Republican Glenn Youngkin Defeats Democrat In VA Governor Upset

Photo by Glenn Youngkin Via Flickr

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, a shocking upset for a state that Biden carried by 10 points in 2020. 

“Alrighty Virginia, we won this thing,” Youngkin said in his early morning victory speech Wednesday. “Together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth.”

Youngkin took the race with 51% of the vote to Gov. McAuliffe’s 48.3%. With 97% of the expected vote in, he won by more than 85,000 votes out of the over 3.1 million ballots cast. The result came as a surprise, when only two months ago, Younkin was trailing McAuliffe by nine points in the polls

Democrat heavy hitters President Biden, Vice President Harris, and former President Obama stumped for McAuliffe, who spent months comparing the former equity CEO to Trump. 

“Youngkin’s entire campaign has been a full embrace of Donald Trump’s dangerous extremism: divisive culture wars, racist dog whistles and bigotry,” McAuliffe accused on Monday. 

The incumbent governor’s campaign stumbled during a Sept. 28 debate, when the topic turned to parental discontent with schools over critical race theory, sexualized curriculums, and pandemic mandates, which have been hot button issues in area school districts. 

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe said at the event. 

“I’m on the side of the parents and children and teachers, and I think this has become the big issue in this race,” Youngkin remarked on Tuesday. “I’ve just felt this great surge of momentum for the last six to eight weeks.”

He capitalized on the matter when Virginia’s wealthy Loudoun County school district reportedly covered up the sexual assault of a female student by a boy wearing a skirt in the girls’ bathroom, and her father was arrested and labeled a “potential” domestic terrorist for confronting the school board about the alleged assault in early October.  

“On day one, we’re going to work,” Youngkin stated during his victory speech. “We’re going to restore excellence in our schools … We’re going to embrace our parents, not ignore them.”  

Younkin was congratulated by top Republicans including Sen. Rand Paul, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Trump.

“His win tonight is a clear and much needed signal for personal freedom and that parents are the deciders of their children’s education and future,” Sen. Paul tweeted

“Glenn will serve the people of Old Dominion well with common sense Conservative policies that will benefit parents, families, and hard-working Virginians! The Conservative Comeback is HERE!” Pence shared.  

Trump credited his base of supporters for electing Youngkin. “Without you, he would not have been close to winning. The MAGA movement is bigger and stronger than ever before. Glenn will be a great governor. Thank you to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and most particularly, to our incredible MAGA voters!”

On Wednesday morning McAuliffe officially conceded and congratulated Youngkin on his victory, according to Fox News.

“While last night we came up short, I am proud that we spent this campaign fighting for the values we so deeply believe in,” McAuliffe said.

“Congratulations to Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin on his victory. I hope Virginians will join me in wishing the best to him and his family,” McAuliffe added.

    1. It is a sign and now globalists know how much more voter fraud they need to use to appoint/reappoint their globalist pupets; demonrats and rinos .

    2. Hopefully it’s not more rhinos like the ones who just passed Obiteme infrastructural bill which is all crap. Now they’ll pass his 4 trillion bill and that will be the end of us… it’s time to fire them up to many rhinos piece of crap rhinos sell outs you aren’t worth a plug buckle and I hope you get what’s coming to you 20 fold after all the ppl you have hurt

      1. If we can get earthquaques to detach California and send it out into the Pacific, and then the same for NY – send it out into the Atlantic that would be a great improvement.

        1. Marie, I’ve been hearing that story since 1973 when I was 5 years old. lol no kidding. It was the 1st global warming myth, I assume. California has an underground cavity that will cause a cataclysmic earthquake and soon to be swept into the ocean in due time.Ummm Yeah. Okay.

    1. But it is NYC. Full of leftist loons that must just love being crime victims that are taxed to the gills. Again, like Commiefornia, they have absolutely no room to complain when it goes further south and nobody should feel any sympathy.

      1. You would “imagine” that a demonrat police officer would be more intelligent that being a demonrat in demonrat run/ruined nyc .

      2. I understand what you mean. Our elections in California are completely corrupt. Before leaving office Jerry Brown signed a law allowing ballot harvesting. We have mail in voting which makes it so easy to cheat. California, like New York, is lost. I am praying that other states will not let enough Dems in office to go this way. Once they get enough of them in, they go about doing whatever is necessary to make sure they will never be out.

    2. unfortunately that is true. NY will be the next California. Nassau and Suffolk counties all replaced the democratic machine. We are Republican again!!!!

      1. It certainly helps when the opposition party doesn’t have the faintest idea what the rest of the country is concerned with.

        1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos don’t care what the rest of the contry is concerned with .

  1. This is the start of a New America–now continue with the win of RED in all states re-take the House, Senate and White House and smother the DemonRATS right out of this country

    1. Without globalist voter fraud appointing/reappointing their puppets; demonrats and rinos, republicans would win the majority of elections .

    1. Don’t worry. The dimwit nitwits just keeping stepping into their piles of excrement. They just keep listening to their own fake news and living in their bubble in the cesspool believing their own lies. By the elections, they should have committed mass political suicide! But apparently there are at least two surprises in their party, Manchin and Sinema representing real moderates. Before this is over, the dimwit nitwits may convince the two to switch sides! Following Sinema into a bathroom is just disgusting and a new low for those lunatics fanatics that Soros finances! Won’t win that battle either. Sinema is not a conformist I will give her that.

