innuendo & let the “news” & damage go out. NEVER retract OR apologize for FALSE ANYTHING! Sounds like Washington, D.C.!

  10. I moved from N.Y. the day after I retired from G.M. DELPHI. Lived there all my life till I was able to retire. It was Western N.Y. that wasn’t that bad considering the weather in winter, burrrrrrr!!. I knew that New York City where all the political power was with “THE BOYS” controlling the politicians, that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life there. Just look at N.Y. now along with all the rest of the DEMON-CRAT controlled state, all are in the S _ _ _ _ _ r! Nough said!

  11. Just like the communist democrat pedophile cult members play book says to do, lie, lie and lie again, as the communist democrat pedophile cult party destroys our America!


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