These are the Weakest Dems Being Targeted in 2022

[Public Domain]

The campaign arm of the House GOP keeps a list of Democrat politicians that it thinks it can beat in the next election. This list helps the GOP figure out what areas need more resources in their campaigns. 

Here are the Democrats the GOP is looking to beat out in 2022: 

    1. Scroll down a bit and click “NEXT PAGE” where you’ll find you’ll have to scroll down to see the Dems that supposedly are vulnerable.

  1. TTN, pls refine your ‘news’, give us something positive to read, not begging for political $. Don’t we get enough of that? Damn, I’m losing interest.

  2. When you write of the weakest Dems being targeted in 2022, one has to wonder why anyone in Congress would want to bring only the weakest of Dems into their place! Needless to say, it makes little or no sense to have the the weakest of people giving their opinion as to what should or should not be done!


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