  2. The problem with the polls is the same as always. Who runs them and their agenda. And today they are worthless in every instance as they have been for a few decades most definitely. And apparently VA was on top of the voter fraud to prevent another 2020 steal. Poor dimwit nitwits, can’t win if they can’t cheat!

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos rely on globalist voter fraud and don’t even attempt to reach out to American voters .

  3. Ohhhhhhh that’s got to hurt. they haven’t seen anything yet, there karma is about to come back and haunt this commie party, with loses they have never seen before,we will make the dumbocraps totally irrelevant for years to come.

    1. Exactly, globalists under estimated the number of American voters just like they did in 2016 and failed to appoint globalist puppet hiLIAR >

  4. When you actually get to see Democrat policies implemented, whether it is Joe Biden’s open borders or anti-oil production, or exiting Afghanistan, or when you see kids being taught how to give same sex, oral sex in VA schools or a girl getting raped in a girls locker room by a boy wearing a skirt, or you see the results of defunding the police and the mayhem and death it causes, then and only then do sane candidates have a chance to “upset” an election. What this shows is the far-left represents a small percentage of the electorate but the media and Hollywood and silicon valley are part of that group and can sway elections tremendously by propagating policies like these as “good”. They are not good policies for anyone thinking about the welfare of this country’s citizenry, only good for the socialist elite that want power. This biased system requires us to not only see the hot stove and touch it but leave our hand on the bot stove for 4 years, in Biden’s case, before we can remove our hand! That is a ton of permanent damage done before taking mitigating actions.

    It is going to get a whole lot worse as Biden’s policies haven’t even taken effect yet. It is unfortunate that we have to learn the hard way but when you have a media class chirping all the wrong things into the public’s ear 24/7 this is the result. Wake up America and learn the lessons quicker!

  5. Maybe there is hope for Virginia after all. Pending further evidence of sanity or lack thereof, I will now tentatively put Virginia back on my vacation visit list. Depending on 2022 elections, Virginia will remain a possible vacation destination or go back on my boycott list, along with Georgia. I don’t want my vacation expenditures to support leftist state governments like Virginia has proven to be.

    1. globalist puppet $oro$ knows how much more voter fraud he needs to use in 2022 compared to how much he used in 2021 and lost .

  6. globalists and their pieces of schitt get hammered in VA, globalists under estimated the number of American voters and failed to use enough globalist voter fraud .

  7. The very first thing Youngkin needs to do after he is sworn in as governor of Virginia is to repeal/veto each and every one of Northam’s anti gun bills that he signed.

  8. This is just the beginning! We need to reverse all Democratic Governors, Mayors and Senators. And of course last but not least, Democratic President! Then this country can survive instead of destroying it!

  9. Does the left really think that the people are happy as they see them destroy our country and try to usher in communism? It is surprising that Youngkin didn’t win by more. It is encouraging that the people of Virginia recognized the danger that the Dems policies are bringing to the people. Wish the people in California were as aware, but then it is California.

  10. The reason Youngkin won Virginia was because there were too many eyes on that particular election and the Democrats couldn’t pull off the fraud schemes that they use on close elections.

    The Democrat Political Party has focused itself on ways to cheat and steal elections. They use every dirty & illegal way they can to do this. And they continue to develop more ways to cheat so the Republican Party needs to work very hard at putting processes and procedures that hold the Democrat cheating in check. Whatever it takes, this should be their TOP priority.

  11. What a great victory for the GOP. Its about time and it is great that the voters of Virginia have woken up to the lies and do nothing socialists that want to ruin the United States and Virginia. Hopefully it will be a long time before the Liberals win another election. This is not a communist country. It that is the live you Liberals want to live, then move to a communist country. If you are not happy with the life style of America, then get the hell out. This means Schumer, Pelosi, Schuff, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and so many more of you liberals that don’t like living in America. This includes Barack Obama who was one of the worst presidents that America has had. Obama did nothing for the black people of America. He divided and segregated America more than before he became president. As proven by his polices Joe Biden has also proven that he is not a true American. He has done more to segregate America and make America a socialist country. Biden is a looser and should be removed from office and America. Now maybe the GOP can get America back to being America.

  12. Younkin looks like a nice guy with a pleasant smile and a measured, easily understood way of communicating. McAuliffe looks, acts and talks like a deranged idiot right out of The Shining, in other words, the perfect democrat.

  13. Of course the conservative win in Virginia won’t change the minds of the progressive socialist Democrats in DC, they’ll push even harder to get their agenda passed; but for the rest of us, especially those in the middle and lower income ranges, this is the beginning of the pendulum’s swing in the opposite direction–away from the socialist “New Green Deal” and the attempts to rebuild this country in the image of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. We, the People, of Virginia have made it clear as to how we feel about their repressiveness. Now, it’s up to the rest of the country to follow suit. It’s time we turned our backs on all those who wish to divide us by claiming that everything in this country is “racist”. What counts is not the color of our skin, but the content of our character and although we may have differences of opinion about a good many things, just remember–we are all fellow Americans.


  15. McAuliffe is an extension of Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt Gang of crooks and Liars. I’m surprised that he was able to get his nose out of her diaper long enough to say Trump and dog whistle 4000 times.


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