The Issues Where Republicans Wipe the Floor With Democrats

There are certain issues that the Democrats can not contest in politics, these are issues where Republicans currently win every time. These are the winning issues. 

A new poll from NBC paints a very dark future for the Democrat party and President Joe Biden. The NBC poll lays out the issues and just how badly the Dems are losing on them, Joe Biden has been a disaster for the Democrat party to say the least. 

The poll from NBC makes it clear that voters do not like the current state of the country or the direction that it is heading in. This is a good sign for Republicans as they head into an election year.

Here are the winning issues: 

  1. Those democrats cheated and committed massive fraud and put that demented imbecile in as president that God did not call for this and now it’s backfiring on them big time! IT SERVES THEM RIGHT!

  2. When reality slaps what’s realy happening it wakes up the people. I’m for saving our FREEDOM that will never change. We need to help President Trump to finish draining the swamp this has given President Trump and us more power because we know who cheaters and the back stabers are. VOTE FOR OUR FREEDOM!!

          1. maxibaby, smart thinking. I use the caret ^ (Shift 6) as a delimiter between letters of certain words…

  3. Crime… Lack of regular use of capital punishment to permanently dispose of convicted killers encourages more violent crime. Maybe the new Virginia governor will encourage the legislature to reinstate capital punishment for murder. The outgoing VA governor is the worst governor in years.

  4. And…that why they have to keep “rigging” elections‼️ And, ya must’ve been “living under a rock” or ‘grandma’ damp-basement…these past few years, not to be able to 👀 this❓

  5. Its not over yet the commander and thief and their proxies are still at it scheming and cheating – just watch – Terry M is molded after Hillary – Criminals


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