Biden Announces When Vaccine Mandate Goes into Effect

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden has officially set the date his vaccine mandate will go into effect. Workers have until January 4 to get their second Covid-19 shot or be forced to pay the price.

The new rule submitted to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) affects every private business with more than 100 workers. The White House predicts the new mandate will affect around 84 million Americans.

The Washington Examiner reports:

White House officials touted Jan. 4 as a “single and consistent” deadline for final doses before the mandate takes effect. They pointed to the success of employers that already require vaccines, saying they’ve had acceptance rates of 98% or 99%.

“This is good for workers, and, importantly, this is good for the American economy,” said one official.

Employers must also offer their workers paid time off to get shots. Businesses that fail to comply will be fined $13,653 per issue, and violations that are deemed willful will result in a $136,532 penalty.

“Our goal is to bring healthcare providers into compliance,” said one senior administration official. “But we will not hesitate to use our full enforcement requirement to protect the health and safety of patients.”

The rule not only applies to private businesses but also to government workers and contractors. The OSHA rule allows unvaccinated individuals to get weekly Covid tests, however, that exemption does not apply to healthcare workers.

    1. Not as long as globalist puppet, libby snow flake parents continue sacrificing their daughters to chester biden .

  1. F biden, F osha, F en all! This will bring War to this Country! These Bas***Ds think were stupid but their wrong.
    Where TF is congress and the Supreme Court? They better get their heads out of their ass and stop this!

    1. No, we’re not stupid and sending police to make sure everyone complies-are you kidding me-they are not going to stop until we literally stop them. Every single thing he has done has been illegal and unconstitutional yet he has gotten away with it.

  2. god continues to bless his pieces of schitt; globalists and globalist puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organization and pentagon and media and libby snow flake sheep .

      1. WRONG! God wants for EVERYONE to be saved, and go to Heaven for eternity! THAT is why He died on the cross, FOR ALL of us sinners! To God, a sin is a sim, no matter what it is! It’s up to you to receive Jesud as your Lord and Savior, or burn in hell forever. Your choice.

  3. So healthcare workers have no options but to be forced to take something that they don’t want to!! These mandates are killing our most vulnerable in rural communities because the smallest of hospitals cannot afford the outrageous fees associated with staffing agencies. They are already short staffed and now healthcare employees are leaving the profession over these mandates. This will result in hospital closures which will only hurt our rural communities. Healthcare workers deserve options also!!! We work daily around things for which there are no vaccines and risk exposure.

  4. I’m sure Biden wears a mask in the Oval Office. REALLY?

    Psaki, how are those demonic shots working out for you? I am sure you took your own medicine ——- maybe you should have also been wearing your useless mask.

  5. Has anyone noticed this mandate is for the Citizens – WHY is there no mention of illegals being forced to get this vaccine by Jan 4th.

  6. I got the Covid vaccine. Then I got Covid a few months later. Now they say I should get a booster 90 days after having Covid. My doctor says I shouldn’t get the booster because the virus did odd things to my blood. So do I trust the guy who graduated 76th in a class of 85 law students or my doctor who’s rated as one of the best in state?
    Hard choice? Nah! I’m going with the doctor who was tops in his class, has lots of experience and knows more about his patients than Fauci. When was the last time Fauci even spoke with a patient much less treated one?

  7. Mandates are NOT laws. It is illegal to force anyone to do anything that has been issued a mandate. Anyone forcing anyone to do something because of a mandate can and will be arrested.

    1. Can? Maybe. Will? Don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, this is no longer a nation of laws, regardless of what they tell us.

    1. exactly do not every comply with unconstitutional edicts make them fire you and get a reference for a lawyer in your state from Americas frontline doctors and sue the living crap out of them

  8. First “The new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) affects every private business with more than 100 workers.” appears to be incomplete. Should the word mandate precede the word affects in the sentence? Secondly, OSHA has not, to date, issued such a mandate, as far as I know. All we have so far is the Biden administration’s declarations. And they are not law. Once OSHA does publish specific regulations, the legal battles will begin in earnest. Until then they are just trying to intimidate us, and it is working, This, however, is not a done deal.

  9. So what will be the next mandate? You can only own an electric car? You can only have two kids? You can’t own a gun? Wake up America, one you lose rights, you’ll never get them back.

    1. You don’t LOSE rights,you GIVE THEM UP! If the people won’t stand up for their rights,government naturally will dictate what they will allow.Mandates don’t override RIGHTS,but the people have been led to believe they do.That all started with the obamacare mandate for having healthcare and SCOTUS (FKN roberts) changing language to make it “fit”.Mandates only work if most people yield because their either too stupid or lazy or both.A lot of that is due to government “controlled” education in our schools.

  10. This is mass genocide. This is highly unconstitutional. People have rights, God given ones too, best to learn them, use them, voice them, express them and stand up for them. File against anyone that demands anything of you, its discrimination. You can go to our website and learn more at Constitutional Law Group . us put all together to get there 🙂

  11. Well what do you know if it looks like a dictator, talks like a dictator, acts like a dictator it must be a moronic idiot that thinks he is a dictator. Ain’t that right DICtator OL’, SLEEPY, CREEPY, CRYIN’, CHILD GROPIN’, LYIN’, THIEVIN’, HIDIN’, Biden.

  12. Everything that the dictator mandates only furthers the treason charges against him. It’s more than just a little discouraging that the Supreme Court is out to lunch, and that the commicrats in congress right now will never try to stop this poor excuse of a human and even less of a president, since he’s just a dictator. Communism doesn’t belong in this country. Time for a real change for constitutional government.

  13.  Potato Joe’s vaccine mandates and his weaponizing OHSA to enforce them might violate Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in that  it is “an unlawful employment practice for an employer to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.”

  14. Who is this ass to tell everyone they have to be vaccinated. As many people have died under his watch with vaccinations than when president trump was trying to get a vaccine made.

  15. Since when is OSHA exempt from posting a notice of proposed rule making in the federal register? They too are required to post it and then allow for comments for a period of 120 days before reviewing those comments and determining whether or not to implement the change. Looks like the senile buffoon Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich is ignoring federal statutes AGAIN and implementing his DICKtatorial rules at will. I just wonder when any of the corporate “leaders” and elected officials are going to grow some marbles and put a stop to this ILLEGAL action.

  16. This is NOT a vaccine and there are many side effects and deaths from this not tested crap, We have the right to decide if we want to be part of the testing for this liquid. No one had the right to enforce a mandate and even doctors are saying it is not safe. It is evil to try to mandate this for anyone let alone children. This was okayed only for emergency use only. The Congress, White House, Postal service and who knows who else. It does not work and look at all the illegals who can waltz right in here and do not have to take jab or where masks. Evil evil administration. Stats are all lies etc. What is in this stuff? Population control and Bill Gates is one of the globalists who want population reduced

  17. Just keep piling on the fines and fees – bankrupt even the small companies with over 100 employees. Who came up with $13,653 fine per violation? based on? Things get stranger every day with Biden and his band of Boneheads!

  18. getting and giving the COVID virus doesn’t depend on the vaccine as we have seen the number of fully vaccinated are getting sick, spreading, dying and suffering side effects. We have no knowledge of whats in the vaccine or the long term effects, especially if we have already had the virus and are part of the 99% survival. Children should be off limits for this experimental vaccine


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