VA Department of Elections Responds to Claims of Unmasked Voter Suppression

White House

On Tuesday, reports emerged that voters in Virginia were either being turned away or being made to wait to vote if they refused a mask. The reports prompted a message from the Virginia Board of Election Commissioner Chris Piper to reiterate masks were not required to vote.

Townhall reports:

“We have gotten several reports of voters either being turned away or being made to wait until the polling place is clear before being allowed to vote if they refuse to wear a mask,” Commissioner Piper wrote.

“You may not turn voters away because they are not wearing masks,” he reiterated, echoing official guidance issued in September 2020 (see below). “While masks are encouraged, every eligible voter is entitled to cast a ballot at their polling place,” Piper said, adding “it is not sufficient to offer curbside voting as an alternative.”

“Additionally,” Piper clarified, “you may not hold up the line to vote based on whether voters are wearing masks.”

Nice try, Democrats.

  1. Voter suppression is active in all states, especially Democratic states because they always want to win whether fair or not. The Democrats can’t win unless they lie and cheat their way through. I would t trust a demo for anything as they can’t tell the truth….just listen to lyin Biden. The deal with the 2020 election was more outrageous than anything. The Russia hoax against Trump and Flynn etc. I want to see the demo party desolved and it’s leaders put in prison for life. Truth be known the leaders such as Hillary Clinton and her army of deranged idiots needs to be tried and imprisoned. I guess they never learned their lesson a couple hundred years ago when they were kicked out of congress. We will get them out and tried for all things they have done. They will be punished for their evil, lying and treasonous ways.


